Jiyeon denies she’s dating Jung Joon Young

Jiyeon denies she’s dating Jung Joon Young

Jiyeon denied that she was dating singer Jung Joon Young.

Earlier, Sports Chosun reported that the two had been dating for a month with music as a common ground. Supposedly, the pair went on dates often and had been spotted together multiple times.

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However, MBK Entertainment denied the news, saying, “Jiyeon’s scandal with Jung Joon Young is a rumor that spread last month. When we checked last month, they were not dating. We checked with her once again, and they are not dating. There is not even 0.0001% possibility. Recently, both of them and 10 other friend went on a vacation overseas together. They were the only celebrities there, and after that, they met up with other friends as well. They are close oppa and dongsaeng, and are definitely not dating.”

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