Park Yoo-chun's rape scandal isn't an identical as Lee Min-ki's

Park Yoo-chun's rape scandal isn't an identical as Lee Min-ki's

The showbiz is set to hit a storm. News after news has been pouring out and a few eventide say that society is attemptingto hide up anythinglarger alongside scandals like these. It ischallenging to considersituationswerearisingevery day which is causing the public's sentiment to turn into dark.

Comedian Yoo Sang-moo, Lee Juno and Park Yoo-chun have all been accused for sexual offense. In addition, the unforeseen Lee Min-ki used to be also charged with rape.

A media reported that Lee Min-ki turned into charged with rape then discoverednow not guilty. Netizens were appalled with any other male celebrity's shameless behavior.

However, Lee Min-ki isn't an identical as Yoo Sang-moo, Lee Juno or Park Yoo-chun. Whether they were found to blame or not, those 3 were direct other peopleconcerned with the accusers yet Lee Min-ki was an accidental case.

To clarify, it seems like Lee Min-ki was sued for rape after having sex with a girl he met in a club, but actually, he has not anything to do with the case entirely.

Lee Min-ki did cross to a club in Busan but the girl who accused him of rape acknowledged his callby way of mistake and cancelled the feescorrect away. She even apologized to him.

Later, Lee Min-ki was just found 'not guilty'.

The control released a public announcement explaining what came aboutor even so, was careful about pronouncing too much in case it caused any misunderstanding.

They added that they was hopingnot more meaningless injurygot herethru this.

The scandal turns out bad as it looks like Lee Min-ki was found not guilty after having sex with a lady he met in a club.

In addition, he's on Public Accountabilitypresently and is being criticized for illiberal behavior. As a Public Duty worker, he has to head through this to a undeniable point especially at a time like this when sexual scandals are being treated so sensitively.

However, Park Yoo-chun's case is other by nature. If he wasn't immediatelyin contact with the case and his name was put at the list of rapists by accident, it can exist very unfortunate. Even if he would not be so unfastened by ethical compass.

Meanwhile, Yoo Sang-moo, who was charged with attempted rape in a motel, is about to be forwarded to the prosecutors. Lee Juno has been forwarded to the prosecutors already. He was charged with sexually harassing girls in a club.

Park Yoo-chun who has been charged with rape on four accounts, was found not guilty but is still involved with prostitution, risk and false accusation charges.

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Park Yoo-chun's scandal rear blast, the entertainment global prohibited from going to 'bars'

Park Yoo-chun's scandal rear blast, the entertainment global prohibited from going to 'bars'

The shockwave of Park Yoo-chun's scandal will now not be going anyplace anytime soon. The non-stop lawsuit is the controversy of the town. Without reference to being responsible or not, the ladies who claim they were raped by way of Park Yoo-chun are tainting his image. Whilstthe locationdoes notappear to wish to die down, all varieties of tabloids are rampant and comparable reports are being produced.

The police investigation on Park Yoo-chun's fees for rape has begun. Park claims he isn't guilty yetit is too soon to make any judgments. However, media has made its own judgment and is having a box day. The individualwithout delayconcerned and the public looking at all this are suffering. It is justcommonplace that attention is involved ina world star's hidden side. Rumors have it that other celebrities are fearful because it mighttake place to them as well.

Those who are conversant in the entertainment global tell the time has come at last, in isolation with the fact some Park. It sounds as if Park isn't the just one who will have to exist worried. Many celebrities in truthrevel in going to bars despite the reality that the more noted stars are very careful about it. At the other hand, the more famous any individual is, the more tension he gets and he doesn't have some way out so he turns to nightlife.

It's strictly common for a grown famous person paying his own cash to drink at a superblyfelony bar. As a public figure, one can not beverage out in open puts alongside normal people. So, if he can come up with the money for it, a celebrity would drink pricey alcohol in a personal room. The a very powerful bespeak is how he 'enjoys' his time there.

The symbol of a celebrity from a fan or public point of view may also be very other from genuine life. A just righttaking a look and great natured megastarmayin point of fact be scandalous. A 'goodie smart shoes' star who donates heapsof cash to lend a handdeficientother peopleyearly dismissreally be dotted with every kind of corruption. In addition, even bars shall beutterlyalternative from what they say it's farvia tabloids. It is a hugger-mugger rumor that some stars spend millions in an evening at locations like this.

