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Joo Ji Hoon Says He Doesn’t Talk About His Work with Girlfriend Ga In

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Joo Ji Hoon Says He Doesnt Talk About His Work with Girlfriend Ga In Actor Joo Ji Hoon recently revealed in an interview for his latest movie The Treacherous that he doesnt talk about his work with his girlfriend, Ga In.

During the interview, Joo Ji Hoon said, She doesnt really bring up my work. I dont know what shes really thinking, but we all have our dreams. Since we are in different fields, we dont talk about our work. When asked about his sex scenes in the latest movie, he simply answered, We are mature about it.

Ga In also tried her hand at acting in the 2013 action film The Huntresses. When asked about Ga Ins acting abilities, he humorously answered, I wish you wouldnt ask me that question.

Joo Ji Hoons latest historical movie The Treacherous depicts the story of men who offered up 10,000 women to King Yeon San to gain power greater than the Kings. Kim Kang Woo, Chun Ho Jin, and Im Ji Yeon also star in the film. It will open in Korea on May 21.

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SG Wannabe's Lee Suk Hoon Gives Shoutout To Girlfriend, + Reveals Their Wedding Plan

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SG Wannabe's Lee Suk Hoon Gives Shoutout To Girlfriend, + Reveals Their Wedding Plan

It is revealed that SG Wannabe's Lee Suk Hoon will get married to his long-term girlfriend, ballerina Choi Sun Ah, whom he met on a matchmaking variety program 4 years back!

Lee Suk Hoon shared the good news on his fan cafe on the 30th, "I think that today will become a really special day. I am carefully trying to share what's been in my heart. As I said during my past trip with fans, I wanted to tell my fans first... It was not an easy decision to make until the last minute, but I want to show myself just as I am in honesty to the fans who've trusted and relied on me.

There is someone who I love and have been dating for the past 4 years. While I was in the military, she helped nurse my mother on my behalf and was with my mother when she passed away. Whenever I was going through a difficult time, her unchanging heart was the thankful love that helped me through it... I wanted to be her life partner so we got engaged after I was discharged from the military. And we plan to tie the knot this year.

O am very sorry that I am telling you all now. Because I'm a celebrity and singer, I am always careful about the perception of those around me. After thinking a lot about when would be a good time to say this, I am confessing this now.

I am leaving this post with a shaking heart. I want to receive congratulations from my fans, who"ve been with me for a long time, first... I will stand before you with better music, as a better person, and with the name of SG Wannabe."

Meanwhile, SG Wannabe are said to be preparing for their comeback under CJ EM.

SG Wannabe Member Lee Suk Hoon Going to Marry Long-term Girlfriend

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SG Wannabe Member Lee Suk Hoon Going to Marry Long-term Girlfriend

It is revealed that SG Wannabe's Lee Suk Hoon will marry his long-term girlfriend this year!

Lee Suk Hoon announced this news through a post on his fan cafe, writing, “I have someone I’ve been seeing for four years now. We are planning on getting married this year.”

In the honest post, he continued to say that he wanted to tell his fans first about the happy news, adding, “To all the fans who trust me and rely on me, I wanted to show the most honest side of me before anything else.”

He described his partner as a loving person, who looked after his sick mother while he was away on his military service, and even staying by his mother’s side until her death. He also revealed that they were engaged when he was discharged from his military service.

Lee Suk Hoon’s group SG Wannabe recently signed with CJ EM and are currently preparing for their comeback album.

Joo Ji Hoon Talks About Girlfriend Ga In, “I Don’t Want Her To Feel Pressured”

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Joo Ji Hoon Talks About Girlfriend Ga In, “I Don’t Want Her To Feel Pressured”

Joo Ji Hoon opens up about his girlfriend.

On the July 8 broadcast of Lee Hyori, Moon So Ri, and Hong Jin Kyung"s "Magic Eye," ""Good Friends" co-stars Joo Ji Hoon and Lee Kwang Soo made an appearance as the program"s first guests. The episode is themed "anger that affects yourself and others."

