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Han Ye Seul, Sung Joon, Jung Jin Woon showed for New Drama “Madame Antoine”

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Han Ye Seul, Sung Joon, Jung Jin Woon proven for New Drama “Madame Antoine” Han Ye Seul, Sung Joon, and Jung Jin Woon confirmed their appearance on JTBC‘s new drama, “Madame Antoine.”

According to insiders on October 26, Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon have permitted the lead male and female roles for the hot romantic comedy drama.

Han Ye Seul will play Move Hye Rim, who is a fortune teller who works beneath the call Madam Antoine, claiming that she has a non secular connection with Marie Antoinette. However, even if she turns out so that you could tell the future, all of her fortune-telling is fake; she just has an awesome talent to read other people and bet their stories.

Sung Joon is decided to play Choi Soo Hyun, who is the maximum productive psychologist one can imagine. He has a hectic beyond that made him detached to love, and he's making plans a assignment to turn out that love doesn’t exist when he meets a pretend fortune teller who has the similar name as his clinic, Madame Antoine.

Jung Jin Woon’s firm also confirmed that he's going to be returning to the small displays for the primary time in over a year, “Jung Jin Woon has confirmed his appearance in JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Madame Antoine.’”

Jung Gyu Woon and Yoo In Young showed to seem in 'Oh My Venus'

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Jung Gyu Woon and Yoo In Young showed to seem in 'Oh My Venus'

Jung Gyu Woon and Yoo In Young were confirmed for new KBS drama "Oh My Venus"!

According to reports, the 2 actors might be joining veterans So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah as a phase of the lineup for the drama. As for Jung Gyu Woon, he's going to be taking at the role of Im Woo Shik, a former pro swimmer grew to become to head of promotions at a clinical corporation. He could also be the long-term romantic spouse of Kang Joo Eun played via Shin Min Ah.

Yoo In Young will be taking up the role of a attorney who turned her lifestyles around by coming into shape and wasting weight after being physically undeserving for rather a lot of years. 

Meanwhile, "Oh My Venus" is a romantic comedy drama that would apply the lately running drama, "Insolently Cross Go." the primary episode is decided to air on November 16.

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Jung Jin Woon Posts Hilarious response to Wonder women Teaser

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Jung Jin Woon Posts Hilarious response to Wonder 
women Teaser

--> Wonder ladies comeback is simply daysAway,And 2AM′s Jung Jin Woon postedA hilarious reaction to the gang′s psyche turning teaser.

Following the unencumber of Wonder ladies′Attractive symbol teaser on July 27, Jung Jin Woon reposted the picture amongst a chain of hilarious hashtags, writing "#WonderladiesLetsPutSomePantsOn #FansHeartFansHeart #SeriouslyCool #SoThePantsInFrontoftheJYPBuildingwasTheirs #InstrumentsArePretty #FontisPretty #August3 #12intheAfternoon."

Jung Jin Woon signed amongst Mystic Entertainment previous this year, yet IT′s great to look the 2AM member nevertheless supporting his one-time JYP circle of relatives.

meanwhile, Wonder ladies is decided to brandA comeback every bitA 4-member ring amongst newAlbum < robust>Reboot on August iii.

Jung Gyu Woon Sustains Injuries on both arms all through “real Men” Filming

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Jung Gyu Woon Sustains Injuries on both arms throughout “ genuine Men” Filming it has been reported that actor < robust>Jung Gyu Woon suffered injuries on both arms during a contemporary filming of < robust>MBC’s type program “< robust> genuine Men.”

On July 25, a representative of the actor’s firm, < robust>Fantagio, printed, “Jung Gyu Woon sustained an damage in the course of filming for ‘ genuine Men’ whilst sparring and damageing tiles during Taekwondo. He won surgical procedure two days ago for his damaged left arm, and he's dressed in a solid on his appropriate hand because of a fracture in his bone. He is improving at the health facility at the moment.”

