Jimins Hands Have Undergone a Drastic Change

Jimins Hands Have Undergone a Drastic Change

Fans discovered that BTSs Jimins adorable baby hands have transformed into manly hands!

BTSs Jimin is known for his cute small sized hands that everyone absolutely adored! Fans, his fellow members, and even other Korean celebrities have expressed how precious and adorable his small fingers were.

Jimins fellow BTS members love to occasionally tease Jimin for his small fingers by making him compare his pinky finger to theirs

Look at how small his fingers are compared to the other members~.

On 1theKs QA show ASK IN A BOX, Jin expressed that he wished he had Jimins cute hands. The BTS members then proceeded to make Jimin show how small his hands really were by comparing pinky finger sizes with V, who has the biggest hands out of all of them.

They just love seeing how cute his little pinky finger is.

Fantaken pictures of Jimins hands have melted the hearts of fans the world over for their gentle and soft appearance.

Such a tiny and delicate hand.His fingers appear soft, almost childlike.

May seem like a smaller finger heart compared to others, but his love for fans is abundant!

Jimins hands vs Jungkooks hands

Recent pictures of Jimin, however, appear to show a drastic change in the shape and softness of his hands. Indeed, his hands have begun to appear more veiny and muscular as opposed to tender and soft.

They seem bigger with more veins than usual.

BOOM. Look at those muscular hands!

너 이름은 탱이야 초록탱이#JIMIN#탱이 pic.twitter.com/4DDjNQRu7w

Some have argued that the manliness of his hands is dependent on the angle, but well let you decide.

Look how large his hand looks in this photo!A close-up photo of Jimins hand taken last year.Very veiny hands indeed!!