Jeon So Mi opens up about performing with ‘Unnies’

Jeon So Mi opens up about performing with ‘Unnies’

Jeon So Mi recently sat down with Star News for an interview, where she had an honest talk about her career after IOI.

Since the group’s disbandment, the sixteen-year-old high school student has been keeping herself busy, appearing on numerous variety shows and practicing in the studio. “I’ve been taking some personal time to improve my skills. I usually head to the studio and practice after school or move on to my next schedule,” she shared.

Onto having the chance to work with Unnies on ‘Unnies Slam Dunk 2’, she commented, “I didn’t think that the team would even flourish at first, but I became really attached afterward.”  

She described, “It was fun working alongside the Unnies. It was difficult, but a very affectionate time. The songs were so catchy.”

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