BREAKING Jessica confirms her 1 year  dating with Tyler Kwon

BREAKING Jessica confirms her 1 year dating with Tyler Kwon

11kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Jessica, brand new off from the unlock of her solo debut and comeback, has admitted to being in a dating alongside her long-time rumored boyfriend, Tyler Kwon!

While Jessica is recentlyselling her new solo debut, shes being interviewed by way ofa couple of news organizations and now notmost effective some her song. TV Report made up our mindsto headany other route, asking her about her relationship rumors with Tyler Kwon. Jessica spoke back saying, Whether youre a guy or lady  eveything looks amazing and youre at all timessatisfied when youre loved. Ive never dated someone for over a year ahead of  him.

When asked what makes Tyler Kwon attractive, Jessica responded to this back with a immediatelysolution saying, His smarts were attractive. and endureddirectly to even talk aboutyoungsters and marriage revealing, My palshad been married and feature had, and for some explanation why I envy them.

Jessica than published that it was once her need to have two children, very an identical to how she has Krystal as a younger sister.

It looks as ifthe reality has in the end been revealed, congratulations to the adorable couple!

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Jessica Confirms Her Dating With Tyler Kwon And Unearths Details

Jessica Confirms Her Dating With Tyler Kwon And Unearths Details

Jessica Confirms Her Dating amongst Tyler Kwon And FindsMain points kokoberry Might 16, 2016 0 Jessica Confirms Her Relationship With Tyler Kwon And Exhibits Details Jessica has in spite of everythingunfolded and printed her relationship with boyfriend Tyler Kwon.

Dating rumors about the pair first surfaced in 2014 that have been denied by skill of them both. Since then extra rumors evolvedadding one about them living together.

The buddies are known to be close to each and every other especially bearing in mind their trade relationship. Tyler Kwon is an investor in her emblem BLANC ECLARE in addition the head of Coridel Entertainment which is Jessicas new agency.

In an interview with Megastar News, Jessica admits her relationship and stocks some details.

Jessica confesses, I if reality exist told didnt admit nor deny the relationship. However, hes already turn into my legit boyfriend. Its been over 3 years since we began dating. Ive dated him the longest among the guys I have dated thus far.

She further reveals, When I used to beselling as a member of Women Generation, I couldnt admit my relationship because my firm told me no longer to. My boyfriend is a wise and clever person. I suspect after being in the entertainment industry, any individual in a otherboxin position ofthe similar field looked cooler. We may bein a position toappreciate one another.

As for marriage plans, Jessica responds, I believesmartly marry when its the proper time later. At the momenta huge number of my chums are getting married and seeing them makes me wish to get married. I have a pal who has a baby. Whilstpurchasinga present for my friend, rumors of me pregnancy started.

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Jo Kwon Finds His Dating Taste on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”

Jo Kwon Finds His Dating Taste on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”

Jo Kwon Unearths His Dating Taste on Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbookleejd February 26, 2016 0 LINE it!Jo Kwon Displays His Dating Genre on Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook It's farpublished that Jo Kwon is going all out when he's in a relationship.

On the February 27 broadcast of KBS’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” Jo Kwon seems as a guest to advertise his new single. At the show, Jo Kwon reveals to the audience, “When I'm in a relationship, I am totallyconcerned and put my all into the relationship. There used to beif reality exist toldan individual 1 have lately been meeting. However, that consumerabruptly stopped calling me. I'm truly notcertain of the reason.”

Yoo Hee Yeol responded, “Women generally tendto hang in their anger for whatever reasons till they in the end explode at one point and it is going to be over an easy matter.”

“When my female friend and I broke up, I purposely did no longer drink alcohol. I installednumerous effort to stay my mind and feelingssure and healthy,” Jo Kwon stated.

What do you bring to mind Jo Kwon’s private confession about his dating style?

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Jo Kwon confesses he went thru a painful dating  closing year

Jo Kwon confesses he went thru a painful dating closing year

Jo Kwon shared what was oncein the back of the lyrics he wrote for his new song, "Crosswalk".

