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Son Seung Hun and On Joo Wan Show the Difference Between Good Guy and Bad Guy in New Movie Stills

The recently released movie stills of the upcoming movie “Human Addiction” displayed the difference between a good guy and bad guy. As Son Seung Hun acts as a military superior name Jin Pyung and On Joo Wan acts as one of Jin Pyung’s inferiors, Woo Suk, the movie will focus on two men’s love for one woman within the military quarters.

“Human Addiction” will display a superior officer’s innocent love for a woman that contrasts to an inferior’s manipulative use of his wife. As the new movie stills foreshadow two men’s intricate relationship with Lim Ji Yeon‘s character, Ga Heun, the movie will convey a twisted love battle.

Although rivals on screen, Son Seung Hun and On Joo Wan showed their newly formed friendship off screen when resting or monitoring their scenes

‘Obsessed’ Song Seung Hun & Im Ji Yeon Film A Photo Shoot


Actor Song Seung Hun and actress Im Ji Yeon of the new melodrama movie "Obsessed" showed off their chemistry in the new couple photo shoot. Fashion magazine Vogue Korea on the May issue released couple fashion photos of actor Song Seung Hun and actress Im Ji Yeon of the new melodrama movie "Obsessed." In the couple fashion photos, actor Song Seung Hun and actress Im Ji Yeon are dressed as their character in the new movie "Obsessed," Jin Pyung and Ka Heun. In one of the photos, the two are leaning into each other on a bed. The movie "Obsessed" tells a story of Korean soldiers in the Vietnam war. In addition to actor Song Seung Hun and actress Im Ji Yeon, actress Jo Yeo Jung, actor On Joo Wan, and actor Yoo Hae Jin will star in the movie. Director Kim Dae Woo produced the movie. The movie "Obsessed" will premiere on May 15, 2014

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha makes cameo appearances on ‘A Witch’s Romance’

Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha made cameo appearances on the recently premiered tvN's new drama 'A Witch's Romance.'
On the first episode of 'A Witch's Romance' on April 14th, Narsha appeared as a shaman. She was visited by Choi Jung Sook (actress Yang Hee Kyung) who wanted to consult the marriage matter of her daughter Ban Ji Yeon (actress Uhm Jung Hwa). Narsha made another cameo on the second episode where she had a conversation with Uhm Jung Hwa's character.
Narsha's performance left a great impression on the production team of the drama and was praised, "All of the staff members were greatly impressed by her acting skill, and made a great round of applause for her performance."
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Narsha – Jang Hyun Sung – Jun So Min Make Cameo Appearances

Let"s take a look at some cameo appearances these stars have made.

"Witch"s Romance" aired its first episode on the 14th through tvN, and Brown Eyed Girls" Narsha left a big impression on viewers with her possessed shaman acting.

Narsha played the shaman that Choi Jung Sook (Yang Hee Kyung) and her daughter Ban Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa) consulted for Ban Ji Yeon"s marriage problem.

Narsha playfully asked Park Seo Joon (Yoo Dong Ha) to change the light in one scene, and showed crazy eyes in another. She is emerging as a "scene stealer."

It"s completely different from the sexy Narsha that we"ve seen on stage. And her fun and playful charm in "Witch"s Romance" added to the entertainment factor in the drama.

Not only that, she also appeared in the 2nd episode and said to Uhm Jung Hwa, "Why did you live this kind of life so far?" and spat at her

Song Seung Hun and Lim Ji Yeon Show Deep Chemistry in Both Film and Photoshoot

Actors Song Seung Hun and Lim Ji Yeon showed their compatibility through a recent photoshoot for Vogue. Having filmed the movie “Human Addiction,” which is set to be released in May, the two have previewed their teamwork and onscreen chemistry through the recent photoshoot. One recently released photo from the Vogue shoot shows Lim Ji Yeon leaning against the legs of Song Seung Hun. While the actress gives a longing stare towards the camera, the actor’s gaze seems to be set on someplace else.

Furthermore, the intense crimson color is quite noticeable, as the deep color foreshadows the depth of emotions that would be portrayed in the upcoming film. “Human Addiction” will portray a shocking love story between those of superior and inferior ranks that takes place in the military residence of soldiers during the 1969 Vietnam War

A Witch’s Love” Um Jung Wha And Park Suh Joon’s Foam Kiss

(Photo : tvN)

"A Witch"s Love" Um Jung Wha and Park Suh Joon had a foamy kiss.

On the 2nd episode of tvN "A Witch"s Love" broadcast on April 15th, Ban Ji Yeon (played by Um Jugn Wha) and Yoon Dong Wha (played by Park Suh Joon) kissed.

Ont his day, the two people meet each other at the fortuneteller"s house and take each other"s cell phones and meet at a street bar.

The two people who had the worst relationship end up drinking together and Ban Ji Yeon loses her mind. Yoon Dong Ha ended up bringing her home because she was making a scene.

Ban Ji Yeon held Yoon Dong Ha who was going to go home and in the end, drank more beer. As she opened a can of beer, there was foam coming out of the can and the two people put their face together and kissed

Narsha appeared as a shaman in Witch’s Love drama

(Photo : tvN)

“A Witch”s Love” Brown Eyed Girls Narsha made a cameo appearance.

On the first episode of tvN Monday/Tuesday drama “A Witch”s Love” broadcast on April 14th, for a special broadcasting Narsha was a traditional Korean shaman at the place where Choi Jung Sook (played by Yang Hee Kyung) visited.

On this day, Choi Jung Sook went to a fortunetelling house as her daughter Ban Ji Yeon (played by Um Jung Wha) did not get married and at the strange vibe, Narsha appeared as a shaman and started to go forth with reading her fortune.

Narsha especially put forth a special voice and showed a natural cursing as her brazen acting perfected the role of a shaman and captured the attention of viewers.

“A Witch’s Love” begins with a sweet kiss

One of the reasons the kiss takes on such significance in k-dramas is because viewers have to wait so long for it.

Viewers can usually expect a declaration of love and a kiss by around the tenth episode but occasionally they have to wait a few episodes longer.

And although there are dramas that start out with a more intimate relationship between the leads, it”s still the exception rather than the rule.

“A Witch”s Love” is already in the exception category as it featured a kiss in the first episode. The story about a romance between a successful career woman and a much younger man might seem similar to “Secret Love Affair,” but “A Witch”s Love” is a romantic comedy, while the other drama is a melodrama.

“A Witch”s Love” plays the love story of an unconventional couple for laughs

Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yoon Ji talk about their upcoming drama “That Kind Of Love”

(Photo : KBS)

“That Kind of Love” Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yoon Ji.

“I guarantee, “That Kind of Love” will be the best mellow drama this year!”

2014 KBS 2TV drama special short drama “That Kind of Love” (script Lee Joo Yeon, director Cha Young Hoon)”s protagonists Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yoon Ji made a strong supporting statement.

“That Kind of Love” is about Huh Jin Wook (played by Bae Soo Bin) and other inmates that have a sentence and an emotional mellow drama with volunteer Ji Yeon Soo (played by Lee Yoon Ji) who helps the education process.

On April 8th, Bae Soo Bin said, “I wonder if I”ll be ablet o find a good piece” in the late night filming that lasted in Suwon. He also said, “The idea of a life sentence, I think life is really sad.” Bae Soo Bin who looked like he was fully immersed in the life of Jin Wook pointed at the turning point saying, “Such sad story about a man and a woman who comfort each others” trauma is making viewers cry

“Witch’s Romance” is not similar to “Secret Love Affair’”!


Actress Um Jung Hwa and actor Park Suh Joon are filming a funny romance drama to capture the hearts of the fans. In the press release of the cable channel tvN”s new Monday Tuesday drama “Witch”s Romance,” which took place in the Imperial Palace in Non Hyun Dong, Kang Nam, Seoul, in the afternoon of April 9, 2014, producer Lee Jung Hyo, scriptwriters Ban Gi Gi and Lee Sun Jung, and actors such as Um Jung Hwa and Park Suh Joon made their appearances.

The age gap between actress Um Jung Hwa and actor Park Suh Joon is 19 years, which is the same as the age gap between the two main characters of the cable channel JTBC”s new drama “Secret Love Affair.” In the cable channel JTBC”s “Secret Love Affair,” the main characters are also played by a couple with a big age gap: a 46 year old actress Kim Hee Ae and a 27 year old actor Yoo Ah In