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‘Superman Returns’ Choo Sung Hoon Competes For UFC In Seoul

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‘Superman Returns’ Choo Sung Hoon Competes For UFC In Seoul

The popular KBS 2 Television entertainment program 'The Go back of the Superman' member and MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon competed at UFC (Ultimate Combating Championship) CombatEvening on Nov. 28, 2015, in Seoul, Korea.

The popular KBS 2 TV entertainment program 'The Return of the Superman' member Choo Sung Hoon has been taking a spoil from the displayto pay attention onthe contest today. His wife Yano Shiho has been taking the role of Choo Sung Hoon in looking after Choo Sarang at the show. In similar news, the KBS 2 TV entertainment program 'Superman Returns' tells a tale of Korean famous person dads and their children. Actor Song Il Gook and his triplets Song Dae Han, Song Min Gook, and Song Guy Sae, MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon and Easternmost sensiblestyle Yano Shiho's daughter Choo Sarang and comic Lee Hwi Jae and his dual sons Lee Suh Joon and Lee Suh Uhn celebrity in the show. The KBS 2 TV entertainment program 'Superman Returns' airs each Sunday night.

'Oh My Venus' actor Seong Hoon spotted all the style through fitness training

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'Oh My Venus' actor Seong Hoon spotted all the style through fitness training

Actor Seong Hoon is recently starring in KBS" Monday & Tuesday drama, "Oh My Venus" as Jang Joon-seong, a former UFC champion who exudes either comfortable and difficult appeals at the similar time.

Seong Hoon showed off his wild toughness starting in the primary episode. His "manly man" appeal, as an athlete grew to become actor as he's in genuine life, has captivated the hearts of the drama fans. Both male and female enthusiasts enjoyed his trained muscular frame shown in between every scene.

There are just right reasons why his body looks so attractive. He uses his damage time to educate his body adding stretching to top point exercises.

Despite his busy schedule, he does no longer glance tired when filming at the set of "Oh My Venus". His unending power is known as offering intellectual nutrition to the fellow actors and group of workers individuals on the set.

Meanwhile, he also showed off bromance with So Ji-sub (playing Kim Yeong-ho), Henry (playing Kim Ji-woong) at a clothes shop in the 2nd one episode. He attempted on many various sets, developing a scene you will have observed in film "Pretty Movie".

"Oh My Venus" is aired at 10 PM each Monday & Tuesday.

Spoiler 'Mom' Kim Suk-hoon fortunate to have Hong Soo-hyeon as his wife

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Spoiler 'Mom' Kim Suk-hoon fortunate to have Hong Soo-hyeon as his wife

On twenty-second episode of the MBC drama "Mom", Hong Soo-hyeon changed into a just right wife after Kim Suk-hoon lost his job.

Lee Se-ryeong (Hong Soo-hyeon) used to be broad-minded even after she discovered out her husband Kim Yeong-jae (Kim Suk-hoon) lost his job.

Kim Yeong-jae was wear probation from the bank on account of the effort his brother Kim Kang-jae (Lee Tae-seong) caused. However, the bank found out that he"d implemented for some other task and in the end, he was fired.

Park Hyeon-sook (Kim Ye-ryeong) was at the bank to look her son-in-law yet found out his was fired. Lee Se-ryeong was stunned too but she was formidable about it and showed unforeseen results.

Lee Se-yeong said, "To care for my mom, you want strength. Devour even supposing you don"t feel like it". She secure him from all varieties of nagging from her mom.

When he left over some food that he didn"t end and Park Hyeon-sook started scolding him, Se-ryeong said, "You stated folks can throw away food when they don"t" like it. Your food isn"t that fab anyway and you can"t be mean to anyone simply because he"s unemployed".

Later Lee Se-ryeong took Kim Yeong-jae on a picnic and said, "Look at the trees and get some brand new air. Do you would like to observe for a job? the promoting team at my company. I"ve at all times sought after to paintings with someone I love".

Lee Se-ryeong was continuously the immature and spoilt kid bearing in mind her rich background but she was smart to her husband.

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In surprised through Joo Ji Hoon Look-Alike

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In bowled over by Joo Ji Hoon Look-Alike Recently, singer Ga In used to be shocked to satisfy a guy who resembled her boyfriend, actor Joo Ji Hoon.

On the November thirteen broadcast of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt,” the Brown Eyed Girls member got here head to head with a guy in the target market who appeared like Joo Ji Hoon.