SEE ALSO: Jo Kwon drops MV for 'Crosswalk,' featuring Suho!

On the display 'Hello Counselor', Jo Kwon spread out about his beyond relationships when speaking about the track. He said, "A song I wrote the lyrics to might be released soon. Final year turned into a year of love pain. I used to be once played and went thru suffering, which ended in this song."

Have you heard the song yet? Take a glance at the lyrics through turning on the captions!


"Let"s Eat 2"s Seo Hyun Jin chooses between Doojoon and Kwon Yool + dishes on her dating style

Actress Seo Hyun Jin of "Let"s Eat 2" appeared on tvN"s "Taxi" on June 9 to talk about her latest drama, dating, and her handsome co-stars!

When asked if she had been popular with men, she replied, "I"ve never been asked out. I don"t even have a lot of dating experience. I am the type to date for a long time. Longest is five years, shortest is one year. I am really good at bearing things. I break up when it seems disappointing. I hold it all in until right up to that point."

When asked which one of her co-star fits her ideal type more between Doojoon and Kwon Yool, she chose the former, explaining, "I like someone like Doojoon"s character, Daeyoung. We have similar interests, eating habits, and I feel like we"d be able to have fun together."

Whom would you choose?

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2AM’s Jo Kwon, B1A4′s CNU, and VIXX’s Ken Talk About Dating and Relationships in High Cut Pictorial

2AM’s Jo Kwon, B1A4′s CNU, and VIXX’s Ken Talk About Dating and Relationships in High Cut Pictorial

2AMs Jo Kwon, B1A4s CNU, and VIXXs Ken will soon be sharing the lead role in the musical Chess, and they recently joined up with the magazine High Cut for a chic yet casual photo shoot.

Theyre dressed like triplets throughout, with one shot featuring the trio wearing identical oversize dress shirts, and others showing the guys in complementary outfits.

After the photo shoot, Jo Kwon talked about being compared to Joo Ji Hoon and his current relationship status, which he recently cleared up.

CNUs fellow B1A4 member Baro recently was surrounded by rumors after people began to speculate about his relationship with the actress Kim Yoo Jung. The two had gone to watch a soccer game together, and they were caught on camera during a live broadcast. After that, rumors spread that they were dating, which their agencies denied.

In response to this, CNU comments, Shes a 17-year-old kid, I dont understand what people are thinking. Shes still in school, how could they see it that way?

I was watching that game live, too, he says. When I saw them I thought, Oh, so those two just went to see the game together, but then the article speculated that they were dating.

VIXXs Ken hasnt been involved in any scandals since he debuted back in 2012. When asked if he never dates, he replies jokingly, Idols dont date. He then adds, Ive learned how to act like Im in love by watching other people. I dated before I debuted and broke up when I joined my agency.

You can check out more of this trio of leading men in High Cuts 150th issue, which hit newsstands on May 26.

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SISTAR, Jo Kwon, Ken, & CNU pose for

SISTAR, Jo Kwon, Ken, & CNU pose for "High Cut" and talk about dating & current relationship status

"High Cut" dropped pictures from its 150th issue on May 21, but if you haven"t purchased yourself a copy yet, the magazine also uploaded pictures onto SNS and through media outlets for all to enjoy! You can still ogle the attractive models that graced this issue, including SISTAR, Jo Kwon, B1A4"s CNU, and VIXX"s Ken.

The SISTAR members turned into complete beach babes for this shoot, showing off their fit bodies and voluminous curves. The boys go for a bit more mellow, less fun yet still charming concept as they lounge in comfortable casual wear.

Regarding the girls" shoot, "High Cut" said, "SISTAR, who say that they always enjoy water sports, enjoyed beach volleyball and surfing in Hawaii, where the sun beats down on them, for a fun and refreshing time."