Joo Ji Hoon was prompted to talk about his girlfriend Ga In when he was asked, "You seem like you"re hot tempered. Are there times when your girlfriend angers you? What do you do when you have these moments?"

He answered truthfully, "Regardless of whether it is my girlfriend or another person, I will give them three chances. Only when the three chances have passed do I say something about the matter."

Host Hong Jin Kyung then inquired, "What was the reason for your biggest fight with Ga In?"

The actor replied, "In my own way, I think I"m considerate. The moments when we"re together are precious to me, and I don"t want to ruin it by fighting. I don"t want her to feel pressured, so an hour before I pick her up from home, I"ll call her."

He continued, "I used to be a model, so I know how long women take to get ready. I call her thirty minutes before I get to her house, and I call her every ten minutes after that."

When he was told that what he does may seem pressuring to the other person, he replied, "I don"t get mad at her because I don"t want to spend our time fighting. If you"re late, it"s fine by me as long as you apologize. When people blame other people for their mistakes, that"s when I become angry."

"Good Friends" starring Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, and Lee Kwang Soo premieres on July 10.

Joo Ji Hoon reveals girlfriend Ga In's reaction to his 'Running Man' appearance

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Joo Ji Hoon reveals girlfriend Ga In's reaction to his 'Running Man' appearance

Joo Ji Hoon described Ga In"s reaction to his latest appearance on "Running Man"!

After his performance in last week"s episode, he texted his girlfriend to let her know about his success. This week, he let his fellow cast members know her response - and it was an unexpected one!

"Ji Hoon sent Ga In a text, and he got a reply,"Yoo Jae Suk said. "She told him to shut up!"

That definitely sounds like the tough Ga In we know! Who would you call if you ever guested on "Running Man"?

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Joo Ji Hoon on his Girlfriend Gain, “My Mother Likes Her”

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Joo Ji Hoon on his Girlfriend Gain, “My Mother Likes Her”

Actor Joo Ji Hoon mentioned his girlfriend Gain on a radio interview. On the MBC FM4U "2 o"clock date with Park Kyung Rin," which aired in the afternoon today, actor Joo Ji Hoon of the movie "Good Friends" made his appearance. When one listener said, "I didn"t know Joo Ji Hoon was this funny," DJ Park Kyung Rin said, "Somebody must be so happy," referring to actor Joo Ji Hoon"s girlfriend Gain of the Brown Eyed Girls. Joo Ji Hoon said, "So my mother likes her," and made people laugh.

In related news, the movie "Good Friends" is an action movie that tells the story of the three men in the middle of friendship and doubts. Actors Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, and Lee Kwang Soo are to make their appearances. The movie "Good Friends" will premiere on July 10.

SG Wannabe's Lee Seok Hoon: "I Lost Weight Because of My Girlfriend"

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SG Wannabes Lee Seok Hoon: I Lost Weight Because of My GirlfriendSG Wannabes Lee Seok Hoon recently revealed the reason for his weight loss.

Lee Seok Hoon was a guest on YTNs News 12Issue and People on October 10 and shared his story of how he lost 33 kg (76 lb) and went from being 100kg (220 lbs) to 67kg (148 lbs).

During the broadcast, the anchor asked, Have you ever had a sad love like the lyrics to your sad ballads? Lee Seok Hoon answered, I once said that love is subjective and have experienced a heart-breaking love in the past.

Lee Seok Hoon then talked about his 33kg weight loss. He said, I needed to lose weight in order to become a singer and plus, my girlfriend likes skinny guys. Anyone could say that being overweight is not that great. So I officially started my diet.

The the anchor asked him, Do you have a girlfriend right now? and Lee Seok Hoon answered, No, not now. Well even if I do, I cant say it on air, which brought about much curiosity.

Towards the end, Lee Seok Hoon shared, I dont sing in order to be applauded. I want to be a true singer who can give comfort to many people and move their hearts.

