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Fans to find Jessica's photocard in Girls' Generation albums

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Fans to find Jessica's photocard in Girls' Generation albums

Remember when fans discovered Tao"s photocard in quite so much of SM Entertainment artist albums?

Well, the similar is it turns out that taking place with Jessica now! Fanatics had been locating her photocard in Girls" Generation"s "Lion Heart" album as well as the one who the album comes with.

A YouTuber used to be recording himself unboxing the girls" latest album, and when he were given to the photocard, he iced over in surprise since the face having a look up at him from the photocard turned into none rather then Jessica. To most sensible it off, the photocard was a "Mr. Taxi" photocard, one of the crucial girls" older albums. Fans in the comments also published they"ve got Jessica cards.

Check out the video below! What do you think?

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Girls" Generation"s Jessica models for BLANC & ECLARE

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Girls" Generation"s Jessica reveals her feminine charm for fashion brand BLANC and ECLARE, check out her modelling pics below:

Screenshots of Girls" Generation"s "Catch Me If You Can" with Jessica surface

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Screenshots of Girls

Screenshots from a previous version of Girls" Generation"s "Catch Me If You Can" MV including Jessica have been spreading like wildfire online.

Fans already have speculated that Jessica was supposed to have been part of the song, and now they have come across more evidence that seem to solidify the assumptions. The screenshots show Tiffany and Taeyeon with bangs while they do not have any in the released version of the MV.

There are rumors that the 9-member version will be leaked by a fan. What do you think?

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Jessica says she enjoys her independence now she"s no longer in Girls" Generation in "Marie Claire" shoot

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Jessica says she enjoys her independence now she

Jessica was recently featured in the June issue of fashion magazine "Marie Claire" dressed in casual apparel from top brands such as "H&M" and "Miu Miu."

During the exclusive interview with the magazine, Jessica started things off by talking about her clothing company, saying, "We are going to release a denim line this season for "BLANC & ECLARE." Dealing with denim wasn"t easy. I had to think from the point of view of the person wearing it when designing denim jeans."

She then revealed that she is scared of participating in interviews the most because there are so many misunderstandings that usually follow afterwards. She said, "Honestly, I am scared of doing interviews. Sometimes there would be reports that twist my words around and there are many times when misunderstandings would follow. Even then, I can"t explain or clarify things everytime it happens. When I was thinking about the bigger picture, I thought that it would be best to hold my words rather than trying to explain everything."

Jessica also mentioned her former idol group Girls" Generation during the interview and said that she is a lot more free now that she is independent. She said, "There are a lot of things that changed since I was in Girls" Generation. First, I have freedom. It was good when I was with other members too, but now that I"m promoting alone, I have the freedom to use my time however I want. I think I"m going to attend classes in school so I can learn more about fashion design professionally. I didn"t decide on the exact time yet. For now, I"m studying hard alone. Whatever it is, once you"ve endured something, I think comfort is what follows. Even when I have to endure something hard, as time passes, there are more times that I would be happy than not. 

"If I were still a part of Girls" Generation, I wouldn"t be able to participate in a photo shoot like today. Idol group members always have to be happy. Nice, pure, and happy. But I"m already 27 and I can"t always be that happy girl."

The former idol member also firmly stated in public that she is no longer a girl and that she is quite okay with attending the pictorial shooting alone.

Check out the cuts of Jessica from "Marie Claire" below!

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Jessica to appear on broadcast for the first time since leaving Girls" Generation

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Jessica to appear on broadcast for the first time since leaving Girls

Since leaving Girls" Generation, Jessica will be appearing for the first time on TV through a Chinese variety program! It appears she has recently taken part in the recording. She departed for Beijing, China through the Incheon International Airport on April 23 for what was revealed to be personal reasons while the official schedule was kept under wraps.

It was revealed through the Chinese on-line sphere on April 24, however, that there was a specific reason for her visit to China and it was to be on a new variety program! Pictures of her from the recording have also been posted on-line, but not much information regarding the actual show has been divulged.

Look forward to seeing her smiling face on TV again!

Hara deletes Instagram photo with former Girls" Generation member Jessica and Davichi"s Kang Min Kyung, likely from backlash

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Hara deletes Instagram photo with former Girls

On April 3, KARA"s Hara had posted a photo of herself, Davichi"s Kang Min Kyung, and former Girls" Generation member Jessica,hanging out with bright smiles on their faces. But this seemingly innocent picture apparently riled up some fans, and the backlash may have been a bit much for Hara, for she deleted the post soon afterwards.

She wrote, "denim sisters," as a caption accompanying the photo, which showed the three rocking their skinny jeans as they smiled for the camera.

However, not everyone was happy to see this picture, it seems, because some believed Hara might hurt the feelings of the other Girls" Generation members she"s friends with by remaining close with Jessica and posting pictures with her.

With her deleting the photo, many have been asking her to repost as well as expressing their frustration with fans who take things too far over something as small as an innocent photo.

