Jo Yoon Hee Spoke Up About Her Marriage With Lee Dong Gun & Pregnancy

Jo Yoon Hee Spoke Up About Her Marriage With Lee Dong Gun & Pregnancy

Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee surprised everyone with their announcement of having married. This couple even expects that they are expecting a baby. Recently, Jo Yoon Hee spoke about the reason for her marriage.

Previously, Lee Dong Gun shocked everyone because he dated Jo Yoon Hee not long after broke up with his girlfriend Jiyeon. Even though some people didn’t really like the quick decision but many fans rooted for them.

Recently, Lee Dong Gun made an announcement to fans that he already registered his marriage with Jo Yoon Hee. He is legally married now. In his letter, he also said that he and his wife were expecting a baby. Regarding with his new project, he wants to focus on that and the ceremony of the wedding will be held after that, Soompireported.

Jo Yoon Hee’s agency also gave their official statement about the wedding. They said that they asked support from the fans. After Lee Dong Gun left a message to his fans, Jo Yoon He also gave her statement about the news. On her radio program where she is hosting, she said that the timing was just right for her marriage and pregnancy, AllKpopreported.

It seems that it is really fast but Jo Yoon Hee’s words explain it all. They met when they were cast as the leads in “Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Taylor Shop.” Filming drama together, they fell in love with each other. Lee Dong Gun then announced his breakup with Jiyeon and he started to date, Jo Yoon Hee.

Even though Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee are having a new relationship, but they look to match to each other. They are often caught to date in public. That’s why many netizens already thought that they were meant to be.

This great news really makes the fans happy. Moreover, with Jo Yoon Hee’s pregnancy, they will have their baby soon. For the wedding, they will hold it after Lee Dong Gun’s new drama ended filming.

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