Lee Seok Hoon recently released his solo album and will hold a solo concert at Ehwa University starting on October 19 for three days.

'Oh My Venus' actor Seong Hoon spotted all the style through fitness training

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'Oh My Venus' actor Seong Hoon spotted all the style through fitness training

Actor Seong Hoon is recently starring in KBS" Monday & Tuesday drama, "Oh My Venus" as Jang Joon-seong, a former UFC champion who exudes either comfortable and difficult appeals at the similar time.

Seong Hoon showed off his wild toughness starting in the primary episode. His "manly man" appeal, as an athlete grew to become actor as he's in genuine life, has captivated the hearts of the drama fans. Both male and female enthusiasts enjoyed his trained muscular frame shown in between every scene.

There are just right reasons why his body looks so attractive. He uses his damage time to educate his body adding stretching to top point exercises.

Despite his busy schedule, he does no longer glance tired when filming at the set of "Oh My Venus". His unending power is known as offering intellectual nutrition to the fellow actors and group of workers individuals on the set.

Meanwhile, he also showed off bromance with So Ji-sub (playing Kim Yeong-ho), Henry (playing Kim Ji-woong) at a clothes shop in the 2nd one episode. He attempted on many various sets, developing a scene you will have observed in film "Pretty Movie".

"Oh My Venus" is aired at 10 PM each Monday & Tuesday.

Lee Ki Woo Overcomes His worry of Heights through Thinking of His Girlfriend

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Lee Ki Woo Overcomes His Fear of Heights by Thinking of His Girlfriend The November 15 episode of “Real Men” incorporated the fame soldiers’ education for overcoming their fear of heights. The educational called for each and every soldier to jump off from a tower this is 10.3m tall.

Lee Ki Woo used to be one of the most squaddies to go through this training, yet it changed into obvious that he was petrified of the height, as his legs were shaking and he may just now not discuss coherently.

leekiwooThe instructor, seeing his fear, asked, “Do you've a girlfriend?” Lee Ki Woo, excited about his girlfriend and actress Lee Chung Ah, responded, “Yes,” whilst brightly smiling. His love helped him conquer his fear, and he jumped without hesitation.

Afterwards, he said, “I replied ‘yes’ to that query without thinking. If we weren’t dating publicly, I wager it can were published today,” not bothering to conceal his love for his fortunate girlfriend.

Spoiler 'Mom' Kim Suk-hoon fortunate to have Hong Soo-hyeon as his wife

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Spoiler 'Mom' Kim Suk-hoon fortunate to have Hong Soo-hyeon as his wife

On twenty-second episode of the MBC drama "Mom", Hong Soo-hyeon changed into a just right wife after Kim Suk-hoon lost his job.

Lee Se-ryeong (Hong Soo-hyeon) used to be broad-minded even after she discovered out her husband Kim Yeong-jae (Kim Suk-hoon) lost his job.

Kim Yeong-jae was wear probation from the bank on account of the effort his brother Kim Kang-jae (Lee Tae-seong) caused. However, the bank found out that he"d implemented for some other task and in the end, he was fired.

Park Hyeon-sook (Kim Ye-ryeong) was at the bank to look her son-in-law yet found out his was fired. Lee Se-ryeong was stunned too but she was formidable about it and showed unforeseen results.

Lee Se-yeong said, "To care for my mom, you want strength. Devour even supposing you don"t feel like it". She secure him from all varieties of nagging from her mom.

When he left over some food that he didn"t end and Park Hyeon-sook started scolding him, Se-ryeong said, "You stated folks can throw away food when they don"t" like it. Your food isn"t that fab anyway and you can"t be mean to anyone simply because he"s unemployed".

Later Lee Se-ryeong took Kim Yeong-jae on a picnic and said, "Look at the trees and get some brand new air. Do you would like to observe for a job? the promoting team at my company. I"ve at all times sought after to paintings with someone I love".

Lee Se-ryeong was continuously the immature and spoilt kid bearing in mind her rich background but she was smart to her husband.

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