Korean Men Expose 10 Things That may Make Girls Unattractive

Korean Men Expose 10 Things That may Make Girls Unattractive

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens speak about tencharacteristics that women with out aauthenticcharm share.

In Korea, maeryuk also explained every bitexclusive appeal is looked assimilarly as very important as being stunning or handsome. Thoseexotic appeals can diversity from being manly, feminine, nice, or other tendencies that differentiate them from a standard guy or girl. Maeryuk is taken into considerationanything that doesnt bore the alternativepersonbecause of their unique traits.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens talk about the list of femininekinds that turn Korean men off.

Titled 10 Traits of Women That do not have Unique Appeal, here's the direct translation of the post and discussion below.

1. Women that don't appear to bea laugh to speak with. When men make attempts to excite them in conversation, the girls have fun themselves and dont know the way to respond. They don't evening know the correct basics to beginand feature a conversation.

2. Girls who are shy think that they aren't fun because they're not outgoing and dont know how to talk in a fun way. Yet this is all wrong, girls with no appeal dont know why theyre dull to men.

3. Girls who think that there are not any guys around them because they have got a cold-hearted and stylishglance when in factthey've gota character that just just doesnt have a utterly unique appeal.

4. Girls that don't take sexual appeal and have no idea what guys need in a male and feminine relationship. They just think that menwishthe similar thing and love sexual skinships.

5. Girls that easily intend that giving just right reactions to guys conversations lead them toa womanstuffed with unique appeal. But they don't know what the variation between them and popular girls around them are.

6. Girls that do no longer know nor wish to know what their unique appeal is. They just blindly agree withthat they've a hidden unique appeal somewhere.

7. Girls that experience exceptionally prime standards. They would likea minimum of 180 cm height, handsome, smartframe and nice. They only dont care how they seem to men round her and just blindly have faith that theyre above reasonable at least.

8. Girls that whinge to each person approximately their courting problems. All people has their own complications but these girls literally force others loopy amongst their own problems. But they dont even know what theyre doing.

9. Girls that think everyone likes them after creating aunmarried eye contact. They actually make this mistake the entire time. Girls who have unique appeal can tell the difference between the symptoms that men give them, but these girls do now not know.

10. Girls which are prideful or cussed for the stupidest things ever and have a very stuck-up pride. When other peopleattempt to enjoin them their reviewsto mend their personality, they dont even know how to take the advices and forget about them.

284 / -3 Fuck are you introducing me? You literally described me I betfor this reason there are no guys around me

197 / -3 Whenever I read these posts.. I am getting curious what my unique appeal is..

69 / -78 What are you when you cant put from your mind about the ones girls and writing about them

59 / -2 But do individuals necessarily must be funny? People with identical interests and codes meet every other. I'dstaythe distinctionthrough keeping the communication going but I wouldnt wish to necessarily have to converse something that isn'ttruly me just to talk. I would liketo satisfyany individual that likes me for who I'm since theyre going to determine anyways. Like for example, the poster of this post doesnt have to meet someone not fun and I may bein a position to meet someone who thinks a little deeper. I believeso long as the chemistry is niceample for the conversation to move on. I guess its non-public tastes.

55 / -7 Traits that guys have with no appeal. Guys who write these items :(

48 / -4 Another post of insult.  Think of rising your own unique appeal first

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Kim Ye Won Warns SUJU-Ms Henry to Not Say Sweet Things to Other Girls

Kim Ye Won Warns SUJU-Ms Henry to Not Say Sweet Things to Other Girls

--> Kim Ye Won and Super Junior-M’s Henry have tied the knot.

The March 28 broadcast of MBC’s We Got Married 4 will feature the romantic agreement ceremony between Henry and Ye Won.

Becoming a couple with Ye Won, Henry prepared a surprise event to exchange vows with his on-screen wife. In a flower shop decorated with flowers and cake, Henry gifted Ye Won with a dress he picked himself and when she walked out wearing the dress, he started singing Bruno Mars’ Marry You.

