Jung Joon Young chosen as the model for skincare brand ‘Forment’!

Jung Joon Young chosen as the model for skincare brand ‘Forment’!

Jung Joon Young has been chosen as the new spokesperson for men’s skincare brand ‘Forment’! 

Showcasing masculinity, the singer is seen in a black shirt while casually dabbing on some whitening essence. Complete in a white tee, denim shorts, and white shoes, he crouches down with a sharp razor in his hand. The singer then brings out the ‘just-showered’ look, holding a tube of relaxing after shave gel. According to an Forment official, “Jung Joon Young has shown a lot of charms and therefore received much love from the public. According to objective data, we have decided to launch a brand which aims for what women want in men’s beauty. We ask that many take interest and have great expectations for our brand and Jung Joon Young.” 

‘Forment’ creates mens’ skincare products based on the motto of “For men who women want”. All products are based on what females ages 20-29 want in men.

Check out Jung Joon Young’s pictorial below! Do you think he’s a good choice for ‘Forment’?

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