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‘Top Band’ winner TOXIC to cameo in ‘Dream High 2′ with Jinwoon

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‘Top Band’ winner TOXIC to cameo in ‘Dream High 2′ with Jinwoon

Top Band winner TOXIC will be making a cameo in KBSs Dream High 2!

TOXIC will be featured in a scene where Jinwoon, who plays the rebellious Jin Yujin, performs in the streets of Hongdae to realize his dream of becoming a rockstar. TOXIC and Jinwoons collaboration drew much applause from their street audience, who praised their talent and stage manners.

TOXIC also showed off a bit of their acting skills by pretending to get angry once they found out that Jinwoons actually a minor. The members expressed, Its an honor to cameo in Dream High 2. We worked well with Jinwoon so it was a fun experience for us.

Dream High 2 begins airing on January 30th at 9:55 p.m. KST.

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2AM’s Jinwoon Turns into Rebellious Free Soul in “Dream High 2”

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2AM’s Jinwoon Turns into Rebellious Free Soul in “Dream High 2”

2AM’s Jinwoon got a complete makeover for his “Dream High 2” character, Jin Yoo Jin, turning into a rebellious free soul.

On January 6, “Dream High 2” released several still cuts of Jinwoon in the drama. They said, “Jung Jinwoon showed his charismatic personality, instead of his cute and pure image, perfectly turning into his role in the drama, Jin Yoo Jin.”

Jinwoon’s role in the drama has a chic and rebellious personality. With his baby-face and well-built body, Jinwoon is expected to become the next rising star in the drama industry.

In the photos released today, Jinwoon appears playing a guitar as his scene involves promoting himself as a personal guitar coach. The scene was shot on the streets of Hongdae, a young and hip area in Seoul, and people were reportedly impressed by his outstanding guitar skills.

The first episode of “Dream High 2” will air on January 30. How do you like Jinwoon over the original “Dream High” cast members?

2AM’s Jinwoon reunites with ‘Dream High’ costar Park Seo Joon

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2AM’s Jinwoon reunites with ‘Dream High’ costar Park Seo Joon

Though KBS 2TVs Dream High 2 came to a close last week, 2AMs Jinwoon took some time to meet up with his past co-star, actor Park Seo Joon.

On March 28th, Jinwoon tweeted, With Seo Joon hyung, because we were so hungry, we ate samgyupsal and a glass of warm milk.. Ke. Despite being popular stars, Jinwoon and Park Seo Joon just seem like two good-looking normal guys in casual wear drinking coffee at a local cafe.

Fans commented, Enjoy your evening. Keep up the good work, Looking good as always, and I want a warm glass of milk too.

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120207 JB / Jinwoon - Basketball Playing Cut (from "Dream High / 드림 하이 (Season 2) Ep. 4")

120207 JB / Jinwoon - Basketball Playing Cut (from "Dream High / 드림 하이 (Season 2) Ep. 4") * Do NOT re-upload. (Watch it in 720p HD.)

* Just a short clip of JB and Jinwoon! :)

* The Song's Name: "Beautiful Dance" (by "Bye Bye Sea")

120213 Jinwoon helps Sora up, and Hyorin sings with Hongjoo. (Cut from "Dream High 2", Ep. 5)

120213 Jinwoon helps Sora up, and Hyorin sings with Hongjoo. (Cut from "Dream High 2", Ep. 5) * Do NOT re-upload. (Watch it in 720p HD.)

[Spoiler: Dream High 2] Jinwoon admits…

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[Spoiler: Dream High 2] Jinwoon admits…

On the March 12th episode of KBS 2TVs Dream High 2, Yoo Jin (Jinwoon) spilled his feelings for Haesung (Kang Sora) who was being attacked by fans after being coined JBs new girlfriend.

After the serenade missions took place, Haesung became an official couple with JB and consequently suffered the slanderous remarks of her fellow students and fans who were green with envy.

Shes so average, how did she manage to win JB over?, the girls asked. Is she some kind of manipulative fox?

It was too much to handle for Haesung who began nervously sweating everywhere she went, and friend Rian (Jiyeon) even felt the need to step in and save her.

Yoo Jin who found out about Haesungs situation later on remarked, What do you lack, that you need to suffer this kind of treatment?

I know all too well that when you like someone, things dont always end up the way you want them to. Thats why Im not going to hide my feelings for you anymore, he continued.

Seeing Haesung at a loss for words, he continued ,I promise to become more famous, more attractive. I like you.

And although he received an offer from OZ Entertainments CEO, Yoo Jin expressed that he still felt defeated, while the preview for the next episode evoked fans curiosity revealing Haesung breaking up with JB.

Segment begins around 10:30 mark below:

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[Spoiler 'Dream High 2'] Jung Jinwoon plants a kiss on…

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[Spoiler 'Dream High 2'] Jung Jinwoon plants a kiss on…

Jung JinwoonKang Sora shared a button kiss on KBS 2TVs Dream High 2.

