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Jung Joon Young, Ahn Jae Hyun, Paul Potts and More Invite You to Audition for “Super Star K6″

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Jung Joon Young, Ahn Jae Hyun, Paul Potts and More Invite You to Audition for “Super Star K6″ Many stars have come out to support the auditions of Mnet’sSuper Star K6.” The auditions will continue until July, and the show should air in August.

Rocker Jung Joon Young and model Ahn Jae Hyun show you how you can apply for Super Star K via ARS. You call 1600-0199 and record yourself singing. Korean citizens can apply.

Paul Potts from Britain’s Got Talent also encourages you to audition for the show saying that he was discovered through an audition show.

Top actress Cheon Song Yi from popular drama “Man From the Stars” sent Manager Yoon to talk about the preliminary auditions in this hilarious video. Manager Yoon talks about how the auditions will be held across Korea and that the winner will take home 500 million won ($467,000 USD).

Speed skater Lee Sang Hwa tells people to follow their dreams in her video for Super Star K6.

Actress Lee Chung Ah and “Super Star K’s” Jung Joon Young Share a Passionate Kiss

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Actress Lee Chung Ah and “Super Star K’s” Jung Joon Young Share a Passionate KissRecently on an online community, a photo was uploaded causing great curiosity and interest among fans.

In the released picture are “Super Star K4’s” Jung Joon Young and actress Lee Chung Ah sharing a passionate kiss on a street.  

Jung Joon Young was a contestant on the popular audition show “Super Star K4,” where he received a lot of attention due to his good looks. Jung Joon Young chose CJ EM as his agency recently on May 20, 2013. The fans are wondering if this scene is from his new album, which is expected to be released as soon as this summer.

Netizens that saw this picture commented, “It looks like a scene from a movie,” “Are they filming a music video?” “Guess it is for the new album,” and “I was so surprised when I saw this photo.”

"Super Star K4" Contestant Jung Joon Young to Sign with CJ E&M

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Super Star K4 Contestant Jung Joon Young to Sign with CJ EM A representative from CJ EM confirmed on May 16, Jung Joon Young will most likely sign an exclusive contract with us. Although he has not signed anything yet. The details will be determined over the weekend and we will have something more solid to talk about by the beginning of next week.

Previously, CJ EM denied any rumors of possibly signing with Jung Joon Young. 

Last year, Jung Joon Young was one of the top 3 contestants of Mnet Super Star K4. After he was eliminated, he tried to sign a contract with CJ EM and release a single through their incubating system, but his previous contract with another agency was still in effect. However, he recently nullified the previous contract, freeing him to sign another exclusive contract with any agency.

Jung Joon Young garnered much attention on Super Star K4 with his unique character and exceptional talent. Recently, he became a radio DJ with Roy Kim, the winner of Super Star K4, hosting MBC radio show Chin Chin Radio together. 

Super Star K4 Jung Jun Young, What Has He Been Up To? "Chevrolet Trax"

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jung jun young chevrolet trax jung jun young chevrolet trax'Super Star K4' Jung Jun Young's whereabouts have been revealed.

Korea's GM Stocks Company held Chevrolet Trax's launching event with Jung Jun Young, holding a guerilla music show on the 1st.

To follow Roy Kim's guerilla concert from last month, Jung Jun Young held the second one this month, with the title 'Play the City, Trax.' It was also a place where people walking by could experience the newly installed Bose sound system.

From this month, the company is also planning to let customers experience riding the Trax themselves and a camping event. Detailed information about Trax promotion can be found on Chevrolet Trax's website.

'Super Star K4' Jung Joon Young, Eating Pizza As If He's Filming For a Commercial

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'Super Star K4' Jung Joon Young, Eating Pizza As If He's Filming For a Commercial jung joon young pizzaMnet "Super Star K4" revealed a picture of Jung Joon Young eating pizza.

"Super Star K4" posted on their Twitter today, "Jung Joon Young, eating pizza like he's filming for a commercial? His lifestyle is a photo shoot in itself" along with pictures.

In the revealed pictures, Jung Joon Young is in black suit, which seems to be the stage outfit. In one hand, he is holding a slice of pizza. Even though this was just a regular picture taken, his small face and unique facial expressions revealed his charm.

Internet users who saw this commented, "He really is good looking," "So charming,"and"Was he aware that this picture was taken of him?."

Photo Credit: Super Star K4 Twitter

'Super Star K4' Jung Joon Young, Past Indie Band Days Revealed

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'Super Star K4' Jung Joon Young, Past Indie Band Days Revealed 'Super Star K4' Jung Joon Young, Past Indie Band Days RevealedMnet's "Superstar K4" TOP 9 contestantJung Jun Young's past indie band days were revealed, attracting much attention.

Recently in an online community forum, a video was posted under the title, "Jung Jun Young, indie band days before Superstar K." The video is of Jung Jun Young's band, High and Dry, where he is playing the guitar and singing.

He is wearing a leather jacket and smokey makeup, showing the image of a rock singer.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Please sing a ballad song next time!", "I wish he came out as a band to 'Superstar K4'", "The other members are good looking too!", and "His voice is so charming."

