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Hongki vents his frustrations regarding Han Sung Ho + talks about a past girlfriend and Yonghwa

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Hongki vents his frustrations regarding Han Sung Ho + talks about a past girlfriend and Yonghwa

F.T Island"s Hongki finally made his way back to MBC"s "Radio Star" on April 1 to air his grievances regarding comments made by FNC Entertainment"s Han Sung Ho last time.

Previously, the agency chief had stated, "All Hongki does is deviate," to which Hongki stated on the show, "I was in Japan when that was broadcasted. I was watching it on my laptop and almost threw it. Why would he talk about somebody who"s not there like that?

I"ve never strayed away in such a way that can be called a deviation. I don"t understand why he put it that way. Han Sung Ho said as an excuse that it was edited the wrong way."

The MCs revealed, "It was worse in the original. It was to the point of a posthumous execution," making everyone laugh.

In addition, Hongki was asked, "Did you break up with your girlfriend two weeks after saying on broadcast that you had one?" He replied, "At the time of the filming, I had a girlfriend. They said that the camera was off, so I said that, but it was sent out in the preview video. They used that to create an issue," showing strong anger towards Han Sung Ho.

He explained, also, that the recording takes place way before the broadcast actually goes out, so he had a girlfriend during the recording but not after the airing, bringing up the possibility that they could have been dating for a while before the actual recording and something could have happened during the relationship.

In relation to being compared to CNBLUE"s Yonghwa, Hongki said, "He"s of a different style from me. [CNBLUE] have an image that was created by the company and used to cover them, whereas F.T Island does not have an image created by the company, so even though I said I had a girlfriend on the show, it just got sent out." Looks like he really has a lot of complaints.

He said he shouldn"t answer questions about Yonghwa because people would keep putting the two together when they were so different. The MCs pointed out that Yonghwa didn"t seem to have the same problem as he had mimicked Hongki"s voice on the show before, but Hongki simply stated, "He"s doing it because he wants to."

Sung Si Kyung recalls wanting to marry his high school girlfriend

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Sung Si Kyung recalls wanting to marry his high school girlfriend

On the August 15th installment of JTBC"s "Witch Hunt", Sung Si Kyung talked about a high school sweetheart, revealing that he thought he was going to marry her.

The singer shared that he had an unrequited crush on her, and she eventually became his first girlfriend. He said, "I got a girlfriend in my junior year of high school. It was exam time when I came home and said I was going to get married, so my parents were really shocked. I met her at an educational institute when I was a sophomore in high school, and I liked her so much to the point I thought I needed to marry her. I was unable to manage my feelings, so I went home and instead of saying, "I got a girlfriend," I said, "I got a girlfriend, so I"m going to need to get married.""

He continued, "But my father took me to a sauna and advised me quietly, "Shouldn"t you meet three to four women before getting married?" At the time, I was really against the idea, but looking back later, I found those words to be true."

“Roommate” Shin Sung Woo Confesses to Having a Girlfriend

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“Roommate” Shin Sung Woo Confesses to Having a Girlfriend Shin Sung Woo, also known as the loving mother and chef of “Roommate,” has confessed to being in a serious relationship!

On the July 6 episode of SBS’ “Roommate,” the celebrity roommates had a guest over as Lee Dong Wook invited actor Lee Duk Hwa over to their humble home.

As the members greeted the industry senior and got to know each other, Lee Duk Hwa asked Shin Sung Woo, “You have passed the time to get married, right? How about now?” and made the singer blush upon the sudden question about his private life.

Seeing his reaction, Lee Duk Hwa joked, “Don’t get married,” but Shin Sung Woo replied, “I am slowly thinking about it.”

Lee Duk Hwa continued to ask, “Do you have a lover?” to which Shin Sung Woo answered, “Yes, I do,” and confessed to being in a relationship.

Kim Woobin's girlfriend, Yoo Ji Ahn to appear as Jo Sung Mo's lover in“Yoo Na” MV

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Kim Woobin's girlfriend, Yoo Ji Ahn to appear as Jo Sung Mo's lover in“Yoo Na” MV

Balladeer Jo Sung Mo's MV for his comeback song 'Yoo Na' will feature actor Kim Woo Bin's girlfriend, Yoo Ji Ahn.

