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Dara solid as a North Korean in KBS drama 'Missing Korea' contrary Kim Jung Hoon

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Dara solid as a North Korean in KBS drama 'Missing Korea' contrary Kim Jung Hoon

2NE1 Dara"s acting chops are being put to work! 

YG Entertainment revealed on September 15 that she was once showed for KBS"s one-act drama, "Missing Korea," in which she will be the lead, the North Korean representative for the Omit Korea pageant.  

The drama will take position in a fictional 2020 in which either North and South Korea are exchanging civilities and cooperating economically.  In order to also proportion in culture, the countries come to a decision to host the first actual North and South Korean joint Miss Korea competition. Regardless of the political background it turns out that to have, the drama will essentially be a romance comedy.  After the one-act drama airs in October, it's going to meet the public once back in a internet drama format.

Currently, Dara is practicing the North Korean dialect in order to painting her character. You"re going to get to look a fully dolled up Dara, tiara and all, for the drama! Starring opposite her could be Kim Jung Hoon as the pinnacle of the organizing committee for the competition.

The production workforce relayed that the drama will be airing around the similar time when the North and South Korean families would reunite.

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Jung Woo Sung And Joo Ji Hoon To Appear In 'Asura'

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Jung Woo Sung And Joo Ji Hoon To Appear In 'Asura'

Not to be confused with the 2015 Japanese film or the 2012 Indian film of the same name, Kim Sung Soo"s "Asura," is an upcoming Korean crime action movie about the nature of corruption.

In the Korean film, produced by CJ Entertainment, Jung Woo Sung plays Han Do Kyung, a detective who is normally not afraid of anything. Fear does not factor into his decisions. But faced with the terror induced by his wife"s terminal cancer, he chooses to ignore the law he has worked so hard to uphold.

Han Do Kyung is not very good at being a criminal and he does not get away with it. At the same time he is working hard to arrest Park Sung Bae, a crooked mayor, played by Hwang Jung Min. The mayor has connections in powerful places and his connections place pressure on Han Do Kyung. Park Sun Bae will do whatever it takes to retain his power.

"Asura" will mark the fourth time that Jung Woo Sung and director Kim Sung Su have worked together. The actor previously appeared in the director"s films "Beat," "City of the Rising Sun" and "Musa the Warrior." Although Jung Woo Sung has not appeared in a drama since "Padam, Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" in 2011, he has had roles in a few films, namely the 2013 film "Cold Eyes," the 2014 films "The Divine Move" and "Scarlet Innocence" and the 2015 film "Don"t Forget Me."

Joo Ji Hoon, last seen in the successful melodrama "Mask," plays Moon Sun Mo, an undercover detective assigned to investigate the mayor. Oh Yeon Ah plays Jung Yoon Hee, Han Do Kyung"s sick wife.

The film also stars Kwak Do Won as a prosecutor. Jung Man Shik will play the leader of the prosecution investigative team. Yoon Ji Hye plays a detective Kim Hae Gon plays a gang leader, while Kim Won Hae, plays a gangster. Yoon Jae Moon appears in the film as a detective squad chief. The film begins shooting in September.

Jung Woo Sung, Hwang Jung Min, Joo Ji Hoon, and Kwak Do Won Solid In Action Film

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Jung Woo Sung, Hwang Jung Min, Joo Ji Hoon, and Kwak Do Won Cast In Action Film Director Kim Sung Soo’s crime action film “Asura” (working title) has showed its cast lineup and is ready to start filming.

The production corporate Sanai Pictures states, “We’re completely happy to announce Jung Woo Sung, Hwang Jung Min, Joo Ji Hoon, Kwak Do Won, Jung guy Shik, Yoon Ji Hye, Kim Hae Gon, Kim Won Hae, Oh Yeon Ah, and Yoon Jae Moon as our cast lineup for the motion picture ‘Asura.’” The storyline is about a corrupt cop whose wife is littered with the remaining stages of cancer. On account of the power from his superiors, he's met with stumbling blocks whilst looking to arrest corrupt local municipalities.

