Jo Kwon talks about Ga In

Jo Kwon talks about Ga In"s dating news with Joo Ji Hoon

Jo Kwon talks about Ga In

"We Got Married" couple affectionately nicknamed Adam Couple, Ga In and Jo Kwon, appeared on the May 7 installment of "Happy Together 3."

Jo Kwon revealed it had been a long time since he saw Ga In, then went right into talking about her relationship with Joo Ji Hoon. He said, "I also found out about it through reports," showing signs of sadness about finding it out the same way everybody else did. She explained, "I couldn"t contact you and ask, "Is it okay if I date?"" making everyone laugh.

Jo Kwon said, "The Adam Couple was popular and we still have fans, so I told her we should try it out, but because of Ga In"s relationship, I was forced to end the "some-relationship.""

Jo Kwon revealed why he did not do kkab as much anymore, explaining, "It"s a health problem. When I do a kkab dance, I get dizzy."

Ga In said, "Jo Kwon seemed like a young child in the past, but he gives off a manly vibe now, so it"s hard."

Still, he performed miss A"s "Only You" dance in kkab form for the laughs.


MBLAQ chosen as One of 2013s Best International Artists on Mexican news site

MBLAQ chosen as One of 2013s Best International Artists on Mexican news site

MBLAQ chosen as “One of 2013′s Best International Artists” on Mexican news site

Boy group MBLAQ was voted as ”One of 2013′s Best International Artists” by Mexican media outlets.

Mexican news site “El Universal” chose the artists from all around the world including Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Muse, and more. MBLAQ’s “Mona Lisa” ranked st place there for 40 weeks in a row, and their other songs “Smoky Girl” and “This is War” also got high rankings on the chart.

In 2013, the “MBLAQ Global Tour Sensation” kicked off in Mexico, and attracted over 10,000 fans in attendance. A local media official commented, “We’ve had K-Pop performances here before, but none of them were perfectly successful. MBLAQ’s performance was different.”

MBLAQ’s agency J. Tune Camp stated, “It’s a huge honor, and we are very happy. We will do our absolute best with MBLAQ’s new album, and will return the fans’ love with a great comeback.”

MBLAQ chosen as “One of 2013′s Best International Artists” on Mexican news site



Shin Ji Hoon is a fairytale princess in teaser image for comeback                     Latest K-Pop News

Shin Ji Hoon is a fairytale princess in teaser image for comeback Latest K-Pop News

Shin Ji Hoon is a fairytale princess in teaser image for comeback Latest K-Pop News

Shin Ji Hoon, former contestant on the SBS survival audition program K-Pop Star 2, is gearing up for a comeback later this week.

The rookie singer, who debuted with first single Right There, will be releasing her second single It Hurts and Hurts on November 22. The song is a medium tempo RB track which was produced by hit-maker Brave Brothers. It has a rich chorus line that reminisces of the glamorous feature of Gospel songs.

Cube Entertainment also unveiled a teaser image for her comeback, showing Shin Ji Hoon dressed beautifully in white gown, giving a fairytale princess vibe.


Fuse TV names T.O.P and Britney Spears as sexiest musicians of 2013                     Latest K-Pop News

Fuse TV names T.O.P and Britney Spears as sexiest musicians of 2013 Latest K-Pop News

Fuse TV names T.O.P and Britney Spears as sexiest musicians of 2013 Latest K-Pop News

Big Bangs T.O.P and American pop star Britney Spears have been crowned as the Sexiest Musicians of 2013

From October 15 to November 13, Fuse TV opened up a poll for fans to vote for the sexiest musician this year. After four weeks of intense fan voting, T.O.P came out on top amidst heavy competition including One Directions Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5s Adam Levine.

Pop queen Britney Spears won in the female category after also garnering nearly 1.5 million votes, beating out Selena Gomez, Hayley Williams and Lady Gaga.

Read full article here.


PlayStation 4 Release Date News: Sony To Announce Market Launch Schedule Of PS4 During Press Conference Night Before Gamescom 2013

PlayStation 4 Release Date News: Sony To Announce Market Launch Schedule Of PS4 During Press Conference Night Before Gamescom 2013

Sony has recently announced its schedule for the Gamescom 2013. Should fans expect revelation of PlayStation 4 release date during Sony Computer Entertainment's press conference?

