T-ara speak up about their bullying scandal for the first time, Jiyeon apologizes to Hwayoung

T-ara speak up about their bullying scandal for the first time, Jiyeon apologizes to Hwayoung

T-ara speak up about their bullying scandal for the first time, Jiyeon apologizes to Hwayoung

The members of T-ara N4 talked about their bullying scandal and various other rumors for the first time on broadcast.

The girls were guests on the May 6 episode of Mnets Beatles Code 2. Hyomin was the first to speak up, and she said, There were rumors that I was a thug when I went to school. I just hung out with kids who werent the nicest kids, but that was it. There are also rumors that I was forced to move schools because I had hit another student. I never hit anyone. Id rather someone come out and say that I hit them. Hyomin revealed that she had moved schools, but it wasnt because she had hit someone. She explained, My mom decided that I should switch schools because she wanted to pursue a better education for me. Its not related to violence at all. The reason why I didnt say anything back then was because I didnt want people to look down on my friends because of me.

The girls also admitted that they had an argument with Hwayoung during the SNS controversy. However, Eunjung asserted that there was no bullying, saying, People might think so if you just read everything thats online. But even I was rumored to being bullied. To be honest, we had an argument with Hwayoung for about 2 days during the incident. But it was wrong of us to publicly make statements through Twitter. It was wrong to write about the topic, period. The more we stayed silent, the rumors and misunderstandings kept growing. It was so bad that even we were getting confused. I thought Id lived without any regrets, but I was pained because I felt Id become a bad person.

On all the hate comments they received, Eunjung said, Whenever articles about us come out, we get a ton of hate comments. At first, I just read it out of curiosity but I cant read it anymore because the more I read, the more energy I lose.

Hyomin added, The worst one was when Soyeon unni got into a car accident, and someone wrote, she should have just died. There were others who said the entire accident was made up. It was such a bad accident that she got tossed out of the car.

On their Music Bank controversy, Hyomin spoke up to say, After we argued in Japan, we had a Music Bank schedule right away. It was so awkward. After we came back to Korea, we had a conversation with Hwayoung for about 40 minutes. I didnt want to have fights when it was a stage we were dreaming of. After Hwayoung left, we had an official schedule, but we couldnt say anything because of the circumstances. We wanted to say something so badly that it even came out in our dreams. I just wanted to say two things: Im sorry, and Ill work harder. But if we tried to explain ourselves back then, the situation would have just gotten worse. But we really wanted to. We wanted to admit the parts that were true, that they werent false, and then take time off to self reflect. But in the end, we just became the kids who didnt care.

Jiyeon also apologized to Hwayoung and said, We had been together for over 3 years, so Hwayoung might have had difficulties being with us. She probably had a hard time adjusting. If we truly hated her, we wouldnt have even argued. But we disappointed her and made her feel lonely. No matter the reason, were sorry and also apologize to have created a disturbance as public figures.

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T-ARA Jiyeon and Hwayoung Hugging, 'Bullying Explanation Video' Revealed!

T-ARA Jiyeon and Hwayoung Hugging, 'Bullying Explanation Video' Revealed!

T-ARA, Hwayoung, Kim Kwang Soo, Core Contents Media, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Soyeon

T-ARA Jiyeon and Hwayoung Hugging, 'Bullying Explanation Video' Revealed!

T-ARA's 'bulling explanation' video has been revealed.

Today, a video titled, 'T-ARA Bullying Explanation' was found on Pandora TV.

In the video, Hwayoungand Jiyeonare seen dancing and hugging each other while doing volunteer work. These scenes seem to go against the 'bullying rumors' that have been going around.

The first picture is from a fan club meeting last month. In the picture, Jiyeon and Hwayoung are hugging while Hyominwas MCing the event. The second picture is when Jiyeon's father comes for a surprise visit, making Jiyeon cry. Hwayoung was seen stroking her hair and comforting her. The third picture is of Jiyeon and Hwayoung at a volunteer event. The last picture is of them at a recording and Soyeonis feeding Hwayoung snacks.

T-ARA had been accused of bullying and having problems with Hwayoung. Hwayoung was also dismissed from the group on July 30, creating much chaos and controversy.

This past Saturday, CEO Kim Kwang Soowrote a handwritten apology to T-ARA's fans for causing this issue.


Hwayoung Directly Denies Bullying Rumors Associated with 'T-ARA Crisis'

Hwayoung Directly Denies Bullying Rumors Associated with 'T-ARA Crisis'

Hwayoung, Eunjung, T-ARA

Hwayoung Directly Denies Bullying Rumors Associated with 'T-ARA Crisis'

Hwayoung expresses her sadness onT-ARA Eunjung's removal from her drama.