Director Kim Sung Soo and Jung Woo Sung who collaborated in the videos “Beat,” “City of the emerging Sun,” and “The Warrior” meet once again. Jung Woo Sung stars as the fearless murder detective Han Do Gyung who will do anything else to survive. Oh Yeon Ah will be his wife tormented by cancer. Hwang Jung Min plays the role of corrupt mayor Park Sung Bae who will do anything for his own hobby and power. Joo Ji Hoon plays the a phase of undercover detective Moon Sun Mo keeping a close eye at the mayor. Kwak Do Won plays the component of the prosecutor and Jung Man Shik as the prosecution investigative team leader.

“Asura” will start filming this month.

BTOB′s Jung Il Hoon Says Aegyo is in 4minute Hyuna′s Bones

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BTOB′s Jung Il Hoon Says Aegyo is in 4minute Hyuna′s Bones

--> 4minute′s Hyuna might drip attractive on stage, yet in keeping with BTOB′s Jung Il Hoon, she′s filled with aegyo.

Jung Il Hoon and Hyuna gave the impression as visitors at the August 20 broadcast of SBS energy FM′s Cultwo Show, where the 4minute member acknowledged she doesn′t have a large number of aegyo.

Jung Il Hoon begged to differ, announcing "Hyuna has aegyo built into her bones.

Jung Il Hoon is featured on Hyuna′s new solo unmarried It′s Because I′m the Best.

Yeon Jung Hoon stocks His Wife Han Ga In’s Reaction to His Evil role on “Mask”

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Yeon Jung Hoon stocks His Wife Han Ga In’s Reaction to His Evil part on “Mask” Actor< robust> Yeon Jung Hoon has existen gambling A overall villain at the < robust>SBS melodrama “< robust>Mask,” which Aired ITs ultimate episode on July thirty. On August one, he Sat down for An interview At the headquarters of his firm < robust>935 Entertainment to discuss the display’s finishing And his persona.

Yeon Jung Hoon says, “My wife Acknowledged to me, ‘at outset IT gave the impression of he used to exist a pleasant guy pret finishing to exist bad, yet then later the 10th episode he used to exist in point of fact A depraved guy.” His wife is naturally none As opposed to Actress < robust>Han Ga In!

He comments, “When i used to exist Acting, i existlieve I in point of fact were given into the nature of Seok Hoon.” He Adds, “I didn’t need Any emotions of pity, I simply sought later to turn whole And overall evil.”

Are you lot unhappy to look the finish of “Mask”?

Song Seung Hoon Might Be The Perfect Husband, Says Uhm Jung Hwa

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Song Seung Hoon Might Be The Perfect Husband, Says Uhm Jung Hwa

Actress Uhm Jung Hwa thinks that Song Seung Hoon would make a perfect husband, which was perhaps already obvious to many of his fans. She is basing her opinion on having spent a lot of time on a film set with him.

When she attended the press conference for their new film, "Miss Wife" aka "Wonderful Nightmare," she had nothing but praise for her co-star"s ability and kindness.

The film was originally titled "Wonderful Nightmare" because it is the story of a woman who wakes up in another body and with another life. She was a successful lawyer and then dies. But since heaven made a mistake and took her too soon, she gets a second chance at life. She gets to wake up in bed next to her Song Seung Hoon. She discovers that she is now a housewife named Yeon Woo raising a six-year-old and a difficult teen. She"s not used to being married or doing housework. And her husband still loves her but can"t figure out why she is acting so strangely. It might be a nightmare for both of them, but in the end, being Yeon Woo has a lot of benefits. It turns out to be more fun than being a successful career woman.

Uhm Jung Hwa agreed that Yeon Woo"s life had a lot to offer and said she would prefer being Song Seung Hoon"s wife.