Photo Credit: Online Community

Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim give a perfect performance on Super Star K 4

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Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim give a perfect performance on Super Star K 4

Once again, Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim have come to compete with each other in Super Star K 4.

In the episode of M.net’s audition program Super Star K 4 that aired on September 21, the collaboration mission for super week wrapped up and the rival death match followed.

Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim were paired up to compete against each other, and they sang Kim Kwang Seok’s “Be Dust” passionately. Psy highly praised their performance as he commented, “They looked like professional singers. It was awesome. The song, rearrangement, eye contact, gesture, and everything was just perfect.”

The judge Lee Seung Chul also highly complimented them on their singing, saying, “Your new side on the stage gave me a good impression and you guys did a great job. It’s hard for me to evaluate which one of you has done a better job because it was a perfect duo.”

The judges ended up postponing their evaluation, building higher expectations for the next episode.

Jo Jung Suk Responds to His Ears Turning Red in Kiss Scene With “Oh My Ghost” Co-Star Park Bo Young

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Jo Jung Suk Responds to His Ears Turning Red in Kiss Scene With “Oh My Ghost” Co-Star Park Bo Young In a up to date interview, Jo Jung Suk reflected on his maximum fresh project, tvN drama “Oh My Ghost,” which currently aired its ultimate episode.

“I still don’t consider it. It was once best after receiving Park Bo Young‘s message that it"s over that i presumed and realized, ‘Wow, it truly has ended.’ I’m still in the procedure of accepting that it’s over,” Jo Jung Suk shares. “All the actors felt like that. We were so satisfied that we felt it a disgrace that the drama ended.”

The actor also talks about the luck of the drama, which recorded impressive viewership ratings, “When we surpassed two % with our first episode, folks concept it turned into a large deal. Everybody were predicting one percent. I expected two percent (Laughs). I believe what I’m most pleased about, though, is that the task I decided on have become this type of just right project that I may proportion it with everyone.”

Jo Jung Suk also responds to comments via audience on his ears turning red throughout the general kiss scene with Park Bo Young. When asked about the kiss scene, he expresses his preference to transparent up any doable misunderstanding. “Ah, that’s anything i truly wish to address. individuals stay pronouncing that during that kiss scene my ears grew to become red. It wasn’t because i used to be embarrassed or shy that my ears turned red (Laughs). I didn’t even know they turned red,” Jo Jung Suk says. “After hearing that I looked at other scenes, and in other scenes my ears turn red too. there's a false impression here.”

What are your mind at the very last kiss scene? Did you revel in Jo Jung Suk and Park Bo Young’s chemistry in “Oh My Ghost”?

Park Bo Young has been seen moving forward with co-star called Jo Jung Suk in the latest teaser for the show called "Oh my ghost"

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Park Bo Young Is Hilariously Forward with Jo Jung Suk in Oh My Ghost Teaser The first glimpse at the upcoming tvN drama Oh My Ghost has arrived in the form of a great fifteen second teaser that shows a lot about the relationship between the two main characters!

The drama stars Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk in the leading roles. Park Bo Young is playing the character of Nah Bong Sun, a restaurant kitchen assistant who has a crush on her boss. Her crush is none other than Kang Sun Woo, an arrogant chef who is played by Jo Jung Suk.

Nah Bong Sun is so shy that she has no close friends, and she lacks confidence at work because of her clumsiness. But most importantly, she also has the ability to see ghosts! When she becomes possessed by a virgin ghost with a very dirty mind named Shin Soon Ae, her personality does a complete 180-degree turn.

The new teaser shows Park Bo Young playing the seductress ghost Shin Soon Ae (in Nah Bong Suns body of course) as she tries to convince Kang Sun Woo that they should sleep together. At first, he suggests that they should go to her place to have a drink, and she agrees right awaybut also adds, And I want to do it.

He gets angry, but shes insistent. You dont have a girlfriend, right? she says. I dont have a boyfriend! And I like you!

As hes simply speechless, she presses him, Is this your first time? Havent you ever tried it?

A member of the production team for Oh My Ghost has promised, Youll be able to see a new side of Park Bo Young.

The director Yoo Je Won says about this teaser, We were doing it in a relaxed way with the intention of it just being a trial filming, but the video was made a lot more fun by the actors realistic performances.

Its reported that there will be a full three minute version of this clip released in the future. The drama will begin airing on July 3 on tvN.

Super Junior Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Baek Ji Young, and Others Celebrate at Jung Juri’s Wedding

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Super Junior Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Baek Ji Young, and Others Celebrate at Jung Juri’s Wedding

Super Junior Eunhyuk recently posted photos of Jung Juri’s wedding on his Instagram, where the groom is revealed for the first time, with Jung Juri in between Eunhyuk and Leeteuk (ab0ve).

Eunhyuk says, “Juri noona! You’re so pretty today. Congratulations on your wedding. Have a long and happy marriage~!”

Lee Gook Joo also posted some photos of the happy wedding on her Instagram, where you can see guests Baek Ji Young, Rainbow’s Kim Jaekyung, Ahn Young Mi, Lee Young Ah, Jo Se Ho, and Choi Seo In.