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Park Hyun Bin and His female friend Pronounced Husband and Wife Today

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Park Hyun Bin and HisbGirlfriend /bPronounced Husband and Wife Today Singer Park Hyun Bin has tied the knot today, August 8, with his wife who is 4 years more youthful than him.

Theirpersonal weddingwas once held at Seoul Walker-Hill Hotel, where his closebuddies like Nam Jin, Insooni, Hong Kyung Min, and other noted stars congratulated their special day.

Park Hyun Binwas once dating his non-celebrity wife for 5 yearsprior to he proposed to her.Throughout the press conference, the singer said, “I never concealed [my relationship] from the public. I’ve at all times been with her. It’s just that the public doesn’t care about me,” and laughed.

After his wedding, Park Hyun Bin plans to visit Hawaii for his honeymoon and settle in his newlywed space in Gyeonggi-do.

Congratulations to the newlywed couple!

Jun Ji Hyun and Husband Are Expecting Their First Child

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Jun Ji Hyun and Husband Are Expecting Their First Child

Jun Ji Hyun is expecting. The actress, who is currently promoting her upcoming film "Assassination," has announced that she is 10 weeks pregnant. The 34-year-old actress has been married to her husband non-celebrity banker Choi Joon Hyuk for three years and it will be their first child. Both are reported to be very happy about the news as they were hoping for a pregnancy this year.

Her agency, Culture Depot, spoke to the Korean media outlet Dispatch. They released a statement saying that it was still the beginning of her pregnancy, and the actress was being very careful.

"For the time being, Jun Ji Hyun will be focusing on her health and the baby. We sincerely thank everyone for their interest."

However, the actress has actively promoted and will continue, as much as possible, to promote her film, "Assassination," which co-stars Ha Jung Woo, Lee Jung Jae, Jo Jin Woong and Oh Dal So. In that film she plays a sniper who is so talented that resistance fighters break her out of jail to assassinate a Japanese army commander. The film is set in the 1930s during the Japanese rule of Korea.

The actress has so far attended all promotions and had about 50 interviews with media outlets. She did not want her pregnancy to detract from pre-release promotions for the film, but now that it is being released, she has decided to announce the happy news.

Jun Ji Hyun is best known for her roles in "You Who Came From The Stars," "My Sassy Girl" and "The Thieves." She co-starred with Kim Soo Hyun in both "You Who Came From The Stars" and "The Thieves."

She and her husband were childhood friends before being reacquainted as adults and marrying.

It is not known whether Jun Ji Hyun will retire from acting to care for her family. Her child is due in early 2016.

Congratulations Jun Ji Hyun!

Girl"s Day"s Sojin selects a husband for "We Got Married" + Yura and Hong Jong Hyun are still good friends!

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On the July 13 broadcast of SBS PowerFM"s "Kim Chang Yeol"s Old School," the adorable Girl"s Day members guested and talked about a variety of topics.

When DJ Kim Chang Yeol asked Sojin who she would want as her husband if she were to go on "We Got Married (WGM)," the female idol replied without any hesitation, "Sung Si Kyung." She then added, "I like jokes and also jokes that are like criticisms. I think it would be fun."

In addition to talking about Sojin"s wishful thoughts on her WGM hubby, Yura revealed that she and her ex-WGM husband, Hong Jong Hyun, still contact each other from time to time. She said, "I keep in contact with Hong Jong Hyun to this day. When there is a movie premiering event, Hong Jong Hyun would ask me to come and watch. Also, when we made our comeback, he visited our waiting room and brought a cake."

Other members then chimed in and said, "We really enjoyed the cake that Hong Jong Hyun brought. It was very yummy."

Meanwhile, Girl"s Day recently made their comeback with title track, "Ring Ma Bell."

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Baek Ji Young says she would choose husband Jung Suk Won over Hyun Bin any day

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Baek Ji Young says she would choose husband Jung Suk Won over Hyun Bin any day

Singer Baek Ji Young said that she would choose her husband Jung Suk Won over hot actor Hyun Bin any day on the April 7th episode of KBS 2TV"s quiz show "1 vs 100".

Announcer Jo Yoo Jongasked, "Who"s more handsome? Jung Suk Won or Hyun Bin," and Baek Ji Young responded, "For sure, Jung Suk Won." Even when she was offered Jo In Sungand Seo Ji Sub, the singer didn"t sway from her decision.

She explained, "I knew I was going to get married when I was a bit older, so I wanted my partner to be younger. I didn"t know my wish would come true. I prayed for my life partner, and besides the age gap, Jung Suk Won is my complete ideal type. The way he laughs, the way I look smaller when he hugs me are things I hoped for. He has no double eyelids. Everything matched up."

Can you blame her or do you disagree?

[We Got Married] Girl's Day Yura Is Punished By Kissing Her "Husband" Hong Jong Hyun On His Cheek

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[We Got Married] Girl's Day Yura Is Punished By Kissing Her

On the episode of “We Got Married” that aired on February 21st, Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day Yura celebrate the Lunar New Year and show off their expanding skinship repertoire with three types of skinship, including a kiss.

On the show, Hong Jong Hyun and Yura celebrate the Lunar New Year together by dressing in hanboks, traditional Korean clothing, and playing yoot, a traditional Korean game. At first, the game goes back and forth but eventually Yura takes the lead. Undeterred, Hong Jong Hyun tells Yura, “With yoot, you don’t know what’s going to happen until it’s all over,” and he ends up winning the game.

