Spoiler "The Flower in Prison" Are Ko Soo and Jin Se-yeong changing into Romeo and Juliet

What is going to take place to Jin Se-yeon and Ko Soo's romance?

MBC drama "The Flower in Prison" OK-nyeo (Jin Se-yeon) and Tae-won (Ko Soo) ultimately broke up. Tae-won made up a false observation about findingthe army secrets to save Ok-nyeo, yet it wasn't enough. Seong Ji-heon (Choi Tae-joon) set out to save Ok-nyeo but she used to be going to be sent away as a central authority slave.

Ok-nyeo looked around for Tae-won as she left. She sought afterto mentiongood-bye to him. However, he watched her from afar and looked sad.

Yoon Won-hyeong became attacked. Tae-won stored his existence from a stab wound. Yoon Won-hyeong was at the verge of death. There has beena company that was seeking to kill him. There was a lord that the court maid that was dressed inthe similar ring as Ok-nyeo's mom who was in the back of this. Kang Seon-ho (Im Ho) was also on a similar boat.

Ok-nyeo and Tae-won mayturn out to be Romeo and Juliet whilst Myeong-jong couldgrow to be Ok-nyeo's new Black Knight.

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Do Ji-han to sign up in

Do Ji-han to sign up in "Flower Knights: The Beginning", the Shilla edition of Romeo and Juliet

According to Yeol Eum Entertainment, Do Ji-han is starring in the drama "Flower Knights: The Beginning".

Do Ji-han debuted in 2009 with the drama "The Queen Returns" and starred in dramas "Merchant Kim Guy Deok", "Incarnation of Money", videos "My Way", "Neighbors", "The Tower" and "Beauty Inside". He is also starring in the film "MUSUDAN" which is coming in March.

Do Ji-han's role in "Flower Knights: The Beginning", is Shilla's maximumrobustconsumer Park Yeong-sil's son who is handsome, clever and has a robust ego. He falls in love with his rival's sister and resembles Romeo and Juliet yet in the Shilla version.

"Flower Knights: The Beginning" is directed by capability of Yoon Seong-sik and wrriten by Park Eun-yeong-I.

"Flower Knights: The Beginning" used to be sold to LETV which is often referred to as the Chinese edition of Netflix and the drama capabilities Park Seo-joon, Ko Ah-ra and Hyung Sik.

Meanwhile, "Flower Knights: The Beginning" is the passion, love and expansion of knights from 1,500 years ago.


Running Man Song Ji Hyo And Gary Are Romeo And Juliet Of Ice Land

Running Man Song Ji Hyo And Gary Are Romeo And Juliet Of Ice Land

The popular SBS entertainment program 'Running Man' individuals Gary and Song Ji Hyo were asked to play Romeo and Juliet of ice land, whose families had been enemies for centuries.

On the latest episode of the popular SBS entertainment program 'Running Man,' which aired on Jan. 17, 2016, the 'Running Man' members played a fairy tale game in the cold, bloodless ice land. In this day's episode, 'Running Man' members Gary and Song Ji Hyo were asked to play Romeo and Juliet. They played a lovely couple as always, and relived the tragic lives of Romeo and Juliet as per guest Hong Yun Hwa's narration. In comparable news, on closing weekend's episode, the 'Running Man' members posed as heirs of a large mansion and played games of hopscotch, where they attempted to amplify their territory. Actress Im Ji Yeon starred as a guest host, and she was once popular all over the episode via the male Running Guy members.The SBS entertainment program 'Running Man' is probably the mostmost neatly liked Korean Television shows' with world fame. The preferred SBS entertainment program 'Running Man' airs each and every Sunday night. Running Man members celebrity on every one weekend's episode, at the aspect of the episode's guests.


Big Bang's G-Dragon Shows New 'Romeo+Juliet' Inspired Tattoo On Instagram [PHOTO]

Big Bang's G-Dragon Shows New 'Romeo+Juliet' Inspired Tattoo On Instagram [PHOTO]

g-dragon (Photo : ) While Big Bang"s comeback is confirmed for 2015 but otherwise still shrouded in mystery, it looks like their leader G-Dragon is using a rather unconventional method to prepare for the comeback.

But G-Dragon is nothing if not unconventional.

Fans scouring the bowels of Instagram discovered that G-Dragon is now sporting a brand new tattoo. The picture of the tattoo actually comes from the Instagram account of famous California tattoo artist Dr. Woo. Known for his tiny yet highly detailed monochrome tattoos, it"s no surprise that G-Dragon decided to get his own "Romeo+Juliet" Tybalt style gun tattooed on his forearm. Fans can check out G-Dragon"s new tattoo below.