According to the official European PlayStation blog, the maker of PlayStation 4 will unveil new details about the upcoming game console on August 20. Accordingly, Sony will hold a press conference on that date, a night before the official commencement of Gamescom 2013.

Some experts are seeing Gamescom 2013 as avenue for Sony to announce the exact PlayStation 4 release date, as well as other details about the games.

The post stated, "On Tuesday 20th August - the evening before the doors open - we'll be holding our regular Gamescom press conference, where we'll be showcasing the future of all things PlayStation." Moreover, the blog said that it will unleash new details on ""on both announced and unannounced titles.

Aside from the press conference, in which, fans and enthusiasts might be updated with PlayStation 4 release date and other interesting details, Sony has lined up several other things. In fact, the blog posted a poll asking about topics that might help kick off the talk during the live panel discussion that will be hosted by Dan Maher, a journalist and broadcaster.

If you want to participate in the poll, you can visit this link.

Game director David Cage of Beyond: Two Souls; Darby McDevitt of Assassin's Creed; and Worldwide Studios president, Shuhei Yoshida will be at the live panel discussion.

For those who cannot attend the live Gamescom 2013, you can still watch the possible announcement of new details like PlayStation 4 release date through livestreaming. Save this link for the livestream event happening scheduled August 20 from 6.00pm BST/7.00pm CET/3.00am (Wednesday) Sydney.

Gamescom 2013 is a video game trade fair show happening in Cologne, Germany from August 21-25, 2013. Sony is expected to have a huge presence during the event together with its highly-anticipated game console, the PlayStation 4.

Though there is no official details yet, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 4 release date will be set in time for the holidays and the shopping season.


Roundtable: Most Intriguing News of 2013... So Far

Roundtable: Most Intriguing News of 2013... So Far

Roundtable: Most Intriguing News of 2013... So Far Roundtable: Most Intriguing News of 2013 So Far xRoundtable: Most Intriguing News of 2013... So Far The year is only half gone and already weve had many incredible news stories to talk about. Whether it be dating scandals, slips of the tongue, or unthinkable collaborations, what piece of news shocked you or caught your attention the most so far this year?

Mark: T-ara probably would have won been on the top of everyones list for 2012, and theyre already making their bid for 2013s most talked about headline. The entire Chris Brown, Dani, and Palms debacle that resulted in CCM further discrediting itself as a management company is so head-scratching hilarious that I feel like Im being hoaxed. This cant all be real right? Somebody please tell me that this is some elaborate set-up and that everyone involved was in on it. I bet Hwayoung is secretly enjoying this.

Roundtable: Most Intriguing News of 2013... So Far Leslie: I think some of the most intriguing news has been Olivias impending debut in The Gloss. My initial reaction upon hearing the news was excitement simply because of the fact that Korean audiences tend to beat least from what I perceivestaunchly against change. They like their music, television, any and every kind of entertainment to be consistent and the same. So it was nice to see them step out of the typical East Asian pool for once.

But, mulling over it, thinking of it from the perspective of being a minority, and then reading Patricias article about it, I cant help but think about the continuous perpetuation of colorism in Korean culture. It just reminds me of Kai and Taemin calling his so-called darker skin a personal weakness. Thus, it only makes sense that Olivia would be Caucasian since that follows the East Asian standards of beauty requiring fair skin. While its great to see Korea lowering their xenophobic caution tape, it would be even better if they lowered it in acceptance of that which is actually different.

Roundtable: Most Intriguing News of 2013... So Far Nicholas:  Without doubt, YGs approach to his new guy group. Yes I get how its supposed to be survival of the fittest, how its always wise to put your money and promotional efforts on the most successful endeavours and how such idol-centred reality programmes are the in thing now, so hes just following the trend. Still its pretty exploitative to pit trainees to the death (figuratively) for their success, and have their self-worth be judged by others. Plus between supporting my semi-successful football club, and trying to parallel park as a newly minted driver, the last thing I need is white knuckle tension from something supposedly relaxing like idoldom.