So they are anxious. The maximumsmartly liked stars in this country are nervous that their secret nightlife may come to surface. Several entertainment resources accept told News N that, "So and so is being very careful", "So and so can't sleep at eveningbeing concerned that his habitcould be up on the table next" and a few entertainment corporations own banned their 'kings of the night' from going out to drink at night.

A source said, "Of direction the scenariois extremely serious but we are worried that Park's scandal could inflict a negative influence on the entertainment industry itself. It isn't a lie but it is notcorrect for other celebrities to have their secret lives printed and misunderstood".

This article dates back to June, 17

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Lee Il Hwa jokes about 'scandal' with 'Reply 1988' co-star Park Bo Gum!

Lee Il Hwa jokes about 'scandal' with 'Reply 1988' co-star Park Bo Gum!

The moms of tvN's 'Reply 1988' have teamed up for a comical CF!

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On a up to date interview with SBS' 'One Evening of Television Entertainment', Lee Il Hwa, Ra Mi Ran, and Kim Sun Young returned to 'Ssangmundong' for a noodle CF! 

The interviewer brought up Lee Il Hwa's contemporary scandal with co-star Park Bo Gum, revealing footage of the actress and actor right through the drama crew's recent vacation. The scandal in query had in the past emerged with headlines comparable to "Park Bo Gum on a holiday date with an unknown beauty?" It was once later debunked as the "unknown beauty" turned out to be none as antagonistic to co-star Lee Il Hwa!

The actress commented, "I felt in point of fact sorry for Bo Gum, yet still, it made me happy. Lovely happy," drawing laughter from the others. 

There's undoubtedly no mistake about Lee Il Hwa being a known beauty! 


Park Bo Gum Shocked At His Dating Scandal With Jang Na Ra

Park Bo Gum Shocked At His Dating Scandal With Jang Na Ra

Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara(Photo : Hi Monster) Park Bo Gum is having his first dating scandal and he says there isfully no reality to it. In fact, he cannotaccept as true withit's far happening. Or that he'sfocused on a dating scandal with Jang Na Ra.

The dating rumors started when a blind superstar item claimed that a definite actress in her 1930sused to be dating an actor in his twenties. The unsubstantiated gossip acknowledged that the actress looked very young for her age, which Jang Na Ra does. The actor in querychanged into said to be good-looking and had starred in a well-liked drama, which was also his breakout hit.

So some people, assumed that the actress was the 34-year-old actress Jang Na Ra. And so they assumed that the more youthfulguy was 22-year-old Park Bo Gum, who had a breakout drama hit with the drama "Reply 1988."

It was the primary scandal for Park Bo Gum, who also gave the impression in the movie "Coin Locker Girl." The scandal stuck him through surprise.

"It was amazing to look what being scandalized is like, and I haven't been scandalized before," Park said in an interview with the Korean media outlet Star News.

The actors would perhaps not exist dating yet they do know every other because they worked in combinationat the KBS drama "Hello Monster." She played a police inspector. Park played the brother of the genius crook profiler, played by Search engine optimization In Guk. Their characters had some scenes together in which they displayed promising chemistry. They looked comfy together. But the runningcourtingmight never be as snug again.

"I already knew about the scandal, which has made me and her feel uncomfortable with every one other," he said.

Park was probably the most3 "Reply 1988" stars who lately traveled to Namibia to film "Youth Over Flowers."

Jang Na Ra can currently be observed in the romantic comedy "One More Glad Ending."


Park Hae-jin livid about scandal with Park Shin-hye

Park Hae-jin livid about scandal with Park Shin-hye

Actor Park Hae-jin is livid with the scandal which comes to actress Park Shin-hye.

WM Corporate claims that the itemused to be published best to get many perspectives and was, in a way, a 'fishing article'. This no longer only insults Park Hae-jin yet his fanatics as well.

"This isn'tanything we just just disregard so it's going to existhandled legally".

An article become published at the 12th pronouncing that Park Hae-jin and Park Shin-hye were dating. Apparently, Park Shin-hye said, "Let's move to Seoul Wooded area tomorrow" on her Instagram and an image of the 2 of them were posted after that.

Park Hae-jin's firm said, "The article and its identifydo notfit and the contents of the article is from a netizen's post in 2008. The article is a whole fraud".

This all might've took placebecause of Park Hae-jin's prime popularity. He'sthese days starring in the tvN drama "Cheese in the Trap" as Yoo Jeong.