A photo posted by dr_woo_ssc (@dr_woo_ssc)on Apr 7, 2015 at 3:29pm PDT

"Kinda Tybalt inspired on G-Dragon @xxxibgdrgn," said Dr. Woo in his description on Instagram.

G-Dragon, who has several other highly artistic tattoos, is no stranger to bold fashion statements. A new tattoo just before Big Bang is set to come back is perhaps his own personal statement to what fans can look forward to. Guns definitely go "BANG" in the literal sense. In the metaphorical sense however, it"s hard to know what the tattoo means without words from the idol himself.

As for Big Bang"s 2015 comeback, the group recently revealed a teaser for their World Tour In Seoul concert that is set for April 25 and April 26. Unfortunately, this concert series may be unrelated to their official comeback, in which a teaser photo revealed five separate dates, each a month apart.

This may again be trolling on the part of Papa YG, but at least it is now certain that G-Dragon, T.O.P., Daesung, Taeyang, and Seungri will return together as Big Bang later this year.


Jackson and Youngji play Romeo and Juliet on

Jackson and Youngji play Romeo and Juliet on "Roommate" to hilarious results

Jackson and Youngji play Romeo and Juliet on

GOT7"s Jackson and KARA"s Youngji stepped into the roles of Romeo and Juliet on the latest episode of "Roommate"!

During an acting lesson held by veteran actress and fellow roommate Bae Jong Ok, the remaining roommates paired off to see how well they could perform one of Shakespeare"s most well-known works.

Although Youngji tried to remain professional, she couldn"t help but crack up with everyone else at Jackson"s butchered Korean! Not only was his pronunciation enough to send the cast into spasms of laughter, but he also spoke the stage directions out loud as well.

Check out the hilarious clip below!


Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Ok Bin Become the Romeo and Juliet of Goguryeo

Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Ok Bin Become the Romeo and Juliet of Goguryeo

Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Ok Bin Become the Romeo and Juliet of GoguryeoRomance is in the air as Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Ok Bin meet for the first time in the KBS2 drama The Blade and Petal (official English title, otherwise known as Sword and Flower). 

Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Ok Bin Become the Romeo and Juliet of Goguryeo

In the new Wednesday-Thursday miniseries, Yeon Choong and Moo Young (played by Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Ok Bin) are split between rival families as the son and daughter of Yeon Gaesomoon (played by Choi Min Su) and King Yeongnyu (played by Kim Young Chul), respectively. But in spite of the strife that divides the two families, the two main characters are fated to fall in lovemuch like Romeo and Juliet.

Their emotions can be seen from a glance. Uhm Tae Woong wears the clothes of a street merchant, while Kim Ok Bin wears the beautiful traditional gown of a princess. Uhm Tae Woong stands behind her as if to stand guard over the princess, while flower petals shower over the couple as if to celebrate their chance encounter and soon-to-be love. The two fall for each other from the very beginning, and their shared looks of love and sympathy grow stronger as a result of the strong chemistry between the two actors.

Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Ok Bin Become the Romeo and Juliet of Goguryeo

The relationship between the lovers extends even between the actors themselves. During an interview, Um Tae Woong bragged that Miss Kim Ok Bin is light hearted and has a great personality. When I pull my pranks, she laughs with me and has fun. We havent even known each other for very long, but the fact that we can pal around like this is pretty amazing.

Kim Ok Bin also contributed to the happy atmosphere of the film set as she admitted, Sunbae specializes in brightening everyones mood with his little nano-gags. Weve all gotten much closer because of it.

Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Ok Bin Become the Romeo and Juliet of Goguryeo

With the sword that preserves honor, and the flower that expresses love, the tale of forsaken lovers in the midst of rivaling families will present through the melodramatic Blade and Flower, airing its first episode A Thousand Count on July 3.


"Romeo and Juliet" by the Korean National Ballet

Written by Suzy Chung on February 13, 2013 in Arts

Everyone loves a love story. Even if it's tragic. It is the reason why such stories have lasted over centuries, being told and told again. It is the reason why "RomeoJuliet" is still popular in whatever form it is being told: print, art, theater, film, dance.

Dance is a universal language; you don't need subtitles. It is amazing how emotions can be conveyed without a single word being uttered, how everything can be expressed through movement only. It can be fully choreographed or completely free-style, a structured ceremonial performance or an impromptu expression of emotions.

