Jessica Talks About How She And f(x)s Krystal Recently Supported Each Others Work

Jessica Talks About How She And f(x)s Krystal Recently Supported Each Others Work

In a recent interview, Jessica talked about her bond with f(x)s Krystal and how the sisters support each others work.

Jessica recently released the album My Decade in commemoration of her 10th debut anniversary. When asked if she would become a celebrity again if she had the choice, she said, I dont regret joining the entertainment industry at all. If I was born again, Id do the same thing. Id also still open a business [like Im doing now]. I have fun doing the things I like to do. In business, you get to meet new people. I plan to keep challenging the things I want to do. I want to try making a shoes line if I get the chance because I really like shoes.

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Jessicas younger sister, Krystal, is currently acting in the tvN drama Bride of the Water God. Jessica said, My sister listened to all the songs on my album [before they came out]. We have different music tastes but she really liked Starry Night. She said the melody was pretty. She got the chance to listen to the songs before their release but only said, Its good, you worked hard. The only feedback she gave me was which songs she liked the best.

She added, Similarly, I havent been able to watch all of Bride of the Water God. For one thing, she doesnt appear all the time. But when she does appear, shes really pretty. Shes playing a goddess and shes never done that before so it feels new. In this drama, her character is a strong ice princess, but I think Id like her to try the opposite in the future. I want more people to recognize Krystals softer side as well.

Previously, Jessica sent Krystal a coffee truck on the set of her drama in support.

Jessica released her 10th anniversary album and music video Summer Storm on August 9.