Jun Hyun Moo reacts to Han Hye Jin’s dating news on ‘I Live Alone’

Jun Hyun Moo reacts to Han Hye Jin’s dating news on ‘I Live Alone’

Jun Hyun Moo couldn’t hide his sadness on the recent broadcast of ‘I Live Alone’ on June 3, as his loveline with model Han Hye Jin has come to an end. 

After reports of Han Hye Jin admitting to dating rumors with baseball player Cha Woo Chan broke out, Jun Hyun Moo arrived on set with a sullen face. Previously, Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin had a blooming love-line on ‘I Live Alone’, attracting viewers with their quirks. 

It was revealed that due to a photoshoot, Han Hye Jin was unable to attend the filming of this specific episode, which elicited questions from the other cast members. Actor Lee Si Un asked, “Why don’t I see her?” with Park Na Rae commenting, “Han Hye Jin is now off limits to Jun Hyun Moo.” Henry asked if Jun Hyun Moo was okay. 

In response, Jun Hyun Moo stated, “Why are you all like this?” going on to say that Yoo Jae Suk sent a six word-text message encouraging Jun Hyun Moo to overcome his sadness, bringing laughter to the set. 

Furthermore, Park Na Rae commented that many had congratulated the new couple expect one, forcing Jun Hyun Moo to send out a congratulatory message to Han Hye Jin and wishing her a happy relationship with her boyfriend. 

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