In the still cuts released from the MV, the sharp-looking and beautiful model Yoo Ji Ahn apparently acts not as a lover of Kim Woo Bin's but Jo Sung Mo's instead. It was revealed that she will appear in the MV as the starring female lead.

In the photos, Jo Sung Mo and Yoo Ji Ahn appeared as a romantic and sweet couple. Meanwhile, Jo Sung Mo released his comeback mini album 'Wind of Change' on March 24 and is going to release the MV of his title track 'Yoo Na' soon.

Does Kim Woo Bin approve of this? What do you think?

Jo Sung Mo Releases “Yoo Na” MV Stills Featuring Kim Woo Bin’s Model Girlfriend, Yoo Ji Ahn

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Jo Sung Mo Releases “Yoo Na” MV Stills Featuring Kim Woo Bin’s Model Girlfriend, Yoo Ji Ahn “Prince of Ballads” Jo Sung Mo released his new mini album, “Wind of Change,” yesterday, and soon he will be revealing the music video for title track “Yoo Na.”

The album “Wind of Change” is produced singer-producer Hyun Jin Young and comes four years after Jo Sung Mo’s 2010 mini album, “Thank you.”

The music video features model Yoo Ji Ahn, who made headlines previously when she was revealed to be model-turned actor Kim Woo Bin‘s girlfriend. Jo Sung Mo’s agency teased with photos of Jo Sung Mo and Yoo Ji Ahn looking like lovers, commenting, “Jo Sung Mo’s girlfriend, Yoo Ji Ahn. She is the muse of the ‘Yoo Na’ music video. Please look forward to it.”

Park Ji-sung Prefers Dates with Girlfriend to Scoring Goals

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Park Ji-sung Prefers Dates with Girlfriend to Scoring Goals

Park Ji-sung of Queens Park Rangers admitted to being romantically involved with SBS presenter Kim Min-ji (28) on Thursday at a press event held in Suwon World Cup Stadium, shortly before handing out a number of scholarships to students in need by JS Foundation, his charity organization.

Park Ji-sung poses at a press event in the Suwon World Cup Stadium on Thursday.

"My father suggested I meet a woman in the summer in 2011", the 32-year-old said, adding that he was "close friends" with Kim before they started dating this summer.

"I finally asked her out for a proper date last month. Now I feel more excited about going on dates with her than scoring goals". He said Bae Sung-jae, another SBS presenter who hosts a number of sports programs with Kim, initially helped set them up through his acquaintance with Park's father.

The couple's relationship came to light on Wednesday when a local media outlet released photos of the two on an intimate date by the Han River.

Interest in Park's love life, a somewhat under-reported area, was sufficiently high that 200 reporters showed up to cover the event, which was broadcast live on TV. Most of the questions focused on his relationship with Kim, and Park's eyes brightened whenever he spoke of her.

However, he dismissed as groundless rumors that they will tie the knot next month. "Players in Europe must be available for the pre-season from early July, so it wouldn't be possible for us to get married in July -- unless I retire", he said. "Of course, if the relationship keeps going well, I'll consider getting married, especially as I'm now over 30".

But he threw cold water on the prospect of his possible return to the national team ahead of next summer's Brazilian World Cup, which Korea qualified for this week. "I haven't thought about returning to the national team", he said. "I don't plan on coming out of retirement, and whoever asks me that question will get the same answer".

As arguably Korea's most successful footballer, Park joined Manchester United in the English Premier League in 2005 and stayed with the team for seven seasons. After entering the spotlight with Korea's unprecedented romp to the semifinals of the 2002 World Cup, and appearing in the next two quadrennial football showcases, he retired in 2011 after the Asian Cup in Qatar. But his name is always the first to be called whenever Korea's national team hits a slump.

Rumors that he may stage a surprise return surfaced again in recent days after Korea won a berth at its eighth straight World Cup on Tuesday night. But Park stressed that this was never on the cards. "I thought very carefully about my decision before I retired", he said.