The actor’s present condition seems to be more serious than expected. The physician has suggested that Jung Gyu Woon put a halt to all of his activities for roughly 3 months so as to only focal point on recovery. it's far acknowledged that the physician has prohibited the actor from workout for the following six months.

As for his appearance on “ genuine Men,” the firm rep printed that they're going to be assembly with manufacturers next week so as to figure out Jung Gyu Woon’s long term schedules. The actor plans on taking a damage from all activities in the mean whilst.

we wish Jung Gyu Woon a handy guide a rough and whole recovery!

2AM′s Jung Jin Woon and SISTAR′s Dasom Found Happiness in a World Without Smartphones

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2AM′s Jung Jin Woon and SISTAR′s Dasom Found Happiness in a World Without Smartphones

--> 2AM′s Jung Jin Woon and SISTAR′s Dasom shared the benefits of being cut off from the rest of the world through The Laws of the Jungle.

On May 27, Jung Jin Woon and Dasom attended the production presentation for SBS′ The Laws of the Jungle in Yap, which was held at SBS headquarters in Mokdong. There, the two idol singers said not using cellphones was one of the program′s charms.

"The reason why it′s good to go to the jungle is not only because of its environment, but the fact that you get cut off from the rest of the world," shared Jung Jin Woon. "It′s because we live an extremely unstable and busy life with lots of thoughts and work. Of course, appearing on The Laws of the Jungle is work too, but I was happy that I was cut off from my phone. It was an experience you can only have on the Laws of the Jungle where you can′t worry about someone and that person can′t worry about you."

Dasom also shared, "I agree 200 percent with Jung Jin Woon. I said that I was really happy without a smartphone many times. It was a good experience where we had to make food in our own ways with the ingredients that we find in the jungle."

The Laws of the Jungle in Yap will take place in the mysterious island of Yap in Micronesia. The new adventure with Kim Byung Man, Ryu Dam, Ryu Seung Soo, Yoon Sang Hyun, Bae Soo Bin, Lee Jung Jin, Eun Ji won, Park Han Byul, Kangnam, Lee Yi Kyung, Jung Jin Woon, and Dason will begin May 29.

Photo Credit: Newsen/Jung Yoo Jin

2AM′s Jung Jin Woon Officially Signs with Mystic Entertainment

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2AM′s Jung Jin Woon Officially Signs with Mystic Entertainment

--> Jung Jin Woon has signed an exclusive contract with Mystic Entertainment.

On April 21, Mystic Entertainment told Newsen, "Jung Jin Woon is now an artist under Mystic. With a management system for acting and singing, we′ll support him in both areas."

Starting individual activities officially, the 2AM members have been searching for new agencies. Jung Jin Woon, who has been active as an actor, variety star, and singer, has decided to join Mystic, which can support him in all aspects. For his first activity after signing with Mystic, Jung Jin Woon will be appearing SBS′ The Laws of the Jungle - Micronesia special.

Meanwhile, the other 2AM members have also settled in their agencies. Jo Kwon chose to re-sign with JYP Entertainment, while Lim Seulong signed with SidusHQ. Lee Chang Min is currently still under JYP and Big Hit Entertainment as his contract has not expired. Despite being in different agencies, the 2AM members have expressed that they will carry out ′separate but together′ actvities in the future.

Actor Jung Gyu Woon Expressed Concert Regarding His Appearance in "Real Men"

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Actor Jung Gyu Woon Expressed Concert Regarding His Appearance in

Actor Jung Gyu Woon expressed concern about MBC's reality show "Real Men."

During an interview with Star News, the star says, “I am honestly really worried about starring in ‘Real Men.’”

When asked, “You’re so well built that you should be ranked as an A+ soldier. Why are you worried?” he replies, “I don’t think so. Though I am well built, I lack flexibility. That’s why I am currently working out.”

“Though I am worried, I will definitely work my hardest when I am on the show,” Jung Gyu Woon says. “When a man puts his mind to it, he should do so with full force. I will do my best.”