“Their eyes look similar,” the MCs said. “For about 3 seconds, he’s Joo Ji Hoon.”

The look-alike shared, “I have heard that I resemble him before.” He then went directly to express regret to Ga In, the genuine Joo Ji Hoon’s girlfriend, for the awkward comparison.

Ga In and the remainder of the Brown Eyed Ladies are currently selling their new song, “Brave New World.”

Brown Eyed ladies Elementary Album Strengthen the artist by purchasing Brown Eyed Girls - Basic from YesAsia Related

'Oh My Venus' Seong Hoon presentations off comfortable aura for former final fighter role

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'Oh My Venus' Seong Hoon presentations off comfortable aura for former final fighter role

KBS 2TVs" new Monday & Tuesday drama, "Oh My Venus" has unveiled the behind-the-scenes photographs of Seong Hoon"s character, Jang Joon-seong in the drama, who become a UFC champion dramatically after followed to U.s. and having lived a turbulent life.

Seong Hoon has already claimed he'll provide sensational transformation in acting. As such, his quite so much of photography end up he"s in a position to get feminine drama fans" hearts get thumping. As a former UFC champion, his comfortable air of mystery dominates his surroundings.

His active interplay with the director and thorough tracking on his acting in between the filming sessions elevate the anticipation point in this character. His healthy power as a former athlete in his genuine existence also plays the necessary role in bringing up the level of pastime at the drama. His manly guy charm and soft smiles draw attention as to how he will captivate the feminine drama enthusiasts on the small screen in this upcoming drama.

The first episode of "Oh My Venus" may be aired at 10 PM on November 16th.

Director Lee Do Yoon Weighs In On 'Confession' And His Work With Stars Ji Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, Joo Ji Hoon [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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Lee Do Yoon discusses (Photo : Opus Pictures ) Director Lee Do Yoon explores the fragility and fickle morality of humanity in the 2014 crime film, "Confession." "Confession" stars Ji Sung (Kill Me, Heal Me) as Hyun Tae, a paramedic who is dedicated to raising his daughter with his hearing-impaired wife. Hyun Tae appears to have impeccable morals, which seemingly contrast with his childhood friends, In Chul and Min Soo. Joo Ji Hoon (Mask) portrays In Chul, a smooth-talking insurance salesman who crafts a plan to defraud his employer, at the financial gain of Hyun Tae"s parents. "Running Man" star Lee Kwang Soo is Min Soo, the most trusting friend within the trio, who joins the insurance fraud plan, but becomes heartbroken when the plot goes awry. KDramaStars sat down with director Lee Do Yoon to discuss his directorial debut and work as a screenwriter, during the 13th New York Korean Film Festival.

KDramaStars: I really enjoyed the mix of actors who comprised the central cast of Confession. How did Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Sung, and Joo Ji Hoon become involved in the movie? How did they develop the on-screen dynamic of life-long friends?

Lee Do Yoon: When you look at the actual age difference between the actors, there is a nine-year age gap. I was actually confronted by a lot of people who were opposed to the casting because they thought it wouldn"t work. But once the casting was completed, I called the actors up to have drinks. We would do a lot of things that friends would do.

We would sometimes go to Joo Ji Hoon"s place and pull all-nighters. Whether we were drinking or hanging around in our boxers or getting over our hangovers together, that kind of mingling helped the process. We wouldn"t go to fancy places, but would instead visit corner stores where they had soju. Spending a lot of time with the actors, in that way, helped them to develop a sense of being friends for a long time.

I kind of badgered the actors to spend a lot to spend time together. Ji Sung was a newlywed, [at the time]. I feel like he enjoyed the process because he was able to do things that he wasn"t able to do as a married guy.

KDramaStars: What were some of the challenges in writing the script for a film that also marked your directorial debut?

Lee Do Yoon:Becoming a director in Korea is a little bit dysfunctional, in that you just don"t become a director because your abilities to direct are good. Sometimes your biggest card can be a really good, original screenplay. Having a great original screenplay says a lot about who you are as a storyteller. For me, that process wasn"t as grueling because in my younger years, when I was growing up, I wanted to be novelist.

I"m very fond of creating stories. I think the advantage of having my original screenplay and having it as a director, was that I was able to achieve flexibility on-set. For example, if there were some things that were not working out, I could fix them on the fly. If there were some problems with a character, I could create another one and treat things immediately.

