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Celebrity Baseball Team ZomaZoma Donates 10 Million Won to Ferry Tragedy Victims

Celebrity baseball team ZomaZoma has donated 10 million won (~10,000 USD) to help the victims of the Sewolho Ferry tragedy.

Comedian Shim Hyun Seob, the leader of the team, revealed on April 18, “The members of ZomaZoma have joined their forces and collected 10 million won for the families affected by the Sewolho incident.”

“After talking about Sewolho in our chatting room, we felt bad, and someone suggested we should raise funds together. ZomaZoma has won a lot, but we also do a lot of charity work,” the leader continued.

In just a few hours, the members raised 10 million won for the victims of the tragedy. Out of the 30 members, around 20 active members were the ones to donate funds.

“We requested the help of broadcast workers. YTN’s Jung Chan Bae anchor told us he is currently at the scene, and we are considering delivering the money through him after he returns to Seoul

A Pink’s Namjoo picks Yoseob as the person she dislikes taking pictures with

A Pink‘s Namjoo appeared on the most recent episode of KBS 2TV‘s “Hello.

On the show, MC Jung Chan Woo asked her, “Is there a person you dislike taking pictures with?

As Namjoo picked B2ST‘s YoseobEunji told Namjoo, “His face is smaller than yours,” to which Namjoo totally agreed.

Later on the show, Eunji commented, “Women don’t like men pretending to be tough. They just need to show themselves the way they are.” Do you agree?

The Salaries of SM Entertainment’s Executive Board Members

They’ve created your favorite idols such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(X), and EXO, but weren’t you curious about how much the executive board members earn each year? Well, recent data showed that the top leaders of SM Entertainment earn quite a lot. In the March 31 business report submitted by the agency to the Financial Supervisory Service, the annual salaries of SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min, SM C&C‘s CEOs Han Seh Min and Jung Chang Hwan, and SM Japan‘s CEO Nam So Young.

According to the report, SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min was paid 1.312 billion won (~ 1,239,197 USD) last year

Infinite’s Woo Hyun Says He’s Never Been Under the Knife

Despite so many stars getting procedures done these days, Infinite’s Woo Hyun said that he’s never received cosmetic surgery.

On March 31’s broadcast of KBS’ Hello, Woo Hyun appeared as a guest with SHINee’s Key as ToHeart, and A Pink’s Kim Nam Joo and Jung Eun Ji.

One of the worries a citizen brought to the table was that his nose was too flat. Naturally, MC Lee Young Ja asked the guests if they ever wanted to get cosmetic surgery.

“I’ve never really thought about it,” replied Woo Hyun. Then MC Jung Chan Woo joking asked, “Maybe you already got it,” making Woo Hyun get startled.

He began to stutter, “Ah… Not yet, not once… I haven’t done it yet,” making the entire studio audience laugh.

Meanwhile, Kim Nam Joo revealed that she doesn’t like taking pictures with B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop

Minwoo Pokes Fun at Fellow Shinhwa Members Dongwan and Eric

On the March 1 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Escape at 2PM Cultwo Show,” Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, who recently made a comeback with “Taxi,” appeared as a guest. On the show, host Jung Chan Woo asked Minwoo why he had wanted to do the variety show “Daddy Where Are We Going?” after getting married, at which he said, “Shinhwa hasn’t gotten married yet. We thought it would be fun to have a joint wedding, then have all of our kids on stage with us. Even the thought of it is fun.”

Kim Tae Kyoon then asked Minwoo which member he thinks is going to get married first. Minwoo replied, “It’ll be Dongwan or Eric. Because they’re starting to get wrinkles

Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo Picks EXO as Group That Catches His Eye the Most

Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo recently picked EXO as the group he looks forward to seeing more from!

On March 1, Lee Minwoo made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM radio show, “Cultwo Show” in light of his comeback with, “Taxi.

During the interview, DJ Jung Chan Woo first asked Lee Minwoo, “Among the artists that are active at the moment, who do you think would fit the ‘junior Lee Min Woo’ image?” Lee Minwoo seemed to have some struggle picking someone, so DJ Kim Tae Kyun rephrased the question. He asked Lee Minwoo instead, “Then who is the artist that stands out to you the most. Even if they’re not exactly ‘little Lee Min Woo’? A singer that makes you think, ‘This artist is really something

B1A4 reveals their dorm life

Boy group B1A4 made a guest appearance on the February 27 broadcast of SBS“s radio program “Cultwo Show” where they opened up about their life in dorm.

DJ Jung Chan Woo asked them, “I heard that B1A4 are living in dorms. Which one of the members has the most toxic smelling feet?” to which CNU commented, “I don”t think any one of us are that severe.

The DJ continued, “Then does one of you not have smelly feet?” to which Sandeul stated, “I don”t know.”

Jung Chan Woo asked more, “I heard that CNU exposes himself the most, but why does he do that?

CNU explained, “I think I do it because when I’m with members, I feel comfortable like I’m with family. There are even times when I don’t wear underwear

Soyu refuses any dating scandal with JungGiGo and compares JungGiGo and Kim Jong Kook’s figures

SISTAR’s Soyu and JungGiGo have been dominating music charts with “Some“, but they revealed that they”re still careless with each other.



On the February 27th broadcast of SBS Power FM“s “Cultwo Show“, Soyu, JungGiGo, and Jung Jun Il attended as guests.


When DJ Jung Chan Woo asked Soyu, “Didn”t you and JungGiGo have a scandal,” Soyu answered, “Not at all… In the comments, there were comments asking if the two of us were dating.”


JungGiGo said, “It was very awkward with Soyu at first. Whenever we do a rehearsal at a broadcast station together, I tried to get closer with Soyu.” Soyu also shared, “The fourth time that I met JungGiGo, we had our first broadcast together

B1A4’s San Deul Was Startled to See CNU Sleeping Naked

B1A4’s San Deul was startled upon finding CNU sleeping naked at home.

The B1A4 members attended February 27’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show and shared stories related to living together in the same house.

When DJ Jung Chan Woo jokingly asked, “I hear that the B1A4 members all live together. Who has the worst foot odor?”

CNU said, “I don’t think anyone’s feet stink that badly.”

Then the DJ asked, “I heard CNU exposes the most skin at home. Why do you do that?” and CNU revealed, “I think it’s because I regard the members as my family and I’m comfortable around them.”

“Sometimes I don’t even wear underwear. One day when I got home after finishing all schedules, I took off all my clothes to take a shower, but I was so tired that I fell asleep

VIXX N Says His Ideal Type is SNSD’s Seohyun

VIXX N confessed that his ideal type is Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Seohyun.

February 25’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show invited BTS’s Rap Monster, VIXX’s N, TopDogg’s Sangdo as special guests.

About his ideal type, N said, “I like girls who are innocent and intelligent. For the outward appearance, I think SNSD’s Seohyun sunbaenim is the closest to being my ideal type.”

“I also think that Seohyun sunbaenim reads a lot and she is smart,” added N.

Then DJ Jung Chan Woo made everyone laugh by saying, “If you like smart girls, you should date a librarian.”

Meanwhile, N surprised everyone by revealing that he once ranked number one in his class.

Photo credit: SBS