Jeongyeon Protects Tzuyu From Embarrassing Skirt Accident

Jeongyeon Protects Tzuyu From Embarrassing Skirt Accident

TWICEJeongyeon was spotted protecting Tzuyus skirt from flying up in the wind.

TWICE was invited to perform at sports drink Pocari Sweats recent event Move, Sweat Day. As brand ambassadors, the girls performed their songs Knock Knock as well as Cheer Up, TT and the song they recorded especially for their CF with the brand.

The girls even teased a short snippet of the choreography for the upcoming song Signal and it was during this particular segment that Jeongyeon noticed Tzuyu was having some trouble with her skirt being blown up by the wind.

She reacted by helping her hold the frills of her skirt down for the entirety of that particular segment, showing her caring personality. She was spotted caring for the other members as well during other parts of the event.

Check out the photos from the event below!

Jeongyeon holding Tzuyus skirt down even while shes dancing.

Another shot of her helping Tzuyu keep her skirt from flying up.Jeongyeon also looked after Dahyun during the event as wellJeongyeon laughing along with Sana.The no jam siblings looking serious here.