Fannie: For me, the most exciting and shocking news was Sunyes wedding announcement, as an idol getting married at or near the zenith of their career had been virtually unheard of up until that point. I loved following all the details and I loved the fact that everyonefrom observers to participants in K-popwas genuinely happy for Sunyes finding love (seriously, I couldnt think of anyone who deserves it more) and starting a family, even if it temporarily leaves the Wonder Girls as an active group in a questionable status.

Mark: I agree that Sunyes marriage is pretty revolutionary for its time, but it comes at the heavy price of putting her groups future in jeopardy. Sunye does deserve to live her life as a civilian though, and I think she handled the situation and the media very well.

Whats also shocking is the positive response that Hyeri is getting for dating Tony An. Shes getting the usual flack any female celebrity would get for being ousted for dating, but its resulted in a rapid rise for Girls Day who, combined with their sexy turn, are far exceeding anyones expectation.

Roundtable: Most Intriguing News of 2013... So Far Shweta: Id like to extend it further to just the mass numbers of celebrity weddings and couple reveals that have been going on this year. We were lucky to find out about a handful of celebrity relationships before this year. Now it seems like relationship are getting outed all the time or at least speculated. What I find most interesting about this is the increase in prevalence of tabloid culture (at least from our perspective as international fans), the kind of responses people have to different couple relationships, and what those responses show about cultural perceptions. Be it Baek Ji-young, Sunye, Lee Min-jung, Kim Tae-hee, Kim Min-hee, etc., it seems like women get most of the bashing when a couple is outed or about to get married.

Most responses are not necessarily anger towards the female celebrity for taking their partner off the market or not being good enough, its more criticism towards them for dating X-person: Lee Min-jung is an idiot for dating Lee Byung-hun, Baek Ji-young is a slut and dating advantage of Jung Suk-won, Kim Tae-hee is stupid for dating Rain who is already in trouble, and so on. Its like the public is blaming the women for deciding to date whomever they do date or marry.

On the other hand, I never seem to hear anything similar from the male standpoint. Lee Byung-hun scandals are usually mentioned via Lee Min-jungs stupidity, Jung Suk-won is never told that his noona relationship is bad for him, Seo Taiji gets next to no flack about being much older than his wife-to-be, and celebrity men can joke around about wanting to date 15 years younger than them.

I guess the counter argument would be Hyeri not receiving much criticism, like Mark mentioned, though I think the increase in popularity for Girls Day is curiosity stemming from scandal, much like Secrets case. Anyhow, the one good thing about all of this is that celebrities can be less fearful of public relationships, because the enthusiasm for these events is sharply declining.

Mark: And nobody puts Park Si-hoo at fault for rape

Roundtable: Most Intriguing News of 2013... So Far Lindsay: I found the drug scandal with Daniel of DMTN to be very interesting from a cultural stand point. Having grown up in the US, I am used to celebrities doing drugs and getting arrested for it on a regular basis. And do they lose their careers? No. Heck, Lindsay Lohan has been to court so many times I lost count. Im not saying Korea should be like the US, and I dont think the court should have let Daniel go scot-freedrugs are still illegal after allbut I do feel bad for him that this scandal meant the end of his livelihood when it might not have if he had been in a different country. Although I suppose you could say that he knew the laws in Korea and made the choices he did in full awareness of the risks.

Another interesting point with this scandal was how poorly the official statements were handled. Is he dealing or smoking or denying all of it? Having conflicting information certainly didnt help Daniels case. We may never know why his company thought selling weed was less offensive than smoking weed, but boy were they wrong. Daniel should have just played dumb from the beginning like his senior G-Dragon and then maybe he could have at least maintained some form of respect in the K-pop music industry.

Ambika: I actually thought it was better for him to openly admit to acting as an intermediary and feign ignorance of the the severity rather than attempting to cover it up. Since it wasnt just Daniels arrest, I feel like his involvement would have come out at some point, so it would be better to cop up to it from the beginning rather than face other charges for attempting to evade the law. Sure this was disappointing, especially since it looked like DMTN was finally getting a fresh start wit a new company and a new name to maybe get out there more, but I think given time and depending on the sentence, if he chooses to return to the K-pop world, it would be possible.

Miyoko: Id say Block Bs lawsuit with Stardom, mostly because it was surprising how predictably it played out, when there was so much hope the situation would be different.