Social ballroom dancing was introduced to Korea in the 1900s but didn't quite catch onmen and women holding one another while dancing, how scandalousand the first ever ballet performance (by a Russian dancer) took place in the 1930s. There were dancers who started to study ballet during this time, but it was only after independence in 1946 that the first ballet company was established: Seoul Ballet. Unfortunately, the ballet company dispersed as the Korean War erupted but several ballet companies were created after the war ended as interest began to rise. Ballet classes were available and even a ballet concours was held in 1955.

Lack of funding slowed down the progress of Korean ballet and the need of a congregated ballet company was constantly being discussed. The Korean National Ballet was established in 1962 with this objective. Starting as part of the National Dance Company of Korea, it became a separate entity in 1973. The company was known to put on creative productions of traditional stories with the most talented dancers in the country.

The Korean National Ballet Academy was founded in 1993 and more talent was discovered and trained. The company started putting on productions with commentaries to familiarize ballet to the public, which garnered much positive response.

Besides the staple productions of "Swan Lake" and "The Nutcracker", the Korean National Ballet have put on productions with modern interpretations and steadily compiled their repertoire. Star dancers are constantly on their roster, and star dancers are born through their productions.

Among their repertoire, "RomeoJuliet" is one of those truly memorable productions. Of course, I love ballet. I also love Shakespeare. Needless to say, I love it when the two come together, but I don't think I'm being unnecessarily biased by saying this.

Korean National Ballet celebrated its 50th anniversary last year in 2012 and put on a special production of "RomeoJuliet" with Maestro Chung Myung-whun conducting. "RomeoJuliet" takes the stage once again this year, starting off on Valentine's Day at the Seoul Arts Center in Seoul. Reinterpreted by many choreographers to many musical variations, the version to be shown is from choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot with Prokofiev's music. First shown in 1996, it has been on Korean National Ballet's regular repertoire since 2000.

A Post-Classic ballet production, the stage design, choreography, and narrative are quite minimalist. However, nothing is lost from the main plot. On the contrary, the elimination of lavish decorative props and costumes enables the viewer to focus more on the dance itself. This also requires the dancers to be more expressive in their movement and expressions, so you can truly appreciate their skill and artistry.

The characterization is not the usual fare, either. Whether you are familiar with the original Shakespeare play, the theatrical production, the movie version(s), or the classical ballet version; there would be a certain image of the characters defined in your head. Considering this is a dance version, you'd expect Juliet to be a delicate girl blithely dancing in a flowy costume, and Romeo as graceful as she, but determined in his devotion. But it is not that simple. Both Romeo and Juliet are more than lovestruck teenagers who just want to be together, they encompass much deeper emotions which are expressed throughout their interactions with each other, and with other characters. They are much more thoughtful than the usual portrayals.

Lady Capulet features heavily, as does Friar Laurence, whose stage presence is immensely powerful (and makes you fumble through your copy of the original play to see whether you've misinterpreted him this whole time). They are as important as Romeo and Juliet. Mercutio and Tybalt are notable in their own right as well. Certain characters were omitted in this version for a clearer narrative; the production doesn't suffer from this at all.

Thankfully, Korean National Ballet's "RomeoJuliet" is one of their regular productions and may be seen almost every year. However, for this February production, you'll be able to catch the star cast of Kim Ji-young as Juliet, Lee Dong-hoon as Romeo, and Kim Se-yeon as Lady Capulet so it's definitely worth catching now.

"Romeo et Juliette"

February 14th, 2013 ~ February 17th, 2013 at Seoul Arts Center

For more information:

Korean National Ballet http://www.kballet.org

Seoul Arts Center http://www.sac.or.kr

About the Author

Suzy Chung is a multilingual writer, editor, and translator with a marketing background. A coffee addict, bookworm, art junkie, foodie, oenophile, dolly geek, K-pop enthusiast, and occasional painter. She has been online since the mid '90s when the internet wasn't really the internet but a blue screen with text only discussions. She lived in three continents but truly believes that Korea is the place to be and is willing to convince anyone who would listen!


Clazziquai Project releases "Romeo N Juliet" live performance video

Clazziquai Project releases "Romeo N Juliet" live performance video

Clazziquai Project releases Romeo N Juliet live performance videoOn November 30th, Clazziquai Project (Alex, Clazzi, Horan) released a video of their live performance for "Romeo N Juliet," in anticipation of the group's comeback after a 3 year hiatus.

"Romeo N Juliet" was originally released on Clazziquai's album "Love of the Century" in 2007. The jazz tracks is soothing and showcases Alex and Horan's beautiful harmony.

Clazziquai Project is preparing to release a new single album on December 5th, making their return after last releasing the album "Mucho Beat" in November 2009.