The boys talked a lot in their interview portions with Jo Kwon talking about the fact that his name always gets mentioned in articles about Ga In"s boyfriend, actor Joo Ji Hoon. He said, "Nothing concerns me. Words like "He"s taller than Jo Kwon, he"s superior" frustrate me. Of course as a joke." He had also confessed recently on TV that there was a "some-girl" in his life. He said, "I am 27 right now, and it makes no sense if I am still a solo. Even in the past, I had somebody whom I was in a "some" stage with. Even now I have somebody whom I am meeting with good feelings."

In the meantime, B1A4"s Baro had his first dating scandal with his co-star, Kim Yoo Jung, not too long ago. Regarding this, CNU said, "Yoo Jung is a 17-year-old child, so I don"t now what people were thinking. She"s a young student, so how could you view it like that? I was also watching the game through a live broadcast. I thought, "Oh they just went to watch soccer," but the article came out as a dating rumor."

Meanwhile, Ken still was not involved in any scandal. When asked if he was dating or not, he said, "Idols don"t date," making everyone laugh. He continued, "I learned how to act the part of someone in love through monitoring [others]. People tease, don"t they, saying, "Did you learn from books?" It was really like that. I dated before I debuted. We broke up when I entered the company."

Check out all the pictures below!

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Jo Kwon talks about Ga In

Jo Kwon talks about Ga In"s dating news with Joo Ji Hoon

Jo Kwon talks about Ga In

"We Got Married" couple affectionately nicknamed Adam Couple, Ga In and Jo Kwon, appeared on the May 7 installment of "Happy Together 3."

Jo Kwon revealed it had been a long time since he saw Ga In, then went right into talking about her relationship with Joo Ji Hoon. He said, "I also found out about it through reports," showing signs of sadness about finding it out the same way everybody else did. She explained, "I couldn"t contact you and ask, "Is it okay if I date?"" making everyone laugh.

Jo Kwon said, "The Adam Couple was popular and we still have fans, so I told her we should try it out, but because of Ga In"s relationship, I was forced to end the "some-relationship.""

Jo Kwon revealed why he did not do kkab as much anymore, explaining, "It"s a health problem. When I do a kkab dance, I get dizzy."

Ga In said, "Jo Kwon seemed like a young child in the past, but he gives off a manly vibe now, so it"s hard."

Still, he performed miss A"s "Only You" dance in kkab form for the laughs.


Mithra Jin and Kwon Da Hyun revealed to have been dating for two years

Mithra Jin and Kwon Da Hyun revealed to have been dating for two years

Epik High"s Mithra Jin recently revealed that he was in a relationship with actress Kwon Da Hyun, when the two appeared hand-in-hand at a movie premiere.

Some fans assumed that their relationship was formed recently, however, the December 24 airing of SBS "One Night TV Entertainment" revealed that the two have been dating for almost two years now. Additionally, Mithra Jin"s previous comment on the show about relationships also garnered much attention.

During a red carpet edition of "One Night TV Entertainment" aired back in November, Mithra Jin was asked, "Be Honest, do you have a girlfriend?" To which Mithra Jin answered coyly, "I will reveal my girlfriend and my marriage at the same time."

According to a representative of Mithra Jin, the two have been dating for over two years now and his fellow Epik High members had full knowledge about their relationship as well.

Congratulations again, Mithra Jin and Kwon Da Hyun!


Secret Dating: Park Hyuk Kwon gets mad at his wife

Secret Dating: Park Hyuk Kwon gets mad at his wife

'Secret Dating (Photo : JTBC)

JTBC‘s “Secret Dating” aired its 4th episode on March 25th.

On this episode, Kang Joon Hyung (played by Park Hyuk Kwon) got mad at his wife Oh Hye Won (played by Kim Hee Ae) after reading an article about his rival professor Jo In Suh (played by Park Jong Hoon).

After knowing that Jo In Suk will be serving as a judge on the Chopin concert, Joon Hyung shouted at his wife Oh Hye Won, “Again, stabbing me in the back. Who do you live with?

In realated news, “Secret Dating” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM KST.