Jessica Vs. Girls' Generation At A Fan Signing Event

Jessica Vs. Girls' Generation At A Fan Signing Event

Things might be getting a little heated between Girls’ Generation and former member Jessica. At first, it seemed like coincidence and fair for Girls’ Generation and Jessica to have their comebacks respectively in the same month at the same time but now fans have noticed something shocking about their upcoming fan meetings.

It was recently announced that Jessica and Girls’ Generation will be hosting their fan meeting and album signing event on the same day, at the same time, at the same place! Now fans are wondering if this an amazing opportunity for SONEs to see the group altogether as one again or if this will form some sort of rivalry and showcase who is adored more than the other. A popularity contest, in other words.

On August 11 at 7 PM KST, Jessica will be holding a fan signing for her ‘My Decade‘ album on the 5th floor of theLotte World Mallon the bridge that connects theAvenuelmall to the main building. Girls’ Generation are set for the same day and time and will be hosting their fan signing on the 7th floor of theLotte World Mall, at theLotte Cinema Plaza.

Fans already expressed their concern wondering how the event will pan out due to the clash in schedules. Do you think a war might break out among SONEs or will the fan signings co-exist in harmony? Whatever the case may be, fans feel certain that this was not a coincidence. Stay tuned for more updates!