Meanwhile, the producers of “Real Men” revealed that an entirely new cast will be replacing the original members. The new members include Jung Gyu Woon, entertainer Sam Okyere, actors Lim Won Hee and Lee Kyu Hyun, comedian Kim Young Cheol, chef Sam Kim, former basketball player Kim Seung Hyun, singers Kangin, SleepY, and Boyfriend’s Youngmin and Gwangmin.

The new crew started their first filming on January 30th and will be admitted into the army this month. Viewers are especially anticipating the mandatory buzz cut for all the members.

Meanwhile, the female soldiers special of “Real Men” has been airing since January 25 as a spinoff of the variety show. “Real Men 2” will be airing in late February.

“Real Men 2″ Reveals Full Cast, Boyfriend’s Twin Brothers, Han Sang Jin, Jung Gyo Woon and More

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“Real Men 2″ Reveals Full Cast, Boyfriend’s Twin Brothers, Han Sang Jin, Jung Gyo Woon and More

MBC finally revealed the full cast of the second season of variety show "Real Man."

On January 30th, MBC revealed, “Eleven members, all with different personalities, have been confirmed for the second season of Real Man 2 and will begin filming in February.”

The eleven members of the second season are Super Junior’s Kangin, Boyfriend’s Young Min and Kwang Min, Untouchable’s Sleepy, actor Lee Gyu Han, Jung Gyu Woon, Im Won Hee, entertainer Sam Okyere, chef Sam Kim, comedian Kim Young Chul and former basketball player Kim Seung Hyun.

Im Won Hee, who decided to return to the army despite being well over 40, and comedian Kim Young Chul, who is determined to spread laughter in the military living hall, have been gathering attention for making the decision to appear on the show, despite their age.

Some of the members catch attention with their unique careers, including the star chef Sam Kim and the former basketball player Kim Seung Hyun.

Actor Lee Gyu Han with various charms, Jung Gyu Woon, who is known to be the idol among older women, the 4-D rapper Untouchable’s Sleepy, Super Junior’s Kangin, who has served in the military, and Sam Okyere have also joined the show.

Lastly, the pretty flower boy twins Young Min and Kwang Min, who have shaken up the hearts of nunas, will be challenging themselves as the first ‘twin soldiers’ on Real Man 2.

Submitting to the military code, all the members of season two have decided to go for the clean-cut short hairstyle.

Anticipation has already been increasing on the season two of Real Man, which realistically shows the stars’ life in the army and their friendship with the other members of the unit.

"Real Men 2" Reveals Full Cast, Boyfriend's Twin Brothers, Han Sang Jin, Jung Gyo Woon and More

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After much thought and consideration, Boyfriend's twins brothers Youngmin and Kwangmin finally confirmed to join the cast of the "Real Men"s second season!

Boyfriend's agency confirms, "Youngmin and Kwangmin have attended "Real Men" meeting. Please anticipate."

In addition to that, actor Han Sang Jin is also confirmed to join after coordinating with his schedule. The three are joining actor Jung Gyo Woon and "Abnormal Summit"s Sam Ochiri and will start filming today, January 30th.

The five new members for the 2nd season of "Real Men" will be broadcast after the female special episodes.

Movie star Jung Gyu Woon confirmed his participation in the new show called Real Men of MBC

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Movie star Jung Gyu Woon confirmed his participation in the new show called Real Men of MBC

The movie star  Jung Gyu Woon claimed that he will take part in the new show called Real Men boardcasted on MBC.

In the interview by TV Dailly on 27th, his manager Fantagio claimed that Jung Gyu Woon has agreed to participate in Real Men, He is about to make his appearance in the first filming early this week 

The actor will join Sam Ochiri as new members to replace Kim Soo Ro, Seo Kyung Suk, Sam Hammington, and Chun Jung Myung.

Meanwhile, viewers can tune into the second installment of "Real Men"s female-soldier special on Sunday!