On the episode that aired March 5th, Jin Yoo Jins (Jung Jinwoon) button fell off his uniform, causing Shin Haesung (Kang Sora) to remark, What are you, an elementary school student?, sewing his button back in place.

Seeing this feminine side of Haesung, Yoo Jins heart began racing unexpectedly. He tried to walk away from the situation but pulled by his emotions, he plants a kiss on Haesungs cheek. The two could not overcome the awkwardness that inevitably arose, and began hilariously bickering like young children.

The love lines between Jin Yoo Jin, Shin Haesung, JB, and Rian are already extremely complicated, but looks like the button kiss will only make things more interesting.

SourceImage : Newsen via Nate

"Dream High 2" Kang Sora and Jung Jinwoon's "Button Kiss" Excites Viewers

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"Dream High 2" Kang Sora and Jung Jinwoon's "Button Kiss" Excites Viewers

Kang Sora and Jung Jinwoon plan to keep “Dream High Season 2” viewers brimming with excitement for their “button kiss.”

The 11th episode, which aired on March 5, showed the scenario of the super idol team battle carrying out their third audition, “Propose Mission.”

The episode is gaining numerous expectations for Hae Sung+Yu Jin couple’s button kiss still scene.

As the mission’s name implies, the Propose Mission has a couple sing and dance to a romantic movie or musical scene. Viewers are anticipated which love line characters (Hae Sung, Yu Jin, JB, Rian) will most successfully present the romantic propose mission.

According to the production company, Yu Jin’s button falls off during his practice with Hae Sung. As she sews it back for him, Yu Jin feels his heart beating seeing Hae Sung’s feminine charm and tries to leave but accidentally kisses her cheek.

Jinwoon's Fans Send Food Carts to "Dream High 2" Cast As Gift

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Jinwoon's Fans Send Food Carts to "Dream High 2" Cast As Gift

2AM’s youngest member and acting rookie Jinwoon is currently receiving a lot of love as the rebellious "Jin Yoo Jin" on the idol-themed drama “Dream High 2.” His devoted fans showed their appreciation and support with a gift for the drama’s cast.

Jinwoon’s fans delighted everyone on the set with a food cart that welcomed Jinwoon and the other cast members. The cast and staff warmly welcomed the fans and the food they had prepared with much affection.

“Thank you very much for the sincerity of the fans. We run on a tight schedule and this gesture gives great strength to the cast and drama staff,” local news agencies reported Jinwoon as saying. “With this gift, we will do more and work harder.”

“Dream High 2” broadcasts its 11th episode on March 5. For this episode the idol auditions will be held. 

“Dream High 2” Finalizes Main Casting with Hyorin, Jinwoon, Jiyeon, and Kang So Ra

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“Dream High 2” Finalizes Main Casting with Hyorin, Jinwoon, Jiyeon, and Kang So Ra

The four main lead roles for the upcoming KBS drama “Dream High 2” has been finalized, raising the anticipation level for the highly popular teen drama. SISTAR’s Hyorin, 2AM’s Jinwoon, T-ara’s Ji Yeon, and actress Kang So Ra will play significant roles in the second season of “Dream High,” bringing yet another star-studded lineup to the show.

Kang So Ra will play the role of Shin Hye Sung. After making her name through movie “Sunny” and MBC “We Got Married,” Kang So Ra has become one of the fastest up and coming actresses in the industry. “So far I only focused on my acting, so I feel pressure that I have to give dance performances too. But I think it’ll be a huge challenge so I feel both nervous and excited,” she said.

2AM’s youngest member Jinwoon will star as Jin Yoojin, a troublesome kid that aspires to be a rock star. “When I first read the script, I was really attracted to the rock star character. Especially, the fact that we’re both huge rock fans pulled me into the role. I’ll do my best to play it as best as I can,” he commented of his casting.

T-ara’s Ji Yeon is slated to play the role of Rian, a member of girl group Hush that dreams of going to the Cannes, despite her shortcomings in acting. She’s already appeared in several TV dramas, which brought positive reviews, and is expected to add strength to the drama series with her mature acting.

Nana, a gifted singer with various skills, will be played by SISTAR’s Hyorin. Nana is the lead vocal for Hush, but has a secret past and is expected to play a key role in turning around the storyline at the end of the season. “I feel more attached to the Nana character because we have similar personalities. I look forward to it,” she said.

The first season of “Dream High” cast some of the most popular idol stars, including 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, miss A’s Suzy, T-ara’s Eunjung, IU, and Kim Soo Hyun, leading to some of the highest TV ratings. In addition to these four stars, Park Jin Young, Choi Yeo Jin, and Kim Jung Tae have also joined the casting crew for Season 2. The first episode will air on January 30, so stay tuned for more information!

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