"Instead of being a successful lawyer, I would want to live with a husband as handsome as this," she said.

The role was something new for Song, who had never played a role so close to his real life. Uhm praised him for working so hard at it and at a previous press conference said he looked very cool playing the role. But then it was not much of a stretch. He"s kind and considerate, she said.

"Song Seung Hoon is an extremely caring man," she said. "We filmed a hand-holding scene ona coldday, and after first warminghis hands with a hot pack, he thenheld myhand. It was thefirst time in my life being treated like that. Song Seung Hun really scores100 out of 100 in terms of husband material."

Song Seung Hoon"s last film was "Obsessed" and he also appears in the Chinese film "The Third Love." His last drama was "When A Man Loves" in 2013.

Uhm Jung Hwa was last seen in the drama "Witch"s Romance." Her last film was "Venus Talk."

"Miss Wife" will open August.

Secret"s Song Ji Eun and Kim Jung Hoon to star in a new web drama

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Secret"s Song Ji Eun and actor Kim Jung Hoon will be starring in a new web drama together.

The web drama is titled "Immutable Law of First Love" and is based on an original web novel of the same name. Kim Jung Hoon will play as Jongguk, a handsome genius man while Song Ji Eun will portray Yeori, a woman who is always hurt by seeing her boyfriend together with other girls.

"Immutable Law of First Love" will run for 11 episode and is scheduled to broadcast at the end of August or early September through Naver TV Cast. READ MORE

Actor Kim Jung Hoon denies rumors that he was once the top ranked student in the nation

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Actor Kim Jung Hoon denies rumors that he was once the top ranked student in the nation

Actor Kim Jung Hoon, who"s currently in the JTBC show "Going to School" is known as being the top student back in his school days. But apparently that"s an exaggeration!

Kim Jung Hoon revealed, "If you look online, it says I had placed 1st in the nation, but to be honest that"s not true. At the time, I was ranked 67th. I think that was the highest I was ranked."

He added, "During high school, I had something like a "studying fixation". That"s why I had severe stress and if I wasn"t able to answer the teacher"s question, I had trauma."

67th is still super high! Kim Jung Hoon proves that you can have the looks, skills, and brains in one package!

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"God of War Zhao Yun" unveils trailer featuring the beautiful YoonA and handsome Kim Jung Hoon

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Get ready for "God of War Zhao Yun," starring Girls" Generation"s YoonA and Kim Jung Hoon!

A lengthy 4-minute trailer was released recently for the upcoming Chinese drama, which will span about 60 episodes. YoonA has been busy filming for this drama for a while now with plenty of pictures of her looking gorgeous in traditional Chinese garb circulating the internet, raising anticipation.

Now fans get to see her live and she looks just as gorgeous as in the pictures! There is also some nice chemistry with her love interest, Lin Gengxin. Admittedly, the dubbing looks and sounds funny, but moving on! Kim Jung Hoon likewise looks cool in traditional wear as he wields a sword for fierce fights.

Yeon Jung Hoon in Talks to Appear on Netflix’s “Marco Polo”

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Yeon Jung Hoon in Talks to Appear on Netflix’s “Marco Polo”

Yeon Jung Hoon is currently in talks to appear in what could become his second Hollywood production. He is said to be discussing a role in the second season of Netflixs Marco Polo.

The actor previously made his Hollywood debut through director Renny Harlins action comedy film Skiptrace. Appearing in Marco Polo would further solidify his status as a Korean actor in Hollywood.

He has already established himself as an actor in Korea through many roles and projects. In addition to his acting skills, his English fluency has resulted in American producers evaluating him favorably.

The first season of Marco Polo featured Korean American actor Rick Yune and Avengers: Age of Ultron actress Soo Hyun (also known as Claudia Kim).

Meanwhile, Yeon Jung Hoon will appear in SBSs drama Mask in May.

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