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Gary and Taiwanese Celebrity Peter Ho Could be Freeing a Collaboration Album

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Gary and Taiwanese Famous person Peter Ho Could beFreeing a Collaboration Albumck525 November 25, 2015 0 LINE it!Gary and Taiwanese Star Peter Ho Will Be Releasing a Collaboration Album Gary will be taking part alongside Taiwan’s maximumloved star Peter Ho.

According to a media insider on November 26, Gary will be releasing an album with Peter Ho early next year.

The unencumber date will perhaps exist January 5. Gary will rap whilst Peter Ho, who has made a call for himself as an actor and singer, will sing. It's miles assumed that the individuals of “Running Man” will sign up for in as well.

Gary and Peter Ho met after a assembly for a Taiwanese drama, produced via Peter Ho, used to be held in Korea. The 2 met in Seoul and agreed on a collaboration album, keento peer the synergy effect between the recognition of “Running Man” and Peter Ho.

“The two have determined to movie the track video around December 10. It'llscreen the sturdy bond of loyalty between the “Running Man” members,” a media insider said.

“Running Man” is recentlythe largest hit in China. Peter Ho, too, is Taiwan’s best star, and he recently filmed the drama “Beautiful Secret” with f(x)s Victoria.

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SPOILER Gary finds his house on 'Running Man'

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SPOILER Gary finds his house on 'Running Man'

Rapper Gary exhibits his bachelor"s pad in newest episode of "Running Man" where every contributors were assigned to a spouse for a couple-race assignment.

When learning that he was once paired with Gary, Haha paid a wonder consult with to Gary"s candy home, revealing Gary"s non-public space for the primary time on air.

As Haha rummaged via Gary"s house, it turned into printed that the rapper has his own studio and paintings area installed correct at domestic where he produced more than one hit tracks for Leessang and himself. The rapper also had a spacious living room and a room full of shoes and snapback hats.

Check out Gary"s sweet pad below!

Gary provides an Exclusive excursion of His space on “Running Man”

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Gary Gives an Exclusive Tour of His Condo on “Running Man” Leessang‘s Gary has published his candy house on “Running Man.”

On the new episode of the display on November 22, the contributors have a couple-race theme with male guests, featuring actor Kim Kwang Gyu, Jo Jung Chi, Min Kyung Hoon, and Teen Top‘s Niel.

Haha is assigned to be partners with Gary, so he can pay a marvel discuss with to his dwelling in the morning.

When Gary opens the door, he’s stuck off guard and greets the camera with a sleepy face.

Next, Gary unearths his house for the primary time all the manner through broadcast, which is slightly well organized. His display screen of shoes and snapbacks are especially attention-grabbing in his sumptuous house. Gary even gives an exclusive tour of his recording studio, which he hasn't ever revealed anyplace else before.

Catch up to the maximum recent episode now!

Gary Finds house for the primary Time on “Running Man”

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Gary Exhibits Homestead for the 1st Time on “Running Man” Gary has published what his space seems like for the first time at the upcoming episode of “Running Man!”

The theme for the impending race is “Weak Men” and the visitors are Kim Kwang Gyu, Park Soo Hong, Jo Jung Chi, Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon, and Teen Top’s Niel. Ahead of they head out on the camping trip, they have got to marvel their spouse at their house.

Haha is teamed up with Gary in this episode and is going at once to his house, revealing it on camera for the first time. he's shocked by ability of Gary’s massive sneaker series and his own track production studio. He may be surprised that the home is hastily neat.

In the race, the pair is tied along side a rope all day, which instantly away reasons complications when one of them has to visit the bathroom.

The episode will be broadcast on November 22 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Watch the ultimate episode here:

Gary Finds What’s below His blouse on “Running Man”

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Gary Exhibits What’s Under His Shirt on “Running Man” On the November 15 broadcast of “Running Man,” the participants paired up with the comedians from “People trying to find a Laugh” in the “Battle Gag Race.” In the overall mission, the members had to act out comedy skits, a new capability for everybody with the exception of former gagmen Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin.

When it was once Gary’s turn in the skit, Gary put a stethoscope on one comedian’s stomach. without notice the comedians ordered him to exchange roles.

Flustered at the unscripted scene, yet with the toughen of the ladies in the audience, he raised his shirt a little. He shyly covered his abdomen and ad-libbed, “Kids, are you ready to close your eyes for a bit?”

Gary unearths what Song Ji Hyo approach to him all through interview

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Gary unearths what Song Ji Hyo approach to him all through interview

When it comes to Song Ji Hyo, Gary"s were given not anything yet excellent things to say! This beyond November 2, one Chinese media outlet printed an interview it conducted with Gary.

When the inevitable query of what Song Ji Hyo means to him got here up, Gary responded honestly, "A smart friend. Because we"ve been on "Running Man" in combination for 6 years, it"s change into dependancy for us to tease every other."

Gary continued, "Some other folks think that it"s strictly trade between us. They say, "Those two are handiest acting like a couple to make money," but we do it for amusing and we are in the procedure of arising our characters."

"It"s the similar with the alternative members. It"s now not that Kwangsoo acts dumb not to make money. Of course, there are individuals that don"t like it, but for the folk that do, we do our best.

