Jungyeon says TWICE were confused by ‘Signal’ at first

Jungyeon says TWICE were confused by ‘Signal’ at first

Jungyeon revealed the TWICEmembers were confused by “Signal” when they first heard the track.

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Though it went on to be a hit, “Signal” wasn’t exactly what TWICE expected. The girl group were guests on the May 30th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’, and DJ Choi Hwa Jungasked what they personally thought of the song. Jungyeon responded, “We thought, ‘What is this?’ He didn’t tell us it was our title song and just sent us the track. We thought it wasn’t our title track.”

She continued, “It’s different than our previous title songs, so we thought, ‘What is this?’ When we heard it was our title track, it was just like, ‘I see.'”

As for the track’s success, Chaeyoungcommented, “I think we all worried about it. It was something new, so we wondered whether it was right for us. That’s why we worked hard preparing.”Jihyoadded, “It was the same with ‘Cheer Up’.”

What was your reaction to “Signal” when you first heard it?

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