Jo Kwon Has Had Enough Of Malicious Commenters And Gives Warning

Jo Kwon Has Had Enough Of Malicious Commenters And Gives Warning

Singer Jo Kwon has given a warning to those posting harmful comments.

On May 6, the artist wrote on his Instagram, Hello, this is Jo Kwon. I am trying my best to live the way I usually do without letting the harsh comments and gossip about myself get in the way. But I am writing this public post because I am so psychologically distressed and I want to get my point across.

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Jo Kwon further wrote, I know that malicious comments are bad, and I do my part of monitoring myself [to better my flaws]. But some people have been sending my friends and I some harsh comments via direct messages. I have no need to reply to these comments. I think this way of assuming things and belittling someones life with such profane words is definitely crossing the line.

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To act against these people, Jo Kwon stated, I am going to screencap every malicious comment sent to me and deliver them to my agencys legal team. Lets live life without hurting peoples feelings. Please love more.

Lastly, the singer warned, The user that always start off by writing I was a fan of Jo Kwon is not a fan. A real fan would start off with love and support me with love. I have never hurt or bullied anyone. Please stop. If you start loving people, you can live with such a broad view. I am giving one big warning to those hurting others. Dont do it.