However, the romantic moment didn’t last long. Henry tried to make a necklace appear out of burning paper as a magic trick but ended up dropping the jewelry due to the heat and even got it all tangled, making Ye Won burst out laughing.

Kim Ye Won Warns SUJU-M’s Henry to Not Say Sweet Things to Other Girls

Ye Won also expressed her disappointment in seeing Henry playing the piano for Gong Seung Yeon last week.

Claiming that she has heard rumors about Henry being a player, Ye Won warned him to not say sweet things other women.

Henry also pointed out that Ye Won laughed a lot when she went on a date with Jong Hyun saying, “Who is funnier, me or Jong Hyun?” He then put his guard up about Ye Won, saying, “Don’t contact other guys late at night,” “I will give you a neck slice if you get caught cheating,” and more.

Photo credit: MBC


Beenzino Makes Guest Appearance On

Beenzino Makes Guest Appearance On "4 Things Show" with Wonder Girls Yeeun and The Quiett

Beenzino to Appear On “4 Things Show” as Guest with Wonder Girls’ Yeeun and The Quiett

The audiences Mnet's TV show "4 Things Show" will have chance to meet Beenzino! Three friends who are to reveal the real side of the rapper are Wonder Girls member Yeeun, rapper The Quiett, and famous model Kim Won Joong.

During the show, cameras follow around Beenzino and observe his daily life. Known for his deep voice, unique music, and good looks, Beenzino is to show a different side of him that hasn’t been revealed before.

In the released teaser, Beenzino confidently says, “Nobody can nag at me, or make me do anything.” However, his close friend Kim Won Joong says, “That’s what he said? I never heard of such a thing.”

Yeeun (Ha:tfelt) also says, “[Beenzino] is like an ahjumma. He’s very unsophisticated, and falls in love really quickly.” The Quiett reveals that Beenzino is quite weird, as he often describes himself as someone who “looks like a camel.”

beenzino camel

Meanwhile, the episode of Beenzino’s “4 Things Show” will be aired on March 10 at 6 p.m. KST.

Watch the teaser here:


  A Few Things JYP Can Learn From Psy for Wonder Girls’ American Venture

A Few Things JYP Can Learn From Psy for Wonder Girls’ American Venture

A Few Things JYP Can Learn From Psy for Wonder Girls American Venture I imagine that these days JYP is locked in a dark room somewhere flinging papers all over the place in rage while Gangnam Style plays repeatedly on a dozen screens in the room. Hes probably tearing out his hair wondering how the hell Psy was able to make it so big in America while his ventures have struggled to make the tiniest blip on any serious radar.

And if hes not stressed by Psys success, he should be.

Because after years of grooming the Wonder Girls as the newest Western sensationin fact plucking them out of incomparable fame in Koreahe still hasnt succeeded. As competitive as entertainment companies get, I figure it has to hurt at least somewhere deep in his heart to watch Psy rocking out on the Today Show, laughing it up with Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears, opening Saturday Night Lives season premiere, and hobnobbing with Bon Jovi, Usher, and other significant American artists.

Because when you think about it, those gigs were supposed to belong to the Wonder Girls! They opened up for the Jonas Brothers for gooodness sake! They did an entire film with Nickelodeon for crying out loud! And they put out a single with Akon! How is it that after all that work, JYPs Wonder Girls havent been able to earn the attention and adoration of the West that Psy has?

A Few Things JYP Can Learn From Psy for Wonder Girls American Venture

The Korea Times recently asked the question Why Psy and not JYP?  Its a valid question, even though hes not the only CEO of the Big 3 whos tried to enter the Western market. BoA and Se7en met with miserable failure and SNSDs spur of the moment American venture didnt get past the steps of Kelly Ripa and David Letterman. But of all the company CEOs, JYP has the most to learn because hes made significant connections to people in the Western music industry, and has so far navigated it longer than any other company. Hes produced music for artists and established relationships with a business savvy capable of getting the Wonder Girls air time. He even made it onto the cover of Billboard, which reminded us in big neon letters that he is The Asian Soul. He has a broad music knowledgepop, blues, hip hop, jazzthat gives him an edge over others.