Roundtable: Most Intriguing News of 2013... So Far It was a surprise when the group initially sued because they just finished a good run with Nillili Mambo, but when people thought about it, all the claims of mismanagement made sense. Though the fans didnt know any more details than usual, it was like they could almost piece the situation together by looking at the groups lacking promotion cycles, dorms, etc. The fact that Block B filed as a united group was different, and their legal team put out timely statements; there was light at the end of the tunnel. Then the injunction was dismissed and the court favored the company, just like anyone wouldve predicted with any other group. The resolution and response from Block B raised so many questions for me about the particularities of their contract and the state of contracts in the K-pop industry overall, that its still an intriguing topic just in a depressing way.

Ambika: I was mostly surprised because although theyve had a good run and impressively built up popularity with not nearly the amount of promotions that other groups of that level have, it was still about a group with okay popularity breaking away from their label, something thats difficult even for the highly popular and usually ends with some type of sacrifice. It seemed like they had all their ducks in a row for the proceedings, but the ruling seems to suggest otherwise. Either way, as the group refuses to work with Stardom, which is a fairly ballsy move, I wonder what the group can do at this point.

Mark: The Block B outcome is indeed depressing, especially because many thought that there has been progress since JYJ.

Roundtable: Most Intriguing News of 2013... So Far One thing I learned from K-pop this year is the flexible meaning behind the term democratization and how it applies to the organization known as ilbe. Its still very puzzling from an international fans perspective, but also very real to those who are involved. Though it resulted in greater exposure for her group and higher sales figures for Secrets newest release, Hyosung actually took much of the heat off of T-ara N4 for her slip of the tongue. And now Crayon Pop is perhaps using this same strategy to get its members in the spotlight?

Ambika: And I suppose to lighten it up, other news I found surprising was Henrys solo debut. I really didnt think SM would take the risk with Henry considering he and Zhou Mi werent even a part of a majority of Super Juniors tours until recently. And since SM was touting this new artist as the first male solo one from the company in 13 years, I would think it would be a new face rather than a solo debut from a member of a subunit. But instead its Henry all drawn on and driving shirtless and with an actually good title song. Crazy. Its things like this that make me want to know why SM does the things it does.

(Images via: Stardom Entertainment, Core Contents Music, The Gloss, SBS, Elle, 2Works, Ltd., Yes, SM Entertainment)


Sims 4 News 2014: Latest Sims Installment To Be Revealed At GamesCom 2013

Sims 4 News 2014: Latest Sims Installment To Be Revealed At GamesCom 2013


Sims 4 News 2014: Latest Sims Installment To Be Revealed At GamesCom 2013 Sims 4The Sims Live Broadcast announced some exciting Sims 4 news 2014: The Sims 4 will be unveiled at GamesCom in August 2013.

According to the Sims 4 news 2014, the latest Sims game will be heading to the big stage at EA's game conference to happen August of this year. The GamesCom 2014 will be held again in Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany from Aug 21-25. This will be the first time that fans and gamers will see a trailer for the Sims 4. EA also announced earlier that the Sims 4 release date will be sometime in 2014.

Fans were somehow disappointed that there were no Sims 4 news 2014 announced by EA during the E3 2013 event. However, this latest confirmations about the Sims 4 going to EA's GAMESCOM seems to excite a lot of Sims fans.

The initial press release made about Sims 4 recently last month said that the upcoming Sims games will go back to its 'roots', further enhancing the interactions among Sims. EA and Maxis, the developers of the game also revealed other Sims 4 news that the game will run in a single player mode and will not need any online connection. Maxis has also shared that there will be huge changes and improvements specifically on the Create a Sim tool, as well as on the Build and Buy tools.

Maxis and EA announced some exciting Sims 4 news 2014 as they reveal that the fourth installment of the game. They also made a conference call with an elite group of Sims players they called as "VIPs." A representative said, "ForThe Sims 4we took a look at the history of the series and we pinpointed what we believe is the core of the experience. So we're listening to fans like you, and we're going back to our roots, the Sims, themselves."

Sims 4 release date is on 2014 and it is revealed that the game will be available for PC and Mac users.