Flexibility was a big thing for me when I was working on this. Because I started with dreams of becoming a novelist, the system is actually beneficial to me. In the end, I am able to tell the story that I actually wanted to tell, rather than someone else"s story.

KDramaStars: Confession is unique in that it pairs the aspects of a coming of age film with a crime noir. Did real-life events inspire the script?

Lee Do Yoon:I wouldn"t say that the film is inspired by a real-life event. It comes from my musings on human relationships. As I live my life, I realize that there is more than one side to relationships. Not every interaction is all great or all bad. It"s a very complicated thing. Sometimes in relationships, you realize that your good intentions sometimes don"t lead to the good results that you intended.

I felt that it would be interesting to tell the story of three friends who really, really trusted one another. But their intentions don"t necessarily lead to good results, but to a catastrophic outcome. I would say this film was inspired by my own life experiences.

KDramaStars: The film opens and concludes with a snowy graduation day trip that leads to the injury of Min Soo. What influenced your decision to use this particular setting as the place that would define their relationships?

Lee Do Yoon: The film begins and ends with the scene from 17 years ago, on graduation day. The reason why I composed those scenes, in that manner, is because I feel like their fates were already sealed, at that point. Hyun Tae doubts In Chul for not coming for Min Soo, but Min Soo remains his friend, without reserve. Hyun Tae has doubts that present themselves again, 17 years later, in the same manner.

I feel like sometimes in life, there are certain moments that define a relationship or your entire life. These things come to the foreground when you are placed in dire or extreme circumstances. In this sense, they are making the same choices they made 17 years ago. In the end, they are confronted with a excruciating circumstances. I wanted to show that they were only human and made the same decisions they made, in the past. That"s why I placed the scenes in that manner.

KDramaStars: Hyun Tae is initially portrayed as the upright character, while In Chul seems morally bankrupt. Are the characters meant to serve as social commentary on filial and social obligations? What are your thoughts on the moral ambiguity of the film?

Lee Do Yoon The way I view human nature is that I don"t see it as a dichotomy of good and evil. I think it"s more about whether you"re weaker or stronger. I think it really comes down to the choices you make and the results coming from your choices. One thing I feel is that people don"t actually take the time to think about their choices or the consequences those choices will create.

When you think about the characters of Hyun Tae and In Chul, Hyun Tae may look like a morally just person, from an outsider"s point of view, but when you think about it he"s the one who makes the most tragic choice. In the case of In Chul, he"s not as squeaky clean, but he still entrusts his friends and he is a person who his friend"s really trust. When you look at that, no one is completely good or completely evil. We all have polarity in our natures. That is what"s interesting for me to try to tell that story, through the characters of the film.

The characters are in their thirties, they are my age. When I see my friends, the outward appearance of what they want you to see is often different than what they are really thinking or feeling. I"ve noticed that a lot. When it comes to social commentary, people in Korean society, are very lax with their moral standards. In the film, they think the only people who will be a victim will be the insurance company. Their mindset is, We can get this money and it will be all good. You and I are profiting from this.

I think this is a dangerous outlook because you"re not thinking about the consequences your actions will have on society. In some instances, it"s very unfortunate that a lot people in their twenties and thirties in Korean society, live with that kind of lax moral compass. Again, people don"t really take the time to contemplate the consequences of their choices. In that aspect, the film could act as a social commentary.

KDramaStars: What is your next project? Would you like to continue screenwriting and directing, in the future?

Lee Do Yoon: I"m interested in both options: directing my original screenplay and directing something that I have not written. Before coming to New York, I confirmed that I would be working on another one of my screenplays with Opus Pictures, which is the production company I am working with. We are in the casting process for that film. In the meantime, I feel like there are so many more stories that I want to tell. I would like to continue writing original screenplays, but I understand that there are a lot of great stories out there. If I am inspired to direct material I didn"t write, I would approach those projects. We"ll have to see what happens.

Shin Seung Hoon talks about his comeback with 'Mayo' on '#hashtag'

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Shin Seung Hoon talks about his comeback with 'Mayo' on '#hashtag'

Shin Seung Hoon sat down for an interview with "#hashtag" to discuss his "Mayo" comeback.

To mark his 25th year since his debut, mythical singer-songwriter Shin Seung Hoon returned with "Mayo" featuring Beenzino from his album "I am... & I am". In this "hashtag" interview, he stocks his musical adventure from the beyond 25 years.