So why in the world has Psy gained the popularity that JYP hasnt? Well, before JYP pulls out all of his hair pondering the answer to this, Id like to offer him a few lessons he can learn from Psy about succeeding in America.

1. Dont be afraid to embrace your Korean-ness

A Few Things JYP Can Learn From Psy for Wonder Girls American Venture Psys Gangnam Style works for a lot of reasons. The catchy chorus, the addictive synths, the horse dance tailored for people who dont know how to do much else on the dance floor. And it works despite the fact that the song is in Korean. In fact, it probably works because the song is in Korean. Just because you want to make it big in the West doesnt mean you have to shed everything that makes you K-Pop. Is it necessary to lose the Korean from K-Pop to hit the charts? I dont think so. This is where the Wonder Girls Like Money falters. It sounds too much like what Americans are already used to. Its not worse. Its not better. Its definitely not new or refreshing. Sure, I enjoyed it (despite the fact that it sounds like the neglected twin sister of Katy Perrys California Girls,) but it wasnt something that stuck.

Its almost as if JYP is trying to do American pop rather than introducing a K-Pop aesthetic to the Western music industry. Western music is practically begging for new sounds. Does that mean that JYP should start releasing all of his artists American songs in Korean with the Korean flag waving in the background? No. But he should produce music that offers a bit of new language and presentation. Embrace the fact that yes, the Wonder Girls are different from what Westerners have seen. That is a huge advantage!

2. Enlist the viral video gods to do a lot of the work for you

Never underestimate the power of a viral video. Gangnam Style was a video just begging to go viral. And once upon a time JYP and the Wonder Girls had their own viral hit: Nobody. Its one of K-Pops most watched videos on YouTube. And what made it such a viral hit? It was catchy. It was easy to sing along to. And it had an awesome dance that everyone and their motheras well as NBA star Dwight Howardwere doing.

But Nobody came out a bit before our digital age dominated by Twitter and Facebook. Would it have done well in the share culture we live in now? I dont know. But it could have gotten a lot more love from the West than some of their later music.

On the subject of Twitter, some of the initial popularity Gangnam Style received started with tweets from, as youve heard a million times already, T-Pain, Josh Groban, and others. Im sure JYP knows a few prominent people that he can enlist to tweet some of the Wonder Girls content out. And on the subject of content, it needs to be interesting. Its fun for fans to watch all those Real Wonder Girls videos, but JYP will need more compelling, fun, silly, crazy innovative video content for people outside of fandom to get interested in.

The downside to viral videos is that they come and they go. But they can still be used as a jumping off point for people to get familiar with the Wonder Girls faces.

3. Step aside and let the artists do their thing

A Few Things JYP Can Learn From Psy for Wonder Girls American Venture Out of all of Psys appearances, not once have I seen YG appear anywhere. I dont even know if his name has even been mentioned at all. And as much right as YG probably has to use Psys success as a stepping stone for whatever endeavors he may be cooking up for himself, he instead stays far in the background, allowing Psy to bask in the spotlight.

Can you imagine JYP allowing the Wonder Girls to have the spotlight all to themselves? Like, completely to themselves? What would that even look like? A world without JYP whispering on a track he produced (which hed insist had to be the lead track). A world where he doesnt pigeonhole himself into a video, scaring the living daylights out of us. A world where they can do a freakin Nickelodeon movie without him being a focal point of the plot.

I think JYP has hindered the Wonder Girls likability. Part of it has to do with the fact that they are just not well trained to be on camera in candid situations. Theyre not really fun. At least, they didnt look like they were until I watched Like This and thought, Wait, these girls have personality? I dont think the Wonder Girls could work a crowd like Psy is working his American crowds, nor could they come up with the hilarious ad libs he has (Dress classy and dance cheesy), but I think they have potential to be fun and be themselves if given the chance. You know, without the huge hovering shadow of papa JYP. Wonder Girls foray into the Western market should feel like a fun expedition that they are happy with; it shouldnt feel like JYPs rigorously persistent venture to land himself on Billboards American Top 10. He has to give them more control over their concept and their image, much like Psy has been given.