Today, Hwayoung wrote on her twitter, "I do not feel so great hearing about Eunjung's removal from her drama. While being a part of T-ARA, there were some disagreements, but due to that, people have made it worse by thinking that there was bullying going on. I'm also sad that because due to these twisted rumors, all the members must've been hurt by it. However, because we have all these good memories together, I want to forget the past and see each other and support each other with a smiling face. I am truly sorry to all the fans that have supported T-ARA."

This is the first time Hwayoung has updated her twitter since her last message which asked for everyone to stop making this 'crisis' worse.

Many are curious to see how the 'T-ARA crisis' will be solved due to Hwayoung's thoughts about the crisis.

Internet users commented, "Hwayoung has said herself that it is not bullying so lets stop all this drama" and "What's with the other members who haven't spoken up."


T-ARA Hyomin Tears Up When Asked About Hwayoung's Bullying Rumors

T-ARA Hyomin Tears Up When Asked About Hwayoung's Bullying Rumors

T-ARA, Hwayoung, Hyomin, Thousandth Man

T-ARA Hyomin Tears Up When Asked About Hwayoung's Bullying Rumors T-ARA Hyomin Tears Up When Asked About Hwayoungs Bullying RumorsAfter receiving a question about Hwayoung and the bullying rumors, Hyomin tears up.

Today, Hyomin attended the press conference for the new sitcom, "Thousandth Man." When asked about Hwayoung's bullying rumors, she replied, "As this is a press confernce for the new sitcom, I would appreciate it if the questions were only drama-related."

While answering questions, Hyomin seemed to be caught up in her emotions as she teared up. Other members of the cast seemed to feel bad for Hyomin's unlucky situation.

Although they asked strictly for drama related questions only, one reporter unexpectedly asked another question, making Hyomin answer without thinking. With Hwayoung's dismissal on July 30,T-ARA has temporarily stopped all activities.

"Thousandth Man" will air on August 17 at 9:55 PM (KST).


T-ARA Soyeon Talks for the First Time

T-ARA Soyeon Talks for the First Time "Hwayoung Bullying The Truth is..."

T-ARA, Soyeon, Hwayoung

So Yeon"If you ask why our relationship wasn't good because of those kinds of conflicts...then the 7~8 members must all have bad relationships."

Group T-ARA has been oppressed with the 'Group bullying with Hwayoung' scandal. Amongst them, leader Soyeon(25) opened her mouth. She said, "Because of this incident, I was resentful of the CEO, I was mad at Hwayoung too. However, I think Hwayoung is having just as much of a hard time as we are."

Soyeon met up at the Kangnamgoo Nonhyeondong company office. She has been acting as 'Kwan Soon,' the main character 'Go Sora's'(Jo Yeo Jung) younger cousin, on the 2TV Monday Tuesday drama 'Haeundae Lovers.' She stated, "I can't go to the cafeteria because I'm scared of people looking at me," and showed tears.

-She is in a drama in the midst of the controversy.

"If I didn't work on 'Haeundae Lovers,' it would have been more difficult. Directors Song Hyun Wook and Park Jin Wook have been helping me a lot and encouraged me. In the drama, Lee Jae Yong who appears as my father and Jo Yeo Jung, Kim Kang Woo and others told me 'to stay strong."

-It is probably difficult to act because of the Busan accent.

"It feels like a foreign language. I liked the Busan accent so I copied, but it's different when it comes to acting."

-Did you see yourself acting on television?

"(Shakes her head) I'm working hard on filming, but as the situation is, I'm stills cared to watch TV or go on the internet. I need to look at my acting to do better, but I'm still not ready to do so."

-I'm going to ask you straight-forward. Was there 'bullying/ a loner'?

"I saw what the internet users put up on the internet, titled 'T-ARA Bullying Evidence.' If you just look at that, it may seem true. It's true that the members were dissatisfied with Hwayoung during the Japan Tokyo concert. When Hwayoung's leg was hurting, she said that she was in pain and couldn't perform. While we were practicing, she went to the beauty shop alone, and the members suffered. After the performance was over, we asked the representative to 'take care of this problem.' We didn't know that, starting from that and various events that followed after, that Hwayoung would have to leave."

-Does that mean that Hwayoung leaving the group, does not have to do with the members asking for it?

"Not at all. We all found out after reading an article. We resented our company a lot. We only had a dispute and asked to take care of that. If Hwayoung is forced to leave, all of that will come back to us. But the CEO said that 'this is for Hwayoung.' My mind was troubled."

-Does that mean that the members never bullied Hwayoung? Isn't it true that the members' relationship with her was not good?

"7~8 girls ranging from teenagers to early 20 year olds live together. Everyone wants attention and to be loved. It's impossible that we wouldn't fight. Everyday we fight and make up, we join together and break up. It was similar with Hwayoung. If you ask if that's the reason why we didn't have a good relationship, then I can only answer by saying we all have bad relationships."

-This is the first interview after the 'Bully scandal.'

"I was scared and worried. However, the other members are filming for sitcoms and dramas. They will soon have questions from the reporters. If we have to do that, I thought I should do it first.


[RECAP] T-ara's bullying scandal + Hwayoung's termination timeline

[RECAP] T-ara's bullying scandal + Hwayoung's termination timeline

[RECAP] T-aras bullying scandal + Hwayoungs termination timelineCore Contents Media's (hereby referred to as CCM) CEO announced shocking news through a press release regarding their popular girl group T-ara a few days ago. CEO Kim Kwangsoo shocked many T-ara fans after stating that he had terminated T-ara member Hwayoung's contract in order to keep her protected from her rumored "bullying" situation and her supercilious behavior to their staff.

In this editorial, we will recap the current T-ara controversy from the initial accusations all the way to T-ara's current status and their plans for the future.

Due to the lengthy report, the article has been divided into parts and an index has been provided for easy reading.


2011 Reports: Leader Eunjung getting bullied?

Reports of T-ara bullying Hwayoung rise

T-ara members leave controversial tweets, Hwayoung and Hyoyoung's tweets

CCM's CEO Kim Kwangsoo to make official announcement on July 30th

Netizens uncover evidence of T-ara bullying Hwayoung

Netizens demand Eunjung be pulled from drama and variety shows

CCM's CEO Kim Kwangsoo announces Hwayoung's contract termination and leave from T-ara

Read the full press release here

T-Jinyo, "We want the truth from T-ara," opens; T-ara's cafe loses a large amount of members

Netizens petition for T-ara to disband

Celebrities and PDs react to scandal

Backup dancer, trainee, and staff member speak up on Hwayoung being bullied

CCM responds to accusatory posts by backup dancer and CCM trainee

T-ara's advertisement contracts in jeopardy

Rising demands for Eunjung, Soyeon, and Hyomin to be removed from their drama roles

CEO Kim Kwangsoo's explanation, possibility of Hwayoung rejoining

Eunjung admits to bullying and apologizes?

T-ara's largest fansite to shut down on August 15th

Future plans for T-ara

Hwayoung apologizes on Twitter, reconciles with CEO Kim Kwangsoo

Hwayoung and Hyoyoung visit Maru Entertainment


Bullying within idol groups is not unheard of, and T-ara is only one of the many K-Pop groups who have suffered from bullying accusations. For example, in 2011, popular girl group KARA was on the verge of breaking up after four of its members (sans Park Gyuri) was reported to have issued a termination notice of their exclusive contract with DSP Media.

This resulted in netizens questioning whether Park Gyuri had been bullied by Seungyeon, which brought netizens to then wonder if T-ara's Eunjung had also been bullied in her group. Just a month before this report by the Korean news media, Hwayoung had been added to T-ara and the leadership role was handed over to Boram.

In the report, Eunjung refuted the bullying rumors, saying, "When these member controversies and bullying rumors started spreading around, we all just said 'huh?' and laughed about it." [1]

Eunjung is not the only member in T-ara that was reportedly being "bullied." In the past, reports stating that Soyeon and Boram were bullied also surfaced. [2]

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T-ARA, 'Bullying' Evidence Even in Japanese Newspaper 'Hwayoung Walking Separately'

T-ARA, 'Bullying' Evidence Even in Japanese Newspaper 'Hwayoung Walking Separately'

t-ara, hwayoung

T-ARA, 'Bullying' Evidence Even in Japanese Newspaper? 'Hwayoung Walking Separately' t-araWith Hwayoung leaving T-ARA, the Japanese newspaper article regarding T-ARA is becoming an issue.

Recently on an online community, a picture was posted under the title 'T-ARA bullying controversy, even in Japanese newspaper'.

The picture was of Japanese Tokyo Sports newspaper, and it contained an article about T-ARA. The article reads, "Korea's number one hit group T-ARA, dismantling..."

The picture of T-ARA members that was shown along with the article was also eye-catching. In the picture, Hwayoung is not walking with other T-ARA members, but by herself on the side.

Internet users who saw this commented, "National embarrassment," "They got a picture taken like this in Japan too?" "Why is Hwayoung walking alone?," and "Do girls usually try to walk separately from the rest of the group?."

Photo Credit: Online Community


T-aras former back-up dancer claims Jiyeon once slapped Hwayoung

T-aras former back-up dancer claims Jiyeon once slapped Hwayoung

T-ara’s former back-up dancer claims Jiyeon once slapped Hwayoung

Recent events are becoming increasingly serious. Hwayoung was “kicked” from T-ara is probably one of the biggest shocks for the Kpop lovers in July 30th. Among the many that are stepping forward to offer some more insight on the T-ara controversy, is a netizen who claims to be a former T-ara back-up dancer.

The post is going viral online, and in it, the dancer describes in detail of a time Jiyeon had slapped Hwayoung across the face.

It reads:

I am a member of Hot Chicks, an exclusive dance team for T-ara, and am also working with Davichi, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, Rainbow Pixie, and more.

It was around the time the Japanese concert took place. We were getting big with our “Lovey Dovey” shuffle dance after Hwayoung was admitted, and getting ready to perform “Roly Poly” for our year-end performance.

During one of the rehearsals, it was a situation where Kwang Soo had jam-packed our schedules, so both the dancers and the members of T-ara who had just completed their day’s work were extremely sensitive and on edge.

Still, everyone was mustering up their last bit of strength and practicing, when Hwayoung messed up a little bit of the choreography.

Seeing this, Jiyeon and Soyeon then sarcastically scoffed at her, saying, ‘Since you already decided to join, you should maybe work a little harder.’

Hwayoung then became a little depressed, but the dance leader mediated the situation and the rehearsal resumed.

But Hwayoung maintained an uncomfortable expression on her face, and Jiyeon who saw this slapped Hwayoung across the cheek and told her that because she had come in late to the already-established group T-ara, she needed to act sensibly and to rehearse without that expression on her face.

The atmosphere became extremely tense, and Hyomin took Jiyeon outside, telling her that she should just be the bigger person.

Even after Hwayoung’s ‘exposure’ incident, everyone was indifferent towards her, rather than comforting.

After the incident, T-ara went on hiatus to prepare for “Day By Day” and because of events with Davichi and Brown Eyed Girls, I could only see T-ara on TV.

Seeing them on the small-screen, I thought that the girls’ relationship with Hwayoung had improved, but these girls who are all grown don’t want to sit by her in the car so they blatantly play rock paper scissors right in front of her face.”

Post like these attesting to the bullying attacks against Hwayoung continue to surface on portal site community boards, causing netizens to become all the more eager to uncover the truth. Core Content Media also announced that does not endorse any bad news which is spreading on the Internet.

Netizens and Queensfandom of T-ara had many differents reactions before this information. We will update the situation as soon as new information.

SourceImage: CityDaily, SLRClub, GGTimes


T-aras Hwayoung was responsible for Jiyeons bad behaviour

T-aras Hwayoung was responsible for Jiyeons bad behaviour

T-ara’s Hwayoung was responsible for Jiyeon’s ‘bad attitude’?

Recent events are becoming increasingly serious. Hwayoung was kicked from T-ara is probably one of the biggest shocks for the Kpop lovers in July 30th. And early today July 31th, netizens to take a shock much less severe :

After Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang Soo announced that T-ara member Hwayoung had acted in an ‘unacceptable’ attitude on a number of occasions, an incident that took place between Hwayoung and Jiyeon has also been revealed.

According to an industry insider, there was an incident that took place back in 2010 where Hwayoung did not oblige with T-ara’s manager who asked the girls to prepare for their stage performance.

This brewed some quarrel amongst the girls, and Hyomin who grew tired of her attitude gave Hwayoung a piece of her mind, but Hwayoung reportedly refused to listen to Hyomin as well. Fellow member Jiyeon who was observing the situation also stepped up to say something to Hwayoung, causing the two to begin arguing. Following the fight with Hwayoung, Jiyeon was then unable to properly focus on stage, and the way the camera captured Jiyeon made it seem as though she had an attitude problem.

Meanwhile, CCM reported that Hwayoung suddenly refused to participate in T-ara’s July 27th ‘Music Bank‘ stage, with only two groups before them left to go. On the way home, Hwayoung, in front of fans and reporters, threw down her crutches and sat on the floor, threatening to yell at the managers in public.

Netizens and Queensfans of T-ara has many different reactions before this information. We will update the situation as soon as new information.

SourceImage : Newsen via Nate


"Jiyeon Never Hit Hwayoung's Face" Says the Choreography Leader

Jiyeon, T-ARA, Hwayoung

T-ARA choreography team YamaHot chicks leader Bae Yoonjung stated thorugh the online news on 31st saying that "the beating incident in the practice room is not true. The place is made for everyone, including the celebrities and staff, to use so there is no possibility that anything like that can happen."

On the online community on the 30th, someone stating that he's the member of the choreography team wrote that Jiyeon slapped Hwayoung's face and other members laughed at her.

The writing spread all over the online sites and made a huge impact. It ranked on a portal site search engine and made the trouble of T-ARA get bigger. However, the writing was revealed that it is not true.