Jei says she misses performing with FIESTAR

Jei says she misses performing with FIESTAR

FIESTAR’s leader Jeiwas recently featured in ‘International bnt’.

For the photo shoot, Jei wore a sheer, black dress for a sexier look, while making a sophisticated pose in a blue and white striped dress. Lastly, she presented a more casual and youthful vibe wearing a vintage style t-shirt and a long denim skirt.

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In herinterview with the magazine, the idol star shared how she got into acting. Jei said,”I love animals so I wanted to become a zookeeper,” revealing she was enlightened by a musical she had seen for the first time in high school.

She also expressed her desire to reunite with FIESTAR,”As you may know FIESTAR’s Yezihas released a new solo track. I would like to return to performing in a group once Yezicompletes her solo promotions.”

Jei also mentioned member Cao Lu, “I knew Cao Lu was going to be active on variety programs early on. She was quite the lively one in our agency during our trainee days.”

Onto rapperYezi, “Even as a trainee, Yezilet us listen to her rap lyrics. I thought it was really cool back then and was blown away after watching her rap on air.”

Jei debuted with FIESTAR in 2012and eventually turned to acting in 2014.

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