Jo Kwon writes a warning letter to anti-fans

Jo Kwon writes a warning letter to anti-fans

Singer Jo Kwon wrote a warning letter to anti-fans on Instagram.

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On May 6, the 2AMmember had a lot to say about malicious comments and harassment in the form of direct messaging on social media. He wrotein an Instagram post:

“Hello, this isJo Kwon. I’ve always tried not to pay attention tomalicious commentsor gossip about me, and I’m working hard to do my best and live like Jo Kwon. However, the reason I’m writing like this publicly is becauseI’m under a lot of mental stress, and I want to express myopinion.

There are a lot of malicious comments on the internet, but I’m monitoring what I should. However, some are sending direct messages to me and my acquaintances on social media with defamation about me. When it comes to that, it’s not as simple as me saying it’s correct, wrong, or different because it’s something I can’t stop. The few people who send messages filled with imagined stories that curse me and talk disrespectfully about who I am are going too far.

I’ve screen captured everything and sent them to the artist’s copyright infringement invasion organization, and I plan to send them to my company’s legal team as well. Don’t waste your one life by being taken over by your emotions, and don’t hurt other people. Love others more.

The person who’s harassing me by starting out by saying, ‘I’m Jo Kwon’s fan.’ That person is not a fan. A genuine fan will start with love and support me with love. I’ve never bothered you or inconvenienced you. Please stop. If you realize we all have the same DNA and love others, you will be more relaxed and see things with a bigger perspective. However, I’m giving a big warning to everyone who’s trying to purposely hurt me. Stop it.”

What do you think of Jo Kwon’s message?

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