Gary concluded by way of appearing some love for "Running Man," saying, ""Running Man" is an unforeseen success for me. It"s luck that I did the show, and an analogous might be stated for the enthusiasts I met via it. It"s the biggest luck in my life."

Gary Discusses Song Ji Hyo Yet Again

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Gary Discusses Song Ji Hyo Yet Again

Gary Kang discussed his "Running Man" co-star Song Ji Hyo in a recent interview with the Chinese media. Interviews usually include a question about the singer"s relationship with his co-star as so many viewers like to imagine they are also a real life couple. His comments probably did not discourage fans from imagining the co-stars as a couple outside of their TV appearance.

In the interview, which was quoted by the international streaming source Viki.com, Gary attempted to satisfy media curiosity about their relationship.

"Song Ji Hyo is a good colleague. Some people think that our relationship is purely a business relationship. Some people say that we pretend to be a couple in order to earn money. I can understand that, but at the same time, some people like to see us flirt."

After so many years of working together he admits that they have become fond of each other and like to tease each other.

"We have appeared together on "Running Man" for six years now, so it isn"t awkward to tease each other. There is certainly an element of fiction in it for all of us, but not all of it is fake and we enjoy the process."

He said that their ongoing flirtation was part of trying to please the audience and that he is both happy and grateful to be on the show.

It has only been a few months since the last time that Gary discussed their relationship. That discussion took place on an August 3 episode of "Healing Camp."

At the time he said that their love line did not work.

"I doesn"t work no matter how hard I try. It"s been five years. Five. I could"ve had real feelings for her during that time, but I"m solely focused on work."

At the time he insisted that they had no relationship outside of work and that actually dating might create workplace problems.

"If we really do start dating and we happen to split, I feel like one of us has to leave the show so that"s why I"m just focused on work."

On August 26 Gary and Song Ji Hyo were seen at Changsha Airport in China. They were on their way to participate in the Chinese variety show "Day Day Up."

Passers-by photographed them holding hands as they hurried through the airport. No camera were running at the time.

And yet they continue to insist they can only be friends because they work together. What might happen if they did not work together? Hard to tell.

The Monday Couple continues to be one of the most liked on-screen duos. Whether it"s all fake, all real or just a little exaggerated, viewers can"t get enough of them.

Gary Talks Candidly About Song Ji Hyo and “Running Man”

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Gary Talks Candidly About Song Ji Hyo and “Running Man” Gary mentioned his “Monday lover” Song Ji Hyo an in interview with a Chinese media.

When asked what Song Ji Hyo manner to him, he said, “She is a superb colleague. Some other people think that we are in a industry relationship. Some individuals say that we faux to be a couple so as to earn money. I will realize that, yet at the similar time, some of us like to peer us flirt.”

He said, “We had been acting on ‘Running Man‘ in combination for 6 years, so it isn't awkward to tease every other. There is no doubt a part of fiction in all of us, but no longer all of it's miles faux and we revel in the process. Lee Kwang Soo isn’t pretending to be stupid simply because he needs to earn money. it's all a a section of looking to make things appealing and amusing for the viewers. We won’t be ready to delight everyone, but we paintings demanding for the those who love us.”

Gary ended through thanking “Running Man,” pronouncing “The display is an unforeseen fortune in my life. i'm so fortunate to have been concerned with it, and i'm so glad to have met such so much of folk via it.”

Running guy - Gary, 'I have a name song each time I damage up'

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Running guy - Gary, 'I have a name song each time I damage up'

Gary spoke about a jinx he has.

Gary was once in the television display "Strong Heart" in the year 2011. He said, "I get a name song each and every time I get a divorce with my girlfriend. I haven"t had a female friend in 4~5 years since my debut".

"I went to a club after the primary album promotions ended and I met my lady friend whilst dancing with her. Then we broke up and that"s when our title song for the 3rd album got here out".

Gary said, "After that my girlfriend and I again and again were given back in combination and then broke up again, leading to 3 more songs. She"s married now".

Meanwhile, Gary came out with his first album in 2002. The song "Butt" had excessive lyrics and they were adult rated.

Source : sports.hankooki.com/l...

Song Ji Hyo Sweetly looks after Gary in Behind-the-Scenes Footage of “Running Man”

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Song Ji Hyo Sweetly Takes Care of Gary in Behind-the-Scenes Photographs of “Running Man” SBS‘s “Running Man” released some adorable behind-the-scenes photos of Song Ji Hyo looking after Gary.

These photos were taken when they were filming the hole of an upcoming episode and they were in the midst of dining lunch. Seeing that Gary couldn’t fairly succeed in the alternative facet dishes some distance away, Song Ji Hyo picked up the other foods and gave it to him herself.

A team of workers member at the set explained, “It used to be lunch time when we were shooting the opening. Since all and sundry had to take a seat in one directly line, the contributors couldn’t revel in the entirety that turned into at the table. Song Ji Hyo, who was sitting next to Gary, began picking up the foods that he couldn’t reach and making certain to cope with him.”

In other photos, when the members get started trying to find water, the gentleman Lee Kwang Soo was the primary one to wake up and pour it to the others.

Fans may be in a position to other behind-the-scenes photos each and every Wednesday through following the professional Facebook of “Running Man.”

Catch up to the maximum recent episode now!