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T-ara′s Eun Jung Talks About Her dating with the Individuals and Her Ideal Type

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T-ara′s Eun Jung Talks About Her dating with the Individuals and Her Ideal Type

--> T-ara is recently focusing its efforts on global activities, effectively wearing out promotions in China and being forged in a film in Thailand.

Eun Jung, who is receiving numerous love in Japan, China and Thailand, shot a range with bnt.

Eun Jung plays up her sexiness, matching fishnet stockings with short shorts in one shot. In any other cut, she presentations her elegant and complex femininity in a trench coat.

Eun Jung published in the accompanying interview that she′s staying busy with her fresh casting in a Thai movie and the group′s promotions in China. She stated the Thai film is a huge concern for her as a local Korean, as the lines are most commonly in Thai and English, and expressed her get to the ground of to paintings tough for the lovers who gifter her with Thai books.

Of her members, whom she has spent the ultimate seven years of her lifestyles with, Eun Jung said they′re like sisters who know every other so neatly although they don′t say a be aware and that even if they′re aside for a long time, it seems like they saw one another just yesterday.

Eun Jung, who recently attracted attention as Min Kyung Hoon′s ideal type, said it has already been 4 years since that changed into a topic and said hi to him throughout the interview. When asked about her ideal type, Eun Jung said any person who is faithful and well-mannered, pronouncing personality is more very important than looks for her.

She also shared her difficulties, asserting that because she′s so busy, she′s studying Chinese via video classes and that she also felt apologetic when she was once dating.

Kim Yoo Jung Finds Her Ideal Kind and Addresses Plastic surgical operation Rumors

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Kim Yoo Jung Finds Her Ideal Kind and Addresses Plastic surgical operation Rumors

On the September 30 broadcast of SBS’ “One evening of television Entertainment,” actress Kim Yoo Jung described her ideal boyfriend and denied getting any paintings done on her face.

When asked about her ideal type, the “Nation’s Little Sister” revealed, “He has to have a rather husky voice and be ready to sing well.” Hearing this, MC Kwon Hyuk Soo went directly to serenade Kim Yoo Jung with a husky voice, but his lovely try at captivating the actress soon made both of them crack up.

In reaction to rumors of her more mature appearance being the outcome of cosmetic surgery, Kim Yoo Jung clarified, “I think I have lost some of my little one fat,” and reassured fanatics that she is simply growing up to be a tender woman, and all adjustments in her frame are natural.

Ha Jung Woo Talks About His Ideal Girlfriend

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Ha Jung Woo Talks About His Ideal Girlfriend

Ha Jung Woo talked about his ideal girlfriend at the August 28 episode of “I are living Alone,” in which he met with his father Kim Yong Gun.

Kim Yong Gun met his son for a meal after staring at the film “Assassination” for the fourth time. After complimenting his son on how neatly the cross used to be received, Kim Yong Gun asked if he’s seeing anyone. When Ha Jung Woo stated he's not, Kim Yong Gun looked very disappointed, asking, “Then what are you doing those days?”

Ha Jung Woo commented, “Many other folks around me aren't married, and Director Kim Yong Hwa advised me to marry at 45.” He added, “I don’t care as much for appearances relating to my ideal type. I wish to fulfill someone who i'm able to live with as buddies for the remainder of my life.”

Lee Jong Suk is the ideal man in Jung Yeop"s "My Valentine" MV

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Lee Jong Suk is the ideal man in Jung Yeop

Lee Jong Suk is looking like a sweet gentleman in Jung Yeop"s new MV for "My Valentine," off his third album, "Merry Go Round."

The whole MV has him idling away at his house, whether he"s riding a bicycle, drinking out of a cup, or just daydreaming. While you mostly just get to enjoy his good looks and the sweet atmosphere of his house, by the end, there does seem to be more plot as he gets ready to perhaps meet a girl for a confession or date?

Check out the sweet track and MV above!

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[Video] Cross Gene’s Shin Names A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji as Ideal Type

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[Video] Cross Gene’s Shin Names A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji as Ideal Type

--> Cross Gene’s Shin gave off his charms as the ‘Shin (god) of dating’ during a recent photoshoot for the April issue of Ceci, which was unveiled on March 25.

Currently appearing on JTBC’s virtual dating program Dating Alone, Shin went from being ‘hopeless Shin’ to ‘Shin of dating,’ catching the hearts of the female viewers. In the photoshoot carried out under the concept ‘Man in Love,’ Shin posed like a man who has completely fallen in love, holding roses in a cereal box or a cake on top of a paint palette.

According to a staff member, Shin brightened up the set with his aegyo, making the female staff members’ hearts flutter.

In the interview that followed, Shin brought up the program Dating Alone and said, “It’s a program that is like a black hole.”

He said, “I was confused at first but strangely enough, every time I sit there, I become completely concentrated on the date. After winning the episode with Kang Min Kyung, my heart ached on my way home, because I got too into the broadcast. I thought, ‘the person doesn’t even know of my existence but why am I feeling satisfied with a virtual date?’ I feel a bit lonely on my way home after filming the show these days.”

When asked, “Did the program help you boost your dating ability?” he answered, “It helped a lot. I was locked in self-centered thoughts before but I began to see through women’s minds, as if I was mind reading. After solving several problems, I can tell what type of woman she is. I think it could be a great dating guide, especially to the female viewers. If you watch Dating Alone, you can become the ‘god of dating.’”

Shin was named the winner in Kang Min Kyung and Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Yuri’s episodes twice in a row, earning the nickname of ‘Shin (god) of dating.’