As Park's current club QPR was relegated to the second-tier Championship at the end of last season, many believe he will transfer this summer. "I'm open to all possibilities, but I still want to play in Europe", he said, adding that a return to the K-League is not out of the question.

Sung Jun Wants a Girlfriend He Can Be Comfortable With

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Sung Jun Wants a Girlfriend He Can Be Comfortable With

Ladies, rejoice. Sung Jun wants a girlfriend.

Starring in the movie, Scary Story 2, Sung Jun shared the hardships he faced while filming it.

“Because it’s the first time ever acting in a horror movie and also because it’s a movie that deals with the mentality of facing death, there were a lot of things I had a hard time with,” explained Sung Jun.

“I’ve never been stranded on a cliff and starved for a week, so to get into character, I actually tried starving myself for a long time and listened to really depressing music.”

Stepping aside from his rather grave movie, Sung Jun talked about his hopes as spring comes to an end.

“These days, I want to date,” said Sung Jun. On the type of girl he wants, he added, “I just want a comfortable girlfriend that I can lean and fall asleep on.”

Scary Story 2 will premiere on June 5. The entire pictorial and interview will be released in the June edition.

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Infinite's Sung Kyu hints at his current girlfriend?

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Infinite's Sung Kyu hints at his current girlfriend?

Infinite‘s Sung Kyu appeared as guest on the January 14th broadcast of Mnet‘s “Beatles Code” where he opened up about his first love and performed his latest track “Doll’s Dream”.

Sung Kyu revealed, “This song is a song I actually sang for a girl that I confessed I had feelings for. We were in the same school band; she played the keyboards while I provided the vocals.

He continued, “When I first met her I didn’t have any romantic feelings for her, but little by little I found myself stealing glances at her.

Upon hearing his first love story, the host Tak Jae Hoon teased him, “But since you’ve debuted, your ideal type has changed since then right?”, making Sung Kyu’s surprised as well as bringing laughter on set.

When asked about his current dating, Sung Kyu stated, “I don’t deny it”, leaving everyone in curiosity.

Is Sung Kyu preparing to reveal his current girlfriend to public?

Does Infinite’s Sung Kyu Have a Girlfriend?

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Does Infinite’s Sung Kyu have a secret girlfriend?

On January 7, Mnet’s The Beatles Code unveiled a teaser for January 14’s broadcast, featuring Infinite’s Sung Kyu, Hoya, and Dong Woo.

As the Infinite members promoted Sung Kyu’s solo career as well as the unit group, Infinite H, Sung Kyu was asked about a certain someone who he had stated was his ideal type.

The MCs started throwing questions at the singer about this said ideal type, as Sung Kyu started confirming (?) his relationship and even confessing his love.

To find out if Sung Kyu’s relationship is real or just a really well-edited teaser, check out The Beatles Code on January 14.

Jung Woo Sung expresses his thoughts and feelings toward ex-girlfriend Lee Ji Ah

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Jung Woo Sung expresses his thoughts and feelings toward ex-girlfriend Lee Ji Ah

During the December 6th episode of  MBC’s “Knee Drop Guru”, actor Jung Woo Sung honestly expressed his thoughts and feelings toward his ex-girlfriend, actress Lee Ji Ah.

Jung Woo Sung at first revealed, “It was not her appearance that attracted me to her; it was our meaningful conversations. As we worked together on SBS’s drama ‘Athena: Goddess of War,’ we had a lot of time to talk and we became very close.

The actor stated, “I do not think she is guilty of anything.”

The host Kang Ho Dong then asked Woo Sung about his feelings upon hearing Lee Ji Ah’s divorce scandal. In response, Jung Woo Sung said, “It didn’t matter to me at all.”

He went on, “The only thing I regret is the fact that she dated me caused her a lot of trouble as well. I hope she doesn’t worry about me. I hope she takes care of herself.

Jung Woo Sung commented, “If she were guilty of anything, it would be the fact that she fell in love with the wrong man. But then, is it a sin to love someone?

He finally expressed, “I hope that all these misunderstandings about Lee Ji Ah will resolve soon.