June Movie Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

June Movie Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

Kim Ok Bin is the first actress to top the monthly movie actor brand reputation rankings!

The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed the June brand reputation rankings for movie actors based on interaction, media, communication, and community indexes of 80,571,958 pieces of big data. This is a 22.24 percent increase from the 65,914,318 pieces of big data analyzed for the May ranking.

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An actress took first place for the first time as Kim Ok Bin received a total score of 8,360,523. Goo Chang Wan, head of the Korean Business Research Institute, explained that she captured the attention of media with the film The Villainess. He added, From the link analysis of film actress Kim Ok Bins brand, Complicated, Kill, and Dangerous, came up the most, while Villainess, Chae Seo Jin, and Cannes, came out high for the keyword analysis. The positivity-negativity analysis showed 63.89 percent positive reactions.

Second place went to Kim Soo Hyun with a total score of 6,470,523, while Jo In Sung took third with 5,726,813.

Check out the top 20 below: