Jisook clears out BJ Sohee’s home on ‘Doctor House’

Jisook clears out BJ Sohee’s home on ‘Doctor House’

Jisook took to cleaning out BJ So Hee Jjang’s home on the recent broadcast of ‘Doctor House’. 

On the show, Jisook was assigned the project to clean out the BJ’s home for a seven-day project around the theme ‘minimal life.’ To carry out the operation, Jisook infiltrated her client’s closet by cleaning out her clothes as well as cleaning the house from top to bottom, corner to corner sticking red tags all over the house.

As she was cleaning, Jisook remarked “I will think of this as my father’s closet.” Further cleaning the house, Jisook was surprised as she was required to clear out So Hee’s underwear drawer, which was full of underwear, wigs, and cartoon character headbands. As Jisook took to taking the necessary clothing to the washing machine, she fell into the pile of clothes labeled the ‘Clothes Grave.’

‘Doctor House’ is a program that forces houses to ‘diet,’ leading the homeowners to live a lifestyle focused on minimal aesthetic and design. The show consists of interior designer Park Mi Sun, who has been working in this industry for 24 years, as well as renown minimalist Seo Jang Hoon. The show also aims to filter out all household items that are not necessary and place the homeowner in a home with the most basic needs. 

BJ So Hee Jjang is an internet entertainer who is known for her mad skills at claw crane games, so much so that upon arrival, Jisook had to clean out all 500 dolls So Hee had won and stored in her home. 

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