Ex- Girls' Generation's Jessica Takes Stunningly Beautiful Pictures for Yves Saint Laurent Pictorial

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Ex- Girls' Generation's Jessica Takes Stunningly Beautiful Pictures for Yves Saint Laurent Pictorial

Ex- Girls' Generation's member, Jessica, gave fans an inside look at her commercial photoshoot for her collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent on Instagram on March 9th.

She expressed her enthusiasm for her new partnership.

“Happy to announce Jessica Jung x YSL Beaute. Let’s rock!”

One photo shows Jessica retouching her make-up in front of a mirror. Another shows her shrouded in a thin cream-shaded veil.

The 25-year-old starlet dropped out of K-pop group Girls’ Generation in 2014, and since then has taken to fashion design. Reports were made recently that she was eyeing acting roles.

Former Girls' Generation Member Jessica Jung Rumored To Debut As A Soloist In Japan

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Jessica Jung Recording Studio (Photo : Jessica Instagram) After being seen in a recording studio, former Girls" Generation member Jessica is thought to be preparing for her solo debut in Japan.

The rumors have been fueled by several clues that resourceful netizens have been piecing together, according to report from Koreaboo.

First, there was an Instagram photo that Jessica posted which showed herself in a recording studio in New York City, where she is currently living after leaving the group. She was seen sitting in front of a professional sound mixing console and leaving the message: "Keeping the voice warm. Nice place @azadwatchnyc @tonice4tv #nyc #coldweather #warmvoice."

Then came reports that Japanese singer, Itano Tomoni, had suggested that Jessica could arrive in Japan when the former was speaking in a fan meeting.

Tomoni is a former member of the popular idol girl group AKB48 and the first in her group to launch a solo debut and a successful one at that with her first single "Dear J" reaching number one on the Oricon daily ranking.

The Tomoni-Jessica connection gained significance when netizen sleuths then also discovered that Jessica was following Japanese music producerHide Kawadaon Instagram. Kawada is the CEO of United Future Creators Inc., a music publishing company in Japan that has published music for Tomomi and SM Entertainment artists such as TVXQ"s "I Know" which released in 2013.

It has been speculated that Jessica and Kawada may have met in New York City during the idol"s recent trip with her sister and f(x) member Krystal. The two have been spotted together strolling around the streets of New York.

Fans have been supportive of her possible solo debut. They have expressed encouragement for the idol. "I miss your voice", "Can"t wait for your debut as solo my princess", and "Always here to support you."

If the rumors turn out to be true, are you looking forward to Jessica"s Japanese debut?

Jessica Jung And Girls Generation Members Attend New York Fashion Week

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Jessica Jung And Girls Generation Members Attend New York Fashion Week

Several members of Girls Generation were reported to be in New York City during February of 2015, including former member Jessica Jung. While some hoped this might lead to a reunion, nothing official was planned.

Jessica and her sister, f(x) member and "My Lovely Girl" star Krystal Jung were spotted in the Soho neighborhood of New York., The sisters were having fun shopping in some of Soho"s trendier boutiques. But while Jessica may also have been in the city to attend the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, she was not seen in public with any of the other Girls Generation members. Since leaving Girls Generation in 2014 she has pursued a lifelong interest in fashion, by focusing on her own fashion line BlancEclare.

Choi Soo Young, who starred in the drama "My Spring Days," was seen in lower Manhattan on February 12. She visited New York for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week shows, which run from February 11 through February 19. On February 12, the day"s fashion events included viewing the newest looks by such trendy brands as Richard Chai, Desigual and BCBGMAXAZRIA. She attracted plenty of attention when she was photographed at the Coach Fall 2015 show and in front of the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue, wearing a pale pink furry jacket and short skirt plus Coach bag and metallic open-toed shoes. While in the city, she ate at restaurants such as Piora and took lots of photographs.

Tiffany posted a picture on Instagram, commenting on New York"s less than friendly temperatures and she used the hashtag #freezing. In the photograph she can be seen bundled up against the cold.

The three members of the Girls Generation"s official sub group TaeTiSeo were in the city to represent the French fashion brand Louis Quatorze. The brand released elegant photos of Tiffany, Seohyun and Taeyeon on the red carpet accompanied by bodyguards.

It was not the first time that TaeTiSeo attended fashion shows in New York City. In 2014 the stylish singers stole the spotlight at the Ralph Lauren runway show.

SM Entertainment formed TaeTiSeo in 2012. The name TaeTiSeo, or TTS, is made up of the first syllables of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun.

Jessica and Krystal Welcome New Day Together - Girls Look Absolutely Awesome

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Jessica and Krystal Welcome New Day Together - Girls Look Absolutely Awesome

The Jung sisters (Jessica and Krystal) charmed fans'heart with their selfie. The two girls woke up together and looked absolutely awesome!

Jessica posted on her instagram account, "My cute alarm clock." Though their faces were half covered, we could see how fresh and pretty the sisters are in their matching white pajamas.