About his ideal type out of all the female stars that have appeared on the show, Shin named A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, saying that his ideal type is someone who has pretty eyes when smiling.

Shin added, “I also like women who can pick out food for me. I have a clear view of things but I have a hard time making a decision when it comes to food. So as a way of expressing my interest in someone, I share my food. For me, that is the greatest way of expressing affection,” causing laughter.

Actress Kim Yoo Jung says she"d like to do a romantic project with Yoo Seung Ho + chooses iKON"s Bobby as her ideal type

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Actress Kim Yoo Jung says she

Actress Kim Yoo Jung revealed she"d like to do a romantic project with Yoo Seung Ho on the March 14th episode of "Entertainment Relay".

The rising actress has been making her way from child stardom and was asked which male star she"d like to star in a project with. Kim Yoo Jung singled out Yoo Seung Ho and said, "Didn"t he get out of the army recently? I met him when I was really young in the 2008 film "Do You See Seoul?", but that wasn"t a romantic movie."

She also sent a video message to the actor, saying, "Congratulations on your discharge from the army. I hope you show a good side of yourself."

Kim Yoo Jung chose iKON"s Bobbyas her ideal type as well, explaining, "I like hip hop. I like that kind of rap style. I became interested because he has a good voice, but he"s become a big deal now."

Actor Hwang Jung Min says Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung is still his ideal girl

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Actor Hwang Jung Min says Girls

Actor Hwang Jung Minrevealed that his ideal type is still Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung.

On the November 26th episode of "One Night of TV Entertainment", the veteran actor sat down for an interview. He was asked whether he considers Sooyoung his ideal girl despite the fact that she"s now spoken for by actor Jung Kyung Ho.

Hwang Jung Min answered, "Yes, but I heard that Sooyoung got a boyfriend." He also told "One Night" MC Yoon Do Hyun, "You must be happy. You get to see Sooyoung every week,"referring to the rocker"s lovely co-host.

In other news, Hwang Jung Min"s film "Gukje Market" opens on December 17.

Shin Se Kyung Picks Jung Joon Young as Her Ideal Type Among “1 Night, 2 Days” Members

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Shin Se Kyung Picks Jung Joon Young as Her Ideal Type Among “1 Night, 2 Days” Members

Actress Shin Se Kyung, who charmed the cast of KBS2TVs 1 Night, 2 Days as a Morning Angel, was asked to choose the member closest to her ideal type on the latest episode of the show.

On the August 31 broadcast, Shin Se Kyung woke up the sleepy members with a delicious breakfast. While preparing the dishes, she was asked tough questions by the six men, one of them being a question about her favorite member.

As the cast asked her, What kind of men do you like? What do you think of our Joon Young? the actress replied, shyly, He is cute. With Shin Se Kyung being a year younger than Jung Joon Young, the members were surprised by the actress sweet way of describing her oppa.

While chatting, the two found out that both of them live near Gangnam District Office subway station. Finally, as Shin Se Kyung was asked to pick her ideal type among the members, she said with no hesitation, Jung Joon Young.

Check out a clip of their adorable interaction here!

SECRET"s Hyosung thanks Jung Woo Sung for picking her as his ideal type

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SECRET"s Hyosung thanked actor Jung Woo Sung for picking her as his ideal type on the August 16th episode of "Entertainment Relay".

When asked about the kind of guy she likes, Hyosung answered, "A guy that"s clingy to only me. I don"t care about his looks. Really." However, she ended up mentioning Kang Dong Won as someone she"s been eyeing.

The reporter then said, "Recently, Jung Woo Sung chose Hyosung as his ideal type, but it didn"t air." Jung Woo Sung had previously said, "To be honest, I don"t know much about girl groups, but a girl named Hyosung keeps making headlines. I usually give my heart to the it girl."

Hyosung responded, "Why didn"t that get aired? It"s an honor to my family. I hope his heart doesn"t change. I"ll work harder."

Actress Clara Picks Actor Ha Jung Woo as Her Ideal Type in bnt International

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Actress Clara Picks Actor Ha Jung Woo as Her Ideal Type in bnt International

Actress Clara’s innocent, yet provocative fashion pictorial, “Secret 24 Hours,” has been revealed by bnt International.

Through these pictorials, Clara was able to wear a variety of outfits. She wore a comfortable outfit that showed her natural side, a sexy swimsuit, sportswear that brought out her body line, and an evening dress that made her look elegant.

Afterwards, an interview was held with the actress where she said, “On a daily basis, I like to wear clothes that bring out my cola bottle body figure. I especially like one-pieces in a variety of styles, but I tend to choose to wear styles that make my body look slim. I like to wear nude colored clothes.”

When she was asked how she maintains her body figure, she answered, “I think the ballet lessons that I took while in school helped me.” Continuing on, she was asked about her mention of a nude photo shoot that has been an issue lately. She explained, “While I was filming the drama ‘King of Ratings,’ I gave it my all to maintain my body. I worked hard so that I could create a great figure before I get older. I wanted to do a nude photo shoot to keep for myself but it unexpectedly became a hot issue.”

When Clara was asked who her ideal type was, she picked actor Ha Jung Woo. When she was asked, “Between Ha Jung Woo and Kang Dong Won, who do you think is more handsome?” she answered with, “The more I look at senior Ha Jung Woo, the more charming he is. His acting is superb and he has that charm that draws people in. A man who does his best at his job is really handsome. Senior Ha Jung Woo doesn’t have any flaws and is no match for others.”