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Contestant Jung Jin Woo Wows All Judges with Self-Composed Song on “K-Pop Star”

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Contestant Jung Jin Woo Wows All Judges with Self-Composed Song on “K-Pop Star” Contestant Jung Jin Woo passes his audition after receiving many compliments from the judges.

On the November 22 broadcast of SBS’s “K-Pop Star,” contestant Jung Jin Woo sings his self-composed song, ‘Satellite.’ Jung Jin Woo had in the past auditioned for the display back in the 3rd season.

YG’s Yang Hyun Suk, JYP’s Park Jin Young, and Antenna’s Yoo Hee Yeol all press the “pass” button even ahead of the song has ended.

Yang Hyun Suk says, “This is the artist that can be ready to apply the footsteps of Zion.T and Hyukoh.” Yoo Hee Yeol also says, “Sign a freelance with me.” Finally, Park Jin Young says, “You wrote the melody of the song well. This type of melody will be very popular. There is not anything to educate or fix about your singing.”

You can watch “K-Pop Star” when it airs each Sunday at 4:50 p.m. KST. Watch the clip of his audition below.

Also take a glance at his outdated functionality from season three.

Taecyeon will pay Marvel Discuss with to Lee Hye Jung on “My Little Television”

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Taecyeon can pay Surprise stopover at to Lee Hye Jung on “My Little Television” On the impending November 21 episode of “My Little Television,” 2PM‘s good enough Taecyeon might be creating a guest appearance on Lee Hye Jung‘s “Have You Eaten?” corner.

In the start of the episode, k Taecyeon calls from the set of “Three foods a Day” to invite Lee Hye Jung for some advice. Then, he surprises her (and everybody else!) by way of appearing up for the latter part of the episode.

Lee Hye Jung welcomes him, saying, “I hit the jackpot!” upon his arrival.

The episode will feature Lee Hye Jung showing how to master the talents had to make Chinese food in addition making some homegrown favorites, adding highly spiced japchae (a stirfry dish made with vegetables and glass noodles) and Mapa Tofu. it is going to air at 11:15 p.m. KST.

Gummy jokes about her beau Jo Jung Suk on 'Sketchbook'

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Gummy jokes about her beau Jo Jung Suk on 'Sketchbook'

Singer Gummy used to be the guest at the November 20 broadcast of "Sketchbook," all over which she discussed her beau Jo Jung Suk.

Yoo Hee Yeol became the primary one to bring up Jo Jung Suk, asking Gummy how he was faring. Gummy replied, "He is doing well," smiling.

When the MC asked her about what Jo Jung Suk stated in a beyond interview, claiming that he pledged to take categories to cross into priesthood, Gummy responded, "Not at all. He just said that as a joke," somewhat embarrassed.

Then she in an instant added, "He failed to stay his word. Because he didn"t his plans for 2016 may be to input priesthood," bringing laughter.

Hwang Jung Eum Vacations in Prague Following “She used to be Pretty”

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Hwang Jung Eum Vacations in Prague Following “She Became Pretty” After the luck of the wildly-popular drama “She Was Pretty,” lead actress Hwang Jung Eum is taking a well-earned vacation.

On November 20, Hwang Jung Eum shared a photo from her travels to her Instagram. The photo is a selca of her having a look very comfortable in a warm jacket in the night streets of Prague. It certainly looks as if she’s taking phase in herself!

Meanwhile, “She Was Pretty” wrapped up previous this month. Lovers of Hwang Jung Eum needn’t melancholy for too long, even though – the actress is reportedly taking into consideration a role in the approaching drama “Moon Lovers.”

Not stuck up with “She Was Pretty?” Catch the finale below!

Comedian Jung Hyung Don Hospitalized for Anxiety Disorder

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Comedian Jung Hyung Don Hospitalized for Anxiety Disorder A representative from FNC Entertainment announced on November 19 that comedian Jung Hyung Don has been hospitalized for anxiety disorder. The firm representative commented, “Jung Hyung Don was once admitted to the medical institution closing Friday. He didn’t need somebody to know. Best a couple of folks at the agency know about it. He felt confused to proportion the scoop of his hospitalization.”

He added, “Jung Hyung Don is recently receiving treatment remedy and medication. He'll be discharged in a few days. After he’s discharged, Jung Hyung Don can be taking some day without work to cope with himself at home.”

The agency representative asserted, “Jung Hyung Don’s disorder didn’t get any worse. He just never had time to get good enough remedy all this time since he become at all times working. His function is to listen on his remedy at the hospital.”

Jung Hyung Don recently took a hiatus from all the presentations he's a a phase of so as to regard his anxiety disorder. He were suffering with it for lots of years, yet has had a more difficult time in fresh days which ended in his departure from the shows.

We wish him the maximum efficient and hope for a rapid recovery!

