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Junggigo Turns Into a Chic Bad Guy for Comeback Photoshoot

With just a week left until his comeback, Junggigo has demonstrated the versatility of his charms by leaving behind his gentle image.

The photos were revealed by his agency Starship Entertainment on April 11 along with the news about Junggigo’s upcoming album. The agency commented, “As the song emphasizes the sexy charm out of Junggigo’s many musical colors, we tried to showcase the decadent, homme fatale-like aura of a bad guy also in his visuals. Unlike the fluttering of ‘Some,’ you can expect this one to make your heart beat in a different way.”

In the photos, the singer is looking chic and effortlessly stylish in his white shirts and dark jeans. Seems like he has undergone an image transformation during the break, as there are no signs of the sweet guy of “Some,” and instead, he is posing with charming confidence

K-Pop Hit or Miss: Jun Ji Hyun’s Simple But Stylish Look

On March 21, Jun Ji Hyun was photographed at Incheon International Airport on her way to a Hanhoo promotional event in Shanghai, China. The "You Who Came From the Stars" lead actress still managed to look photo-ready while traveling to her next event.

Jun Ji Hyun wore a white blazer over a v-neck T-shirt and dark skinny jeans. An oversized black handbag and tortoise shades added glamour to Jun Ji Hyun"s look. Jun Ji Hyun"s look was simple but stylish.

KpopStarz readers-what do you think? Hit or miss?


K-Pop Fashion Hot List: Nam Bo Ra, Choi Yeo Jin, BoA

The KpopStarz Fashion Hot List features Nam Bo Ra, Choi Yeo Jin, BoA, and more! Appearing at various film premieres and launch events, the stars favored cool, crisp looks in white and blue. 

On April 7, Nam Bo Ra posed on the red carpet for the VIP film premiere of "Han Gong Ju". The "Will You Love and Give It Away" actress looked crisp and chic in an all-white ensemble of a button-down blouse and skinny jeans with silver heels.

On April 4, Jessica held an autograph session for "Soup". The Girls" Generation member looked like a princess in a white dress with a pleated skirt and black cardigan. 

On April 11, Choi Yeo Jin posed for photographers at the Defaye Black event

Soo Hyun, Like A Hollywood Actress In London

Actress Soo Hyun updated her fans from London while filming for "Avengers 2". (Photo : twitter)Actress Soo Hyun updated her fans from London while filming for "Avengers 2". (Photo : twitter)

Actress Soo Hyun updated her fans from London while filming for "Avengers 2".

Yesterday, Soo Hyun posted on her Twitter, "Have a good day everybody" along with a picture.

In the picture, Soo Hyun had a brown envelope in her arm and was looking at her phone in the streets of London. She was wearing white jeans, a jacket, and sunglasses, but she looked like a Hollywood star.

Soo Hyun left for London on April 9 to film for "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" ("Avengers 2").

Internet users who saw this commented, "She"s a walking model", "The celebrity glow", "So pretty", and "Her body is so nice"

K-Pop Fashion Hot List: Sohee, Sulli, Yoon Eun Hye

The KpopStarz Fashion Hot List features Wonder Girls member Sohee, f(x) member Sulli, Yoon Eun Hye, and more! It"s spring and actresses and idols showed off a variety of styles in white and nude shades.

On March 18, Yoon So Hee participated in a press conference for JTBC drama "Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup." The actress looked like a sleek goddess in a cream-colored sheath dress with a flared skirt and nude heels. 

On April 4, Yoon Eun Hye posed at a Givenchy Store launch event. "The Marry Him If You Dare" star looked cool and collected in a white, lace pant suit with sandals.

On April 6, Choi Ji Woo was photographed at Gimhae International Airport leaving for a Lotte Duty-Free promotional event in Japan

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung, Picture With Daniel Henney “Jessica Are You Watching?”

Group Girls" Generation"s member Sooyoung revealed a picture taken with actor Daniel Henney. (Photo : instagram)

Group Girls" Generation"s member Sooyoung revealed a picture taken with actor Daniel Henney.

Yesterday, Sooyoung posted on her Instagram, "You"re so handsome. With Danielhenny. Jessica, are you watching?" along with a picture.

In the picture, Sooyoung and Daniel Henney were linking arms, posing for the camera. Sooyoung was wearing a flower-patterned dress and Daniel Henney a checkered jacket, showing a dandy style.

Jessica had been choosing Daniel Henney as her ideal guy type, so Sooyoung seems to jokingly arouse jealousy in Jessica.

Photo Credit: Sooyoung Instagram

K-Pop Fashion Hot List: Goo Hye Sun, Seohyun, Jessica

The KpopStarz Fashion Hot List features Goo Hye Sun, Seohyun, Jessica, and more! Actresses kept it chic and casual in skinny jeans and structured jackets. The stars turned up at various launch events in various shades of beige.

On April 3, So Yi Hyun appeared at a L"Icona Ferragamo launch event. The "Who Are You" actress wore a trench-inspired dress with a pleated skirt and nude heels. So Yi Hyun looked amazing in an understated style with a refreshing pop of bright lipstick. (Check out KpopStarz"s Style Icon featuring So Yi Hyun!)

On April 3, Goo Hye Sun participated in a press conference for SBS drama "Angel Eyes". The ethereal actress looked angelic in a sheer gown covered in white roses with princess sleeves. 

On April 2, Girls Generation member Jessica attended a Studswar launch event

Sunny talks about working with Siwan + jealousy in Girls’ Generation

Sunny recently sat down for an interview to promote the upcoming animated film “Rio 2” in which she voices the parrot Jewel, the wife of Siwan”s character.

As the two had never met each other previously, Sunny revealed her thoughts on working together with Siwan for the first time: “We met each other to play husband and wife roles and then went to an interview together; it was really embarrassing and awkward.” Before the interview, they had been complete strangers, but after working on the same animation together, they became much more acquainted.

other really well and we came to like being one team, it was more like “I think this person will do this part well.” In addition, if we think that it will help Girls” Generation, we encourage one another.”


In relation to how long the group might last, Sunny said the girls received this question ever since their debut and after a while, realized that they were indeed a generation and wanted to remain so forever

Actress Soo Hyun Gives Status Update From London

Actress Soo Hyun, who left for London for the filming of “The Avengers 2,” gave a status update through her SNS account.

On April 10, Soo Hyun tweeted, “To the studio! Go, go! Have a good day everybody,” along with photos of herself. In the photos, the actress is holding a big envelope with her cell phone in her hands as she busily makes her way to the studio. She is dressed in white jeans and a light jacket. She accessorizes with a pair of sunglasses giving her a charismatic look much like any other Hollywood actress.

Soo Hyun left for London on April 9 for the filming of “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” She will be starring in the film as a genius Korean scientist and will be working alongside the main cast of the film in London.

Meanwhile, “Avengers 2” is the sequel to the first Avengers movie, which released in 2012

Kim Haneul Shows Why She Is the Perfect Jean Model

A recent photoshoot of actress Kim Haneul put the spotlight on the actress’ toned body as she modeled for Carrera Jeans. Having become the official Korean model after the launching of Carrera Jeans in Korea last September, Kim Haneul has justified why she was chosen as the jean company’s model.

The two photos that were released showed the actress giving a fierce stare at the camera while choosing the perfect angle to showcase the jeans. Although both photos show more of the actress’ side profile, the jeans seemed to be a perfect fit. The images explained why the actress was known as the queen of waist, as the two photos depicted Kim Haneul’s slim waist.

A representative of the ad stated, “Kim Haneul led the atmosphere of filming and showed her signature natural beauty