Girls Generation Album Updated News: 2013 TaeTiSeo New Album To Be Released Soon [VIDEO]

Girls Generation Album Updated News: 2013 TaeTiSeo New Album To Be Released Soon [VIDEO]

Girls Generation, TaeTiSeo

Girls Generation Album Updated News: 2013 TaeTiSeo New Album To Be Released Soon [VIDEO] Girls Generation Album Updated News: 2013 New Album For TaeTiSeoGirls Generation Album Updated News: 2013 new album for Girls' Generation subunit, TaeTiSeo, will be released in the latter part of the year, and a new album for the nine members of Girls' Generation may be a repackaged English-language album of "I Got A Boy."

Girls' Generation member Tiffany hinted at the girl group's plans for new albums this year during an interview with Danny from DFLA last month. Not only are the girls busy with their world tour that kicked off this weekend, they will also be coming back with new music later this year.

Girls' Generation's new album updates were addressed earlier in May during an interview, in which Tiffany said, "Yeah, definitely more [music] this year. We have another album with the nine, and we have another album with the trio as well. I'm looking forward to both of them."

Girls' Generation's subunit, TaeTiSeo has been met with great success last year, when three vocalists from the group, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun released a mini-album with "Twinkle" as the title song.

As Tiffany confirmed, TaeTiSeo will be making a comeback very soon, and the group as a whole will also be releasing a new album. Girls' Generation's new album has been rumored to be a full, English language album, as reported by UK newspaper, The Guardian.

According to The Guardian, Girls' Generation is "poised to release their first album recorded entirely in English," and the album is "tentatively due for release next year by Lady Gaga's label, Interscope."

Girls' Generation is also currently working together with American producers, Sean Garrett and Ricky Luna, on the new album.

Girls' Generation's new album has been rumored to be a repackaged English-language album of "I Got A Boy," since Girls' Generation's past three full-length albums, "Girls' Generation," "Oh!" and "The Boys" were each released again with new tracks.


Girls Generation News Update: Girls Generation Concert World Tour 2013 Kicks Off Tomorrow! New Dance Performance Unveiled [VIDEO]

Girls Generation News Update: Girls Generation Concert World Tour 2013 Kicks Off Tomorrow! New Dance Performance Unveiled [VIDEO]

Girls Generation, GirlsPeace

Girls’ Generation News Update: Girls’ Generation Concert World Tour 2013 Kicks Off Tomorrow! New Dance Performance Unveiled [VIDEO] Girls Generation News Update: Girls Generation concert world tour to kick off tomorrow!Girls' Generation News Update: Girls' Generation concert world tour 2013 "GirlsPeace" will kick off tomorrow in Seoul for two days. A new performance of Japanese single "LoveGirls" will be unveiled at the concert tomorrow.

Girls' Generation concert world tour is scheduled to be held on June 8th and 9th in the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, South Korea.

After Seoul, the Girls' Generation concert world tour will continue on to Taipei, Taiwan on the 20th and 21st of July.

In anticipation for the Girls' Generation concert world tour, Girls' Generation member Taeyeon made an update to her Instagram account, saying "2013 Girls' Generation World Tour opens this week. 'LoveGirls' first performance will be unveiled at the Seoul concert on June 8. Everybody grab a whistle and let's do the shampoo dance. So exciting. See you this Saturday."

Taeyeon's Instagram update also included a poster of the world tour, with members of Girls' Generation dressed up as beautiful stewardesses.

The upcoming Girls' Generation concert in Seoul tomorrow will be the third solo concert in Korea for the girl group.

Girls' Generation World Tour 2013 will be the fifth concert tour and the very first world tour by the nine-member girl group. The announcement for the world tour was made earlier in April of 2013.

On April 25, SMTOWN's announcement of the world tour on the company's official Facebook page garnered as many as over 2,000,000 likes.

The Facebook SMTOWN staff wrote on Facebook, saying "2013 GIRLS' GENERATION WORLD TOUR 'GirlsPeace' will officially kick off in Seoul on June 8th! Tickets go on sale May 9th at Gmarket"

Girls' Generation fans are looking forward to the group's performance of their newest Japanese single, "LoveGirls" at the concert. See below for the dance video of the single!