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Why We Ship Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun


Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun co-star in the political action thriller "Three Days." She plays a policewoman and he plays a presidential bodyguard. They both become involved in uncovering the truth about an incident that cost innocent civilian lives and together they help to prevent another tragedy.

Because it"s hard to know who is pulling the strings in this plot, it"s hard for their characters to know whom to trust. But they come to trust each other and grow close.

We think these actors make a great team and would make a cute real-life couple.

Here are three reasons why.

1. We suspect that she has crushed on him for a while. Or at the very least she has respected his work as an actor. She spoke of wanting to act with him ever since she admired his work as the time-traveling royal in "Rooftop Prince

Big Bang’s G-Dragon Participates in Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Big Bang’s G-Dragon participated in the yellow ribbon campaign for the returns of those missing from sinking of Sewol ferry.

On April 23, G-Dragon tweeted a poster of yellow ribbon campaign.

He also previously posted a message that read ‘Pray For South Korea,’ on his instagram, expressing his condolences for the victims of Sewol ferry.

Other stars who have been participating in the yellow ribbon campaign include 2AM’s Jo Kwon, SNSD’s Sooyoung, Secret’s Jeon Hyosung, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, Kim So Hyun, Kim Sae Ron, Hye Park, Kim Chang Ryul, Bada, Park Kwang Hyun and more.

Photo credit: G-Dragon’s Twitter, enews

Park Ha Sun Names Park Yoo Chun’s ′Three Days′ Character as Her Ideal Type

The making video featuring JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun and Park Ha Sun filming Three Days has been revealed.

On April 23, SBS TV Jobs uploaded behind-the-scenes videos of SBS’s Three Days.

The video shows Park Yoo Chun, acting as Han Tae Kyung, and Park Ha Sun, acting as Seo Bo Won, practicing their scenes from the drama outside as well as a short interview with Park Ha Sun.

Park Ha Sun was asked about her ideal type during the interview to which she answered, “My ideal type is someone who can be at my side for a long time. I think ‘Han Tae Kyung’ from Three Days is also someone like that.”

Photo credit: SBS TV Jobs

JYJ’s Jaejoong and ZE:A’s Siwan get casino lessons and more in BTS clips for ‘Triangle’

JYJ"s Jaejoong and ZE:A"s Siwan were spotted getting casino lessons and more in behind-the-scenes clips from their upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama "Triangle"!

Jaejoong shared after his first filming, "Today was my first filming. I think I rode the motorcycle a lot all day from the first scene to the last. I was hit by the wind a lot while riding the motorcycle. During the afternoon, it was very hot, but in the morning and early hours of the night, the wind got cold. Because my lips are frozen, the words couldn"t come out of my mouth all that well. But the staff and director helped me adjust quickly."

"Triangle" is the work of PD Yoo Chul Yong and writer Choi Wan Kyu, who previously worked together for "All In" and "Swallow the Sun"

K-Pop Idols Participate in the Yellow Ribbon Campaign for the Sewol Ferry Disaster Victims

The past week has been a time of trial for Korea as the tragic Sewol ferry accident has shaken the country with hope, sorrow, and anger. Amid these times of hardships, celebrities have been taking part in the Yellow Ribbon Campaign by setting their sns profile images as or posting an image of a yellow ribbon. The Yellow Ribbon Campaign aimed to bring the mourning people of Korea together through the belief that “a small, unified movement can create a big miracle.”

On April 22, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung posted the Yellow Ribbon Campaign poster on her Instagram. Furthermore, Secret‘s Jun Hyosung retweetedyell a tweet in regards the campaign, indicating her hope for the safe return of all the students and passengers on board the Sewol ferry

JYJ Kim Jae Joong, SNSD Sooyoung, Kim Gyuri and More Participate in Yellow Ribbon Campaign

With everyone wishing for the miraculous return of those missing from the tragedy of the sunken Sewol ferry, more stars are participating in the

South Korean Celebs Kim Yuna, Ha Ji Won, Cha Seung Won Donate $100,000 To Victims Of Sewol Ferry Tragedy

(Photo : blogspot)(Photo : WikiMedia Commons)(Photo : WikiMedia Commons)

As divers continue to search for survivors among the wreckage of the Sewol ferry, several of South Korea"s top celebrities have pledged their support for the victims and their loved ones in the form of generous charity donations.

Olympic champion figure skater Kim Yuna, actor Cha Seung Won and actress Ha Ji Won each contributed $100,000 to the cause.

"I"m honestly praying for a miracle," Kim wrote in a Twitter post, earlier this week.

On Monday, the Korean Committee for UNICEF praised the 2010 gold medal winner-turned-humanitarian for her charitable contribution in an official statement, according to the website allkpop.

"UNICEF"s national ambassador Kim Yuna has donated $100,000 to the Korean Committee for UNICEF as she shares the pain the whole nation is going through in the wake of the Sewol tragedy

Upcoming Drama “Triangle” Starring Kim Jaejoong Releases First Official Teaser

The first official teaser for “Triangle” is out! The preview gives us a sneak peek into the contrasting lives of the three brothers, played by Lee Bum Soo, Kim Jaejoong, and Im Siwan. Also making an appearance in the teaser are the actresses Baek Jin Hee (“Empress Ki”), Oh Yeon Soo, and Kim Hye Eun.

This will be Kim Jaejoong’s first drama appearance since 2012, when he was in the MBC drama, “Doctor Jin.” In the drama, Kim Jaejoong plays the second of three brothers, who lost his original name of Dong Chul and lives a third-rate casino trash life as Heo Young Dal. This will be a new venture for the JYJ member, who has usually made screen appearances as wealthy characters with high social status

Jaejoong and Siwan have a hard time in casino class

JYJ's Kim Jaejoong and ZE:A's Im Si Hwan learned casino for their roles in the upcoming MBC drama 'Triangle'.

The two are going to be brothers as well as actor Lee Bum Soo. Seems like both of them have no idea in gambling and find learning casino very difficult.

In the video released by iMBC, Jaejoong shared his inexperience in casino while Siwan talked about how is it doing gambling with Jaejoong whom he has known since he was a kid.

The drama 'Triangle' centers the story of three brothers who got separated for 20 years. Lee Bum Soo will play the role of the oldest brother, "Jang Dong Soo", who is an investigator. On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong will play the second brother "Heo Young Dal", who's real name was Jang Dong Chul but has changed after getting separated with his brothers. He is going to have a tough and fearless character

Kim Jaejoong and Im Siwan Get Familiar with Casinos for “Triangle”

JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong and ZE:A‘s Im Siwan are immersing themselves in the world of gambling, as can be seen on a teaser clip of MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Triangle“.

The video shows Kim Jaejoong and Im Siwan receiving lessons on working at a casino from a professional. With piles of cards and chips in front of them, they are taught ways to deal cards and other industry tips.

Kim Jaejoong, who plays the role of Heo Young Dal, commented, “I have played hwatu [Japanese card game] a lot, but not cards. This kind of topics appear on comic books a lot, so I have bought chips and cards in the past to play with them, but it is my first time to learn like this. I am learning about professional casino rules for the first time, but it is fun