Jessica Talks About Funny Incident At Las Vegas Club

Jessica Talks About Funny Incident At Las Vegas Club

Jessica sat down for an interview at Coridel Entertainment on August 7. During the interview, she revealed a funny incident at a club!

Jessica was asked whether she had any 10 year plans. She responded, Personally, I wish there are many moments I can laugh. I want to travel a lot and do everything that I havent been able to do before. I realized that I havent even been to a club in Korea before.

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She continued, I dont think I have a particularly upright image, but I think I was subconsciously refraining [from going]. I used to think having a light drink with friends is enough, but lately, I think, Why not? When will I go if I dont go now? I want to live the next 10 years with no regrets.

Jessica then talked about a funny incident that occurred in a Las Vegas club. She said, When I went to a club in Las Vegas, a pretty famous DJ came up to me and asked whether I knew who DJ Park was. The DJ explained that DJ Park contacted [him/her]. I was wondering who DJ Park was, but she showed me a photo and it turned out to be Park Myung Soo. I told the DJ that DJ Park is famous in Korea and is a comedian who does a lot of different things.

Meanwhile, Jessica recently shared her thoughts about Girls Generation, and will be releasing her third mini album this month!