As punishment for losing the game, Yura has to kiss Hong Jong Hyun’s cheek. The two are simultaneously happy and embarrassed, and don’t know what to do with themselves. It takes a little time, but Yura succeeds in her mission and kisses Hong Jong Hyun on the cheek.

The two describe the kiss during their individual interviews. Hong Jong Hyun says, “I was really embarrassed. [The kiss] was somewhat moist,” and Yura says, “We got over another [skinship] hurdle.”

Yura goes on to say a typical New Year’s greeting, that “This year we’re going to succeed greatly.” Hong Jong Hyun agrees, saying, “I think so too, since I received a bow and kiss from my wife.”

As they say “Happy New Year,” they hug each other and interlock their fingers, displaying two other types of skinship.

Jun Ji Hyun reported to have gone vacationing in Japan with her husband for Valentine"s Day

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Jun Ji Hyun reported to have gone vacationing in Japan with her husband for Valentine

According to reports by Hong Kong media, actress Jun Ji Hyun went for a romantic vacation with her husband for Valentine"s Day! Can you say aww?

On February 17, it was reported that the couple revisited the country where Jun Ji Hyun was proposed to by her doting husband, so the trip was especially meaningful. According to this article as well as witnesses, Jun Ji Hyun and her husband enjoyed a shopping spree on the streets of Harajuku on Valentine"s day. She was spotted petting a dog on the street and looking overall natural and comfortable.

Previously, the two were spotted enjoying a soccer date at the Barcelona Stadium in Spain back in May, 2014, so it appears they are comfortable and have no qualms about appearing before the public.

Must have been a lovely sight for the people in Japan to behold!

[We Got Married] How Hong Jong Hyun Take Care Of His Wife,Yura - The World's Best Husband Ever

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[We Got Married] How Hong Jong Hyun Take Care Of His Wife,Yura - The World's Best Husband Ever

The adorable couple of "We Got Married," Hong Jong Hyun and Girl's Day's Yura continue to fuel their romance!

Hong Jong Hyun is definitely the world's best husband as he takes care of his wife, Yura!In one of the still cuts, Hong Jong Hyun can be seen giving Yura a massage in order to help her sleep, giving off a romantic atmosphere.

In a previous episode, Yura shared, “I can’t sleep well these days because of insomnia.” Remembering what she had said, her virtual husband prepared various things for her to be able to sleep.

After warming up some milk for her, Hong Jong Hyun also lit up an aromatherapy candle and covered her feet with a heater. He then began to massage the Girl’s Day member’s shoulders and neck to help her fall asleep.

Yura expressed how touched she was by her on-screen husband’s actions, saying, “It was something I said in passing, but [Hong Jong Hyun] remembered and prepared everything.” Despite his efforts, Yura was still unable to fall asleep. However, it appears that the sleep-inducing techniques worked on himself, as Hong Jong Hyun ended up falling asleep first, causing Yura to laugh.

Furthermore, Hong Jong Hyun offered up his arm to Yura as a pillow to help her sleep.

Girls'Day Yura Lives With The Jealous Husband Hong Jong Hyun On "We Got Married"

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Girls'Day Yura Lives With The Jealous Husband Hong Jong Hyun On

Recenlty, the lovey-dovey couple Hong Jong Hyun and Girls’Day Yuri of the reality program “We Got Married” has faced a challenge as Yura will play a kiss scene in her upcoming movie.

On the latest broadcast of the show, the actor Hong Jong Hyun shows his jealous side as a real husband to his wife, actress Yura.

Recently, the actress revealed that she will have an intimate scene with her co-actor in the upcoming drama, “Be Arrogant”, Hong Jong Hyun started to get jealous and warned, “I’ll be watching the drama.”

He further said, “Of course I’m concerned,” adding, “I’m concerned about how much skinship there will be on the drama.”

After hearing him, Yura laughed and commented, “I want to film stronger scenes now that I’ve heard that.”

On the same episode, Yura attempted to link arms with Hong Jong Hyun, who seemed pleasantly surprised by Yura’s approach. In a later interview, he smiled thinking back on the date, and said, “It was awkward. Next time I’m going to lead.”

Girl"s Day"s Yura joins "We Got Married" husband Hong Jong Hyun and friends for an outing

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Girl"s Day"s Yura joined her "We Got Married" husbandHong Jong Hyunand friends for afriendly gathering. The idol star hung out with a group of gorgeous actor-models, garnering much attention and jealousy from the fans.

On October 22, Yura tweeted, "Thank you for coming out even during your busy schedules. It was awkward, but still very fun! Next time will be more fun... Hahaha," along with the photo above.

In the picture, Yura is dressed in beige in the middle of actors Hong Jong Hyun, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Kim Young Kwang, who definitely look like models inmatching black and white.

Did you expect that the "We Got Married" couple would get together outside of filming?

Girl’s Day Yura Surprises Viewers with Amazing Drawing of Husband Hong Jong Hyun on “We Got Married”

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Girl’s Day Yura Surprises Viewers with Amazing Drawing of Husband Hong Jong Hyun on “We Got Married”

On the July 19 broadcast of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married,” Girl’s Day member Yura showed off her amazing drawing abilities by preparing a surprise gift for virtual husband, actor and model Hong Jong Hyun: a hand drawn portrait.

It is said that Yura prepared the drawing to commemorate the day that the couple officially filled out a marriage registration form, as well as the day that the two of them formally set up their home together on the rooftop of the MBC building.

The Girl’s Day member has previously received attention for her great drawing skills and artwork, and this portrait of her husband is no different.

Yura captured every fine detail of Hong Jong Hyun’s appearance, making the drawing look so real that it could even pass as an actual photograph.