4. Dont take yourself so seriously

I seriously doubt that when Psy was penning Gangnam Style he was thinking, This is it! This is the one thats going to make me a huge phenomenon all over the world! Im fairly certain he wanted to do something that he enjoyed and that his fans would enjoy as well. Just watch the behind the scenes footage of the making of Gangnam Style. He literally shoots a take, watches the playback, and giggles uncontrollably at how absurd it all is.

A Few Things JYP Can Learn From Psy for Wonder Girls American Venture But with JYP, things tend to be a lot more serious. Too serious. Its a facet of his music-making thats become a flaw over the years. All of his 2PM music makes me want to cry tears of depression. Same goes with 2AM. And when it comes to the Wonder Girls, theres a feeling of pressure and high stakes. In Like Money the girls are androids up in space who are going to take over the world. Theres all of this CGI and special effects and a feature from Akon and all these terrible English lyrics and on and on and on. Why not do something fun, silly, and frivolous that people can relate to? Or that people can be curious about? Like This was a step in the right directionJYP had the kind-of innovative idea of incorporating a flash mob and allowing the girls to look like theyre having fun. When you look like youre having fun, it attracts people to watch what you have to offer.

Psys success in America is probably not the kind of success JYP wants. While Psys seems like its going to be short-lived, JYP strategy is that slow and steady wins the race. And while I agree with that sentiment, I still think he can learn some things from Psys achievements. What do you all think? Can Psy be used as a sort of model for JYP and the Wonder Girls or are we looking at two completely different situations?

(The Ellen Show, Wall Street Journal, Today Show, The Korea Times, wondergirls, officialpsy)


Girls' Generation (SNSD) Jessica,

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Jessica, "We're Doing Our Own Things But We Can Never Forget About Our Group"

girls generation, jessica, yuri, sooyoung, seohyun

jessicaGirl group Girls' Generation's member Jessica revealed her affection for her group, saying, "We're doing a lot of our own things, but it's definitely not that we forgot about Girls' Generation."

On June 20, Jessica was interviewed for the fashion and lifestyle magazine @star1's July edition. When asked about the acting life of the members of her group, she said, "I'm so proud of them. I'm genuinely supporting them. We may be doing a lot of our own things, but it's not that we forgot about Girls' Generation. We still have much to do as the nine girls of Girls' Generation."

Jessica has recently taken her first step in acting through the drama, "Wild Romance."

Jessica said, "I love ice cream and shaved ice so much that I even eat them in the winter. I'm honestly a bit scared of the summer, though. I don't know how I'll endure the summer this time. I guess I'll have to deal with it with ice cream and shaved ice in cold places."

Girls' Generation's Yuri,Sooyoung and Seohyun also revealed their fashion styles through the July edition of @star1.


25 Things You Don't Know About the Wonder Girls

25 Things You Don't Know About the Wonder Girls

25 Things You Don't Know About the Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls released the original soundtrack single "The Dj Is Mine" for their movie a few weeks ago.

The quintet has been activitely promoting their movie "The Wonder Girls" at the screening premiere, on various websites but also through American press.

Prior to the premiere of their Teen Nick movie, the Wonder Girls have been featured on US Weekly Magazine's website.

The girls revealed 25 things you ignored about them such as what did Yubin regret not doing, their favorite slang term, and on which TV show Ye Eun would like to make an appearance. The members also revealed some of their beauty secrets and which colors they loved wearing. 

"The Wonder Girls" movie will premiere tonight at 8PM EST on Teen Nick.

How much do you know about the Wonder Girls? Check out the full list here!


Sweet Things Guys Do In Dramas That We want They Did In Genuine Life

Sweet Things Guys Do In Dramas That We want They Did In Genuine Life

Sweet Things Guys Do In Dramas That We want They Did In GenuineExistence shellbellz August 15, 2016 0 Sweet Things Guys Do In Dramas That We Wish They Did In Real Life K-dramas are At all times known to have the cutest and sweetest moments. Moments that make us pass Aw, Im going to discovera guymuch like that, or Im going to make my guy do those things. You know what we mean! Here are a couple of things in K-dramas that make us would like tocirculate to Korea and in finding a K-drama hero of our own.

