Jessica Makes Waves With Her 'Summer Storm' Comeback

Jessica Makes Waves With Her 'Summer Storm' Comeback

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica is currently celebrating her 10 years since debut and has finally released her anticipated track “Summer Storm.”

As always, Jessica is radiant and beautiful as she captures the attention of fans with her never changing beauty. The MV is classic and simple as it showcases Jessica celebrating with her close and personal friends but still looking for a special someone among the crowd.

“Summer Storm” is a mid-tempo song from her latest album ‘My Decade’ that touches one’s hearts with meaningful lyrics such as “Bring my back to the summer storms of you and I.” The song is easy on the ears, free of any distracting sounds and instrumentals and has a steady flow alongside Jessica’s familiar vocals. Check out the MV down below!

What do you think of Jessica’s amazing comeback? Don’t forget to check out the rest of her ‘My Decade” album!