Jay Park calls out web page for the usage of his photo on a drug scandal post

Jay Park calls out web page for the usage of his photo on a drug scandal post

Jay Park calls out website online for the use of his photo on a drug scandal post

Jay Park called out a undeniable site for driving his photo as the header to a drug scandal post.

The site had used pictures of Jay Park and Dok2 for their post on Korean rappers being focused on a drug scandal. In response, he angrily tweeted, "Trying to be a competent new"s sic source yet they post our pic"s sic implying that it"s us when it ain"t."

He added, "Get yo fact"s immediately prior to you not directly come with us in some bullshit we ain"t concerned in~ aight now back to being a success #aomgilli".

His label said, "Jay Park isn"t associated with the drug scandal at all. We don"t know this site at all, and we can"t get into touch with them because they"re now not a Korean site. It"s very shocking."

Currently, the site has taken down Jay Park and Dok2"s photos as the header.



Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye

Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye"s scandal, hands all over

While Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye are currently swept away in a scandal, how were they on the drama set?

SBS "TV News At Night" delivered news about their scandal and how they got along while they filmed the drama "Pinocchio".

During an interview with "TV News At Night" before the drama, Park Shin-hye had said, "I"ve never seen an actor this pretty" and Lee Jong-suk also said, "I think Park Shin-hye is really pretty".

Park Shin-hye also said, "I"ve had tough times when I don"t get along with my male partner but not with Lee Jong-suk".

On the set of the drama, Park Shin-hye continued to smile even after the "cut" sign and Lee Jong-suk was seen organizing her hair for her.

They seemed very natural "touching" each other like that. Lee Jong-suk claimed he has fear of attention and when the camera got close to them he held onto Park Shin-hye and said, "I need someone to rely on".


Lee, Park engulfed in love scandal

Lee, Park engulfed in love scandal

Model-turned-actor Lee Jong-suk and actress Park Shin-hye have been engulfed by a love scandal since Wednesday morning.However, both sides denied their relationship later the same day, saying, "Park and Lee are really close friends, so they sometimes meet personally. They are definitely not dating".The scandal was aroused when an online entertainment media outlet reported that the two celebrities have developed into lovers after starring in SBS drama series "Pinocchio", aired from 2014 to January of this year. It went on to say the actor and the actress have been dating for around four months.The outlet also said the two have gone on some international dates. The two reportedly went to London in March for a shoot with fashion magazine InStyle. Additionally, when Lee visited Hawaii to participate in a shoot for magazine Allure, Park went there around the same time. In response to the scandal, myriad articles speculating on their relationship have appeared on the Internet. Various pictures of Park taken alongside Lee that were posted on the actress" personal SNS over the past few months are being especially scrutinized. By Jin Min-ji


Park Shi Hoo Coming Back to Dramalands After 2 Years Since Sexual Assault Scandal

Park Shi Hoo Coming Back to Dramalands After 2 Years Since Sexual Assault Scandal

Park Shi Hoo Coming Back to Dramalands After 2 Years Since Sexual Assault Scandal

Two years have passed since the horrific claims of sexual assault against him, Park Shi Hoo has been confirmed to make his Korean comeback!

According numerous sources in the industry, the actor is in talks to star in a cable drama.

An associate from the actor’s side told the media, “He has been looking over various projects in Korea since last year. There are some possibilities that are being discussed, but nothing has been set in stone.”

They further continued, “It is not like he is restrained in the activities he chooses to do, so we are open to possibilities. But as said, nothing is confirmed at this point.” Park Shi Hoo is currently not banned from any networks.

The actor has been mostly active abroad, in Japan and China. His Chinese film “After Lovewill be opening in theaters in 2015.

Previously, he was involved in a sexual assault case in 2013. The charges were eventually dropped.



Healer Episode 4 Review: Park Min Young Writes about the Next Seoul Mayor’s Sex Scandal

Healer Episode 4 Review: Park Min Young Writes about the Next Seoul Mayor’s Sex Scandal

Healer Episode 4 Review: Park Min Young Writes about the Next Seoul Mayors Sex Scandal

In Healer, episode 4, Chae Young Shin(played by Park Min Young) wrote an article about the next Seoul mayors sex scandal.

At work, Young Shin was told by her boss not to write about the sex scandal of the next Seoul mayor. That day, after a get-together with her colleagues, she went home drunk and wrote the article. She eventually hit the upload button, and the next day, the whole country was in an uproar.