You either become into a crowded bus filled with sweaty folks and he pulls you closer because he doesnt need yousclose to other guys or he just needs to get closer to you. Either way, we arent complaining because its precisely what we needed too.

So simple, yet so beautiful. Not anything beats an offer at the sea coast when he gets down on one knee! Just be certain that someones there to take photographswhen you cry your eyes out.

You step into the rain and realize you didnt bring your umbrella – yetnow not to worry! Here comes your hero with a poshvehicleto pick out out you up. Of course, he also wipes the rain from your face in front of your friends. (Bonus: even larger if its in front of your enemies, or jealous people.)

ALSO, that user hes wiping the rain from isn't any other then little Park Shin Hye. SO CUTE!

Transferring to a new faculty and getting bullied via other children is the worst. But if in the development you have a guy to combat all the ones bullies, and he picks you up in his hands – LET ME RemainOn your ARMS FOREVER.

He will give youa utterly unique nickname like Pig-Rabbit and cant appear to locate a crammed doll that seems like you, so he's taking a stuffed pig and a stuff rabbit, and stale he is going to do surgical procedure on them. Then surprises you by striking information technology next to you whilst you sleep and you wake up SO HAPPY! The maximum productive gifts are homemade!

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Wonder Girls’ Sunmi Takes Dreamy Shots Of Ahn Sohee

Wonder Girls’ Sunmi Takes Dreamy Shots Of Ahn Sohee

Wonder Ladies Sunmi Takes Dreamy Shots Of Ahn Soheeleonid August 14, 2016 0 Wonder Girls Sunmi Takes Dreamy Shots Of Ahn Sohee Wonder Girls member Sunmi finds some creative shots she took on Instagram.

On August 13, the singer wrote, Newly purchased rainbow lighting, and shared 3 photos.

A photo posted through 이선미 SUNMI LEE (@miyayeah) on Aug 13, 2016 at 4:01am PDT

The inventivepictures she took display actress and previous Wonder Girls member Ahn Sohee as her model, who poses charmingly and alluringly underneath the rainbow-colored light.

With Ahn Sohees vintage black get dressed and the dreamlike lighting, Sunmis shots evoke the ambience of a true fashion pictorial.

A photo posted by 이선미 SUNMI LEE (@miyayeah) on Aug 13, 2016 at 4:05am PDT

Even after Ahn Sohees withdrawal from Wonder Girls, she and the members, specifically her friend of the similar age, Sunmi, have maintained their close friendship.

Related Tags Ahn SoheeSunmiWonder GirlsPost Navigation Previous TaleHyunA Wins Inkigayo With Hows This?; Performances By BLACKPINK, MONSTA X, And More

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Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany And Taeyeon, And SHINee’s Key And Minho Snap Shots In combination On Way To Tokyo

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany And Taeyeon, And SHINee’s Key And Minho Snap Shots In combination On Way To Tokyo

Girls Generations Tiffany And Taeyeon, And SHINees Key And Minho Snap Shots In combination On Way To Tokyoilmare42 August 13, 2016 0 Girls Generations Tiffany And Taeyeon, And SHINees Key And Minho Snap Shots Together On Way To Tokyo SHINees Key and women Generations Tiffany have shared some footage and video with some in theirpals from SM Town!

On August 12, Key posted two collages of images to his Instagram, which feature Ladies Generations Tiffany and Taeyeon together with himself and groupmate Minho sitting in what seems to be an airport lounge. All 4 of them get in either a smiley shot in additiona minimum of one funny expression in the photos.

A photo posted via KEY (@bumkeyk) on Aug 12, 2016 at 4:34pm PDT

Key writes as the caption to the 2d one collage, We all were given in the photo the use ofa fab trick, and comprises the hashtag smtown.

Tiffany also shared a video to her Instagram of the gang of them at the plane, with her BFF Taeyeon next to her and the 2 guys from SHINee in seats in the back of them.

A video posted by Stephanie, Tiffany Hwang

#Girls' Generation #Key #Minho #SHINee #Taeyeon #Tiffany