Are you looking forward to their comeback in December?

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[KBS 2TV Weekend Drama My Husband Got a Family] Is Mal-suk & Se-gwang Couple a New Romeo & Juliet Couple

[KBS 2TV Weekend Drama My Husband Got a Family] Is Mal-suk & Se-gwang Couple a New Romeo & Juliet Couple

“The Last Day Couple” O Yeong-seo and Gang Min-hyeok in the KBS2TV weekend drama “My Husband Got a Family” shows off a super-dynamic “Tapping Love Line.” In the 45th episode of the weekend drama “My Husband Got a Family”, to be aired on coming June 28, Gang Min-hyeok taps on O Yeon-seo, who was shuddering and sobbing, while covering her with his top.

[KBS 2TV Weekend Drama ‘My Husband Got a Family’] Is Mal-sukSe-gwang Couple a New RomeoJuliet Couple?

In the drama Mal-suk (O Yeon-seo) and Se-gwang (Gang Min-hyeok)’s secret of “Last Day Couple” is noticed by Yun-hui (Kim Nam-ju) and Gwi-nam (Yu Jun-sang). Though Yun-hui persuades them to separate, Mal-suk pleads to allow her to love him. As Se-gwang has become very attentive and sensitive, viewers are wondering what will happen in the future of the “Last Day Couple.”

[KBS 2TV Weekend Drama ‘My Husband Got a Family’] Is Mal-sukSe-gwang Couple a New RomeoJuliet Couple?

In addition, Gang Min-hyeok approaches O Yeon-seo, who is in sad mood, to console her by tapping on the shoulder and covering her with his top softly to keep her warm as she is shuddering in the cold in her simple one-piece. This lovely scene has raised great curiosity of the viewers about the “Tapping Love Line” of this couple.

[KBS 2TV Weekend Drama ‘My Husband Got a Family’] Is Mal-sukSe-gwang Couple a New RomeoJuliet Couple?

What’s still more, the two lovers have continued their location shoot without making any NGs on the way, performing their roles very naturally and harmoniously as if they had already become a fantastic combi-couple. In particular, O Yeon-seo’s energetic and passionate dialogues and unique impressions made the people at the site laugh out loud. One staff member at the location site said, “Well, you’d better make a debut as a gagman! Mal-suk makes us happy always whenever we meet together at the shooting site.” On the other hand, Gang Min-hyeok also makes the location site cheerful with his bright greetings and strenuous efforts for his roles at the site. It is said that he practices with his senior performer and partner O Yeon-seo whenever he has a break and it is also said that he has been interested in Cha Se-gwang very much while practicing repeatedly for his natural performances day and night.

[KBS 2TV Weekend Drama ‘My Husband Got a Family’] Is Mal-sukSe-gwang Couple a New RomeoJuliet Couple?

Writer: Jeon Ji-young

KBS Public Relations Department

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'Unexpected You' CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk & Oh Yeon Seo

'Unexpected You' CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk & Oh Yeon Seo "The New Romeo and Juliet"

KBS, Unexpected You, Kang Min Hyuk, Oh Yeon Seo

SBS Unexpected YouCNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk and actress Oh Yeon Seo are becoming one of the most romantic couples of this summer.

On July 28, the 45th episode of the KBS weekend drama "Unexpected You" will feature Kang Min Hyuk taking care of Oh Yeon Seo while she looks miserable.

During the episode, Bang Mal Sook (Oh Yeon Seo) and Cha Se Gwang (Kang Min Hyuk) have been caught by Cha Yun Hee (Kim Nam Joo), who has been nagging him to end the relationship. Since Cha Yun Hee found out about their relationship, Cha Se Gwang has been in the middle of two women who have been demanding this and that from him. The anticipation to find out what will happen to Bang Mal Sook and Cha Se Gwang has gone through the roof since their relationship has been like a roller coaster throughout the drama.

When people thought it was impossible, the anticipation went up again when a previous of the next episode was revealed. Cha Se Gwang takes off his jacket and puts it around Bang Mal Sook, who is shivering and crying while wearing a sleeve-less dress. What happened and what will happen?

One member of the production crew stated, "The Bang Mal Sook and Cha Se Gwang couple represents the hot and honest couples in their 20s. People tend to become brave and proud when it comes to love and that's what we wanted to portray in the Bal Mal Sook and Cha Se Gwang couple in the drama."

Meanwhile, the KBS weekend drama "Unexpected You" has been receiving an unbelievable viewing rate of 42.7%, becoming the nation's most popular drama of the summer.