JJ Project Shares The Hardships That Went Into Preparing For Their Comeback

JJ Project Shares The Hardships That Went Into Preparing For Their Comeback

Recently, JJ Project did an interview for the August issue of High Cut magazine in order to commemorate their first comeback in five years.

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First, JB revealed which songs on their new mini album, Verse 2, were the most difficult to produce. We put the most effort into producing Icarus and the title track Tomorrow, Today. We struggled with the latter because we didnt know what we wanted to write about. Park Jin Young gave us a topic for ideas, but personally, I like to listen to the melody and then think about what lyrics to write. I ended up writing about the emotions behind making a big decision in life, and this was difficult because I wanted it to be relatable for people of all ages, he stated.

Next, Jinyoung talked about the challenges he went through because of his voice. He said, I am a lot more comfortable than I was five years ago and now my throat doesnt hurt. When we were preparing for the first JJ Project album, my voice was undergoing changes and I couldnt sing too much because my throat would get sore. My voice has gotten a lot stronger and more stable since then, and now I am comfortable singing.

Jinyoung also shared the inspiration behind the song Coming Home, which he wrote the lyrics for. He said, I wrote the lyrics while I was on a plane listening to a new age song. I was thinking of how much I missed my parents, and wanted to show them this through my music.