Shin Seung Hoon displays off his bright aspect in 'Mayo' MV ft. Beenzino

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Shin Seung Hoon displays off his bright aspect in 'Mayo' MV ft. Beenzino

Top ballad singer Shin Seung Hoon is back with his 11th album and new MV "Mayo" (literal title) featuring rapper Beenzino!

"Mayo" (pronounced maa-yo) is a a laugh and bright MV, appearing off a brighter side of Shin Seung Hoon, in comparison to the emotional ballads he"s more known for. And we want to say Beenzino"s rap is the easiest featuring for this song.

Be certain to take a pay attention to the remainder of his 11th album "I am... & I am" as well!

Sung Hoon Will Play So Ji Sub's Rival In ‘Oh My Venus'

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Sung Hoon Will Play So Ji Sub's Rival In ‘Oh My Venus'

Not only does "Oh My Venus" have So Ji Sub playing a shapely physical trainer and Shin Min Ah playing his out-of-shape love interest, the rest of the drama cast is shaping up nicely too.

In "Oh My Venus" So Ji Sub plays the celebrity trainer Kim Young Ho. Shin Min A plays the frazzled, frumpy lawyer Kang Joo Eun. She was once known for her svelte good looks but she"s gained a lot of weight since high school. Losing self-confidence and facing health issues, she hired Kim to help change her life.

The drama also stars Yoo In Young as the woman whose physical transformation and new self confidence inspires Shin Min Ah"s character to start working out. And the extremely personable actors Henry Lau and Jo Eun Ji have signed on for roles in the drama. Henry Lau of Super Junior M will play So Ji Sub"s likable American friend. Henry recently appeared in the drama "Persevere Goo Hae Ra" while Jo Eun Ji has more drama experience. She displayed comic charm in such dramas as "Personal Taste" and "Falling for Innocence. Jo Eun Ji will play Shin Min Ah"s friend and confidante.

Sung Hoon, who had a breakout role in the recent drama "Noble My Love," is the most recent addition to the cast. Sung will play another popular personal trainer, So Ji Sub"s rival in work and love. Sung knows all about staying in shape. The 32-year-old actor was a professional swimmer until an injury made it difficult for him to compete. He turned to acting, debuting in 2011 in "New Tales of the Gisaeng." He also had a role in "Faith: The Great Doctor" with Lee Min Ho.

He will have something in common with So Ji Sub, who trained for a career as a professional swimmer before he began modeling.

Jung Gyu Woon, who appeared in "Wonderful Mama," "God"s Gift - 14 Days" and "Birth of a Beauty" signed on for an as yet undisclosed role in "Oh My Venus."

'Oh My Venus' is ready to ceremonial dinner your eyes with added solid Seong Hoon

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'Oh My Venus' is ready to ceremonial dinner your eyes with added solid Seong Hoon

"Oh My Venus" actor Seong Hoon is ready to disarm feminine drama fans" hearts.

In the KBS 2TV"s new Monday & Tuesday drama, "Oh My Venus", which is determined to head on November 16th, Seong Hoon plays Jang Joon-seong, who is non-public instructor Yeong-ho (So Ji-sub)"s depended on assistant and an UFC ex-champion.

While he has stuck attention without problems with his tall 184cm height and swoon-worthy face, Seong Hoon"s appealing occupation also is just right adequate to captivate female drama fans" hearts.

Seong Hoon is the listing holder of butterfly swimming in university swimming championship and showed off his athletic abilities in "Our community Arts and Physical Education" recently. Also his sturdy masculine frame and competitive mindset won heated reaction from the viewers.

When he co-starred with Jae Kyung in the web-drama, "Noble, My Lady", he perfectly pulled off his character, a prince-like son from a plutocrat family. In SBS drama, "Passionate Love", his appeals across bad guy and sensible guy ruled the small screen at the time.

In addition to all these, his hidden DJing ability used to be published all through his Asia excursion in China, Japan and other countries in Asia. In his fresh fan meeting, he poured out his affection against his enthusiasts while appearing off his quite so much of appeals.

As such, his impressive and strong acting functionality as an actor and his other quite much of abilities in sports and song are the criteria that make drama fans watch for more in this new drama.

"Oh My Venus" starring Seong Hoon starts on November 16th.