June Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

June Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

BTS has topped the boy group brand reputation rankings eight months in a row!

The Korean Business Research Institute looked at interaction, media coverage, communication, and community indexes of 81,521,300 pieces of big data from May 9 to June 10 to analyze the brand reputation of boy groups. This is a 26.47 percent increase from the 64,460,090 pieces of big data analyzed for the May rankings.

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BTS took first place on this list with an interaction index of 3,301,672 points, media coverage index of 1,539,912 points, communication index of 3,306,191 points, and a community index of 5,237,621 points for a total of 13,385,396 points. Compared to last months 9,595,360 points, their score has increased 39.50 percent.

Second place went to SEVENTEEN, who got 1,092,432 points for interaction, 3,015,528 points for media coverage, 1,740,957 points for communication, and 2,371,340 points for community, for a total of 8,220,258 points. Compared to last months 2,975,519, their score has increased 176.26 percent.

EXO was No. 3 with 461,032 points for interaction, 2,155,056 points for media coverage, 2,213,884 points for communication, and 1,816,689 points for community, making a total of 6,646,661 points. Compared to last months 5,426,260 points, their score has increased 22.49 percent.

The head of the Korean Business Research Institute explained, BTS has been maintaining the first place spot for eight consecutive months since last November. They were named the winners of the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and gathered attention from fans worldwide.

He continued, BTS includes messages about the current era in their music and creates a bond with their listeners. They strengthened their communication with consumers by making active use of social media. A big portion of BTSs brand big data was being generated by overseas consumers.

Check out the top 30 below:

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