Jung Joon Young in talks to re-sign with CJ E&M

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Jung Joon Young in talks to re-sign with CJ E&M

Jung Joon Young is related to be in talks to re-sign with his firm CJ E&M.

A rep from the agency showed on November 20 that the rocker"s contract with the agency has ended, adding "We"ll continue to assist get ready his year-end concert. We"re recently in negotiations for his contract renewal." Jung Joon Young has been with CJ E&M since he received reputation on "Superstar K4". 

He"s currently made a call for himself as a solid member on "1 evening 2 Days" and more, so we"ll have to have a look at what he does next!

In other news, Jung Joon Young and the Jung Joon Young Band may be retaining a year-end concert on December 30-31 at the Seoul Sejong Center.

Singer Jung Joon Young lately in Talks With CJ E&M for Contract Renewal

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Singer Jung Joon Young Currently in Talks With CJ E&M for Contract Renewal On November 20, a representative from CJ E&M announced, “It’s true that our contract with singer Jung Joon Young expired. We can continue to assist get ready for the end-of-the-year concert. We’re currently in discussion for renewing his contract.”

Jung Joon Young’s claim to reputation got here from the cable channel Mnet’s audition program “Superstar K4.” Since then, he’s made his reliable debut in addition making appearances on sort displays and forming his band. He’s currently on KBS 2TV’s range display “1 evening 2 Days.”

The singer and his band might be on degree for concert on December 30 and 31 at Seoul Sejong middle for the Appearing Arts at M-Theater.

'Veteran' Director Ryoo Seung Wan Discusses The Casting Of Yoo Ah In, Hwang Jung Min And The Screenplay [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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Yoo Ah In portrays the villanous heir, Tae Oh in (Photo : CJ Entertainment ) KDramaStars: What inspired the screenplay for "Veteran?" Were the characters of Do Cheol and Tae Oh based within reality?

Ryoo Seung Wan: The main events that happen, in the film, actually come from several real life incidents that happened in Korean. Because we needed to dramatize these things, the story took another form, in itself. The lead character [Do Cheol] and the villain [Tae Oh] were both inspired by real people. In the case of the character of the detective, a lot of that him comes from my previous interviews with cops and detectives, for previous projects. In the detective, a lot of aspects of the actor, Hwang Jung Min, are reflected in that character.

The character of Tae Oh was inspired by reality, but its hard to meet that type of person. We had to satisfy ourselves with meeting the people who surround that type of person. Tae Oh is a figment of my imagination, based off their accounts. I wanted to make a film that maximized the thrill and exhilaration that you can experience cinematically, even if it is based on reality.

KDramaStars: How long did it take to create the film, from preproduction to post?

Ryoo Seung Wan: I started working on Veteran right after the film, The Berlin File was released. That was in 2012. It took about three years.

The actual filming took about three and a half months. The majority of production was spent within pre and post production.

KDramaStars: "Veteran" critiques the excess of conglomerate heirs through Tae Oh, but the movie racked up close to $90 million USD in ticket sales. Did you expect Veteran to become a blockbuster hit? What were some of the responses from audiences in Korea?

Ryoo Seung Wan: I didnt expect audiences to respond to the film so favorably. But I do feel like there was a looming sentiment over the exploitation of conglomerate groups that was very relevant to the masses. I think this film touches about that collective unconscious.

KDramaStars: I really enjoyed the juxtaposition between Hwang Jung Min, as the hardboiled detective and Yoo Ah In as Tae Oh. Can you describe the casting process of the film?

Ryoo Seung Wan: When I was writing the script, the main character of the detective has a lot of traits held by the actor, Hwang Jung Min. When I was writing the screenplay, I wrote the character specifically with him in mind. If he had declined the role, I feel like this film may not have been made.

In the case of Tae Oh, who is a pretty villainous character, a lot of actors declined because they were sensitive about the role reflecting badly on [their image]. I met Yoo Ah In during the Busan International Film Festival. We were talking about our next projects and thats when I gave him the screenplay.

Yoo Ah In was known to the Korean public as having a childlike image and was viewed as a healthy, young man. At the time, he wanted to deviate from those types of roles and he wanted to try out something new. It was a fortunate case where the requirements of the film matched up with the actors desires to try something different.

KDramaStars: Crime procedurals often portray policeman and detectives as flawed or having moral ambiguity. What are your thoughts on the clear moral compass of Do Cheol, a detective who seems lax in the beginning, but becomes obsessed with bringing Tae Oh to justice?

Ryoo Seung Wan: I feel like the current cinema trend, in terms of crime films is way too complicated. The sort of films that I loved and thought were exhilarating, when I was young were movies that had clear cut morals. A good example would be the films in the 80s, in the U.S., that deal with detectives and crime. When you look closer, within all of those movies, the [detectives] have their own personal problems. I feel like this film differs from others in the crime genre in that it deals with human beings relationships to one another.

The main character, the event he is investigating is not even under his precinct. He doesnt personally have anyone who is involved. The reason he [Do Cheol] becomes involved with this case is because he received a phone call that he didnt take. If he had received that call, that person wouldnt have been involved in that type of accident. That type of guilt is what motivates this character. Ultimately, I feel like this is a story about the morals that come between a people.

KDramaStars: The film reminded me of an 80s police movie, not a buddy cop film, but one where the police have a great dynamic with one another. Also, Do Cheol is one cop who is trying to take on the challenge of bringing down corruption. Was this what you meant about your previous comment regarding American films in the 80s?

Ryoo Seung Wan: Yes, movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Lethal Weapon, 48 Hours, Stakeout, and even Diehard. I feel like the value of those films is that at first glance they seem like movies that are geared for box office success. But I think they try to present a set of values or morals that they want to pass on to the next generation. These films have a very classic feel to them like John Fords westerns. These types of movies try to deal with what is right and what is wrong, which may seem naive and idealistic, but that is the value of these films.

There are characters like those in Raymond Chandlers novels that are morally ambiguous. While they may be attractive or appealing, I feel like there is a need for clear characters. I feel like the current trend, in audience responses, is that people tend to like villains more than good people. From an audience perspective, I wanted to root for a good person, in the film.

KDramaStars: Your work has spanned almost every aspect of film, ranging from directing and screenwriting Veteran to appearing as an extra in Rough Play. What do you think is most difficult job in the Korean film industry?

Ryoo Seung Wan: Filmmaking, regardless of the environment you are in, is always going to be hard. I feel like there is no such thing as the best environment or an ideal one [in filmmaking]. It can be very difficult. Every aspect has its own set of challenges. Essentially, you are creating something out of thin air. If I were to pick one thing, it would be when you have to come up with new and creative ideas for things. The right to have freedom of expression is crucial, but Im unsure of whether this is being achieved in Korean society, today.

KDramaStars: There have been rumors of sequels to both Veteran and The Berlin File. What are your thoughts on Korean franchise films versus Hollywood? What is your next project?

Ryoo Seung Wan: To clarify, the next project Im working on will not be a sequel to The Berlin File. That will be an in-depth film, after I complete my next project.

I feel like its kind of hard to compare the franchise films of Korea with the U.S. because the way that cinema has evolved and its history are vastly different [between the two nations]. To be specific, with the Bond series [007] in the 60s, the U.S. already had a solid history of filmmaking. In Korea, the 60s were when filmmaking was just budding. If you look at the sheer volume or size of the industries, they are vastly different. It hasnt been a long time since the Korean film industry evolved into what it is, today. If there are any sort of franchise films that will come out of Korea, it will be from now on.

A lot of young filmmakers in Korea, including myself, want to make these kind of franchise films and want to be viewers of these types of movies. For example, I do have thoughts of developing Veteran into a franchise. I think we have to see what happens, environmentally, for these franchise films to succeed. I feel that two things need to be present for franchise films, the industry needs to be secure and there needs to be a secure star system. Having franchise films in Korean cinema is actually a sign that the industry is booming. So, Im pretty positive that we will have them, in the future.

B2ST's Junhyung and Jung Joon Young expand bromance after 'Laws of the Jungle'

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B2ST's Junhyung and Jung Joon Young expand bromance after 'Laws of the Jungle'

Watch out y"all, because we were given any other lovable bromance in the making in the sector of K-Pop! The bromance comes to none as adversarial to the eccentric Jung Joon Young and the relatively standoffish Junhyung, who it appears become the maximum efficient of buds after performing on "Laws of the Jungle" together. 

Before the 2 made their acquaintance on "Laws of the Jungle," the two knew every other yet weren"t close at all. However, that each one replaced after the two got to grasp one another at the program! 

Park Joong Won, who is accountable for generating "Laws of the Jungle"s Samoa edition, told OSEN on November 19, "Jung Joon Young is an early "89-er but he, Junhyung, and Doojoon all made up our minds to be friends. I heard that Jung Joon Young and Junhyung in specific have become so close that even after the filming wrapped up, they meet six times out of the week." 

Keep an eye out for more news of this unlikely, yet dynamic duo as they blow their own horns their bromance to the world! 

Jung Hyung Don hospitalized for anxiety disorder after taking hiatus

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Jung Hyung Don hospitalized for anxiety disorder after taking hiatus

Jung Hyung Don has been hospitalized for his anxiety disorder after taking a hiatus from his broadcast activities.

FNC Entertainment announced on November 19, "The 12th was once when Jung Hyung Don took a hiatus from broadcasts, and he changed into hospitalized the following day. He"s still these days in the hospital, and he"ll be there for a couple of more days." Earlier today, a media outlet had printed that the comic and solid member of the preferred type display "Infinity Challenge" were hospitalized, and his firm has now showed the news.

The FNC rep added, "He says that he most effective told his manager as a result of the pressure. It"s somewhat disappointing that he"s receiving such a lot interest."