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Eunji Envied By Co- A Pink’s Members Because oF Her Friendship With Jo In Sung

A Pink guested on the Mnet"s show "Beatles Code 3D" and shared about what made them jealous about what Eunji"s popularity blossom through her acting.

Hayoung shared, "The audience"s shout is different [for Eunji] at events. Their cheers are especially loud when she sings," and Namjoo said, "I"m jealous that she gets to interact with a lot of people because she"s in dramas."

Shindong shared, "I heard you guys were envious when she came back from drinking with her drama co-star Jo In Sung and bragged about it?"

Namjoo said, "I was jealous when she called him "In Sung oppa,"" which showed how close Eunji to In Sung while doing their Korean drama "Wind Blows In Winter".

Who wouldn"t envy Eunji"s closeness to one of Korea"s known actor and also a heart rob. 

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung shows off her ‘milk fashion’ while shoe shopping

Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung was spotted shopping for a girl"s must-have, shoes!

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Photos of Sooyoung"s recent shopping excursion were uploaded onto an online community site with the title, "Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung, all-white look milk fashion! Her proportions are better than those of mannequins."

The Girls" Generation member and "One Night of TV Entertainment" host was spotted shopping for some colorful loafers in her "milk fashion." Although white can be a hard color to pull off, Sooyoung"s legs looked like they ran for miles long in her white skinny jeans and her blouse added a simple yet chic flair. Her makeup and hairstyle were also kept perfectly casual, which highlighted Sooyoung"s beauty even more

Are A Pink Members Jealous of Jung Eun Ji and Son Na Eun’s Popularity?

Recently, A Pink members shared their thoughts on possibly being forgotten amid the popular members of the group. On the April 15 broadcast of Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 3D,” A Pink discussed being known as the group with Jung Eun Ji and Son Na Eun.

When the MCs asked, “What are your thoughts about being overshadowed by Jung Eun Ji and Son Na Eun’s popularity?” leader Park Cho Rong responded, “When one thinks about A Pink, ‘Jung Eun Ji’ and ‘Son Na Eun’ are the first things to come up. However, we all believe that each one of us will have our own opportunities, and that person has to be the one to grab that chance. In honesty, it’s because we lack something that we aren’t as popular because the public has correct views

Super Junior’s Heechul Posts Pictures of “Date” with Puff Kuo

Super Junior member Heechul has posted an Instagram photo of his “date” with his “We Got Married” co-star, Taiwanese singer actress Puff Kuo. Posted on April 15, the photo was accompanied by a caption which read, “Look, everyone! I’m on a date with a real woman, not a 2D cardboard cutout!” Heechul also made reference to the fact that there was “something of a 1980s’ newlywed feel” about the picture. He noted that Puff Kuo and he seemed to have matching “couple” hairstyles. He commented, intriguingly, that he should stop having naughty thoughts or his hair would quickly “grow longer than Puff’s.”

The picture shows the couple posing for the picture in front of a bank of yellow forsythia flowers, with Heechul’s arm around Puff Kuo’s shoulder, with both stars striking friendly poses

A Pink reveal their jealousy to Eunji’s popularity though dramas

The A Pink‘s members appeared as guests on the latest episode of Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 3D” where they revealed their jealousy to Eunji‘s popularity.

Hayoung shared, “The audience”s shout is different [for Eunji] at events. Their cheers are especially loud when she sings,” while Namjoo expressed, “I”m jealous that she gets to interact with a lot of people because she”s in dramas.

MC Shindong asked the girls, “I heard you guys were envious when she came back from drinking with her drama co-star Jo In Sung and bragged about it?

Namjoo stated, “I was jealous when she called him “In Sung oppa,”” referring to Eunji’s close friendship with actor Jo In sung after co-staring in drama, “Wind Blows In Winter

A Pink’s Na-Eun: “The chance comes for anybody, the only difference is the timing.”

On the April 15 edition of Mnet“s “Beatles Code 3D“, A Pink talked about which members attracted the most attention with a certain magnetic charm.

MC Shindong said, “Eunji and Na-Eun are the center of attention.” The girls replied, “We are aware of that. An opportunity can always arise, so we think we work hard to grab those chances. This is because we are lacking and not because the public”s eyes are wrong.”

Na-Eun added, “It makes me upset when I see comments like “Eunji”s kids” and “Na-Eun”s group.” I think the chance comes for anybody, the only difference is the timing.”

The MCs said, “Then how do you guys share the profits?” A Pink replied, “We even include our personal incomes and divide everything equally.”

Shindong stated, “Then you guys would not have to get jealous

Park Shin Hye gets attention with her red tweed jacket


Stylish actress Park Shin Hye in her recent appearance on the MBC entertainment program “Infinite Challenge” showed off a red tweed jacket, which is the perfect in style spring jacket.

Tweed jackets have always been the classic and feminine go to item for many women. In spring times like this, tweed jackets will keep you warm in the mornings and evenings, in addition to keeping the outfit fashionable. Park Shin Hye in “Infinite Challenge” wore a tweed jumper, which is a twist on the classic tweed jacket. The modern casual fit of a jumper makes it casual enough to match with jeans and shorts. Actress Park Shin Hye wore a red tweed jumper with white linings. She wore it with black pants and a white shirt, which accentuated the color red of the jumper. The item that Park Shin Hye wore in “Infinite Challenge” is from the brand IRO

Thunder reveals: “Dara keeps buying me clothes.”

MBLAQ”s Thunder talked about his sister, 2NE1″s Dara, while appearing on the April 15 edition of Mnet“s “Beatles Code 3D“.

MC Shindong first brought up the topic by saying, “I hear she buys you a lot of luxury brands.

Thunder replied, “I never really cared much about clothes, but she keeps buying me them. I tell her not to because they”re expensive, but she keeps on buying,” making his other members jealous.

Lee Joon gestured at both Thunder and Mir, whose older sister is Go Eun Ah, and said, “Both of their older sisters are really pretty. However, my older sister isn”t that pretty,” making everybody laugh.


Photos of Song Joong Ki and his sister surface online

Following Lee Seung Gi and his little sister, Song Joong Ki and his sister Song Seul Ki have become a hot topic online. Though the Lee siblings made headlines for looking like each other, the Song siblings were noticed for the opposite.

The photos above, including a selca and pictures from a 2012 “Let”s Go Dream Team” episode, were posted to an online forum. Song Seul Ki can be seen cheering on her famous brother from the stands.

Netizens commented, “Song Joong Ki and his little sister look different, but their eyes are the same,” “She”s lucky to have an oppa like him,” and “I”m so jealous of his sister.”

Song Joong Ki is currently serving his mandatory military service.

Do you think Song Joon Ki and his younger sister look alike?


Gary shows his jealousy to Song Ji Hyo and Dong Joon on “Running Man”


The “I Like Sundays – Running Man” member Gary got jealous of Song Ji Hyo”s partner and singer Dong Joon.

On the SBS entertainment program “I Like Sundays – Running Man” which aired on April 13, 2014, each of the Running Man team members invited a guest and went on a trip together using public transportation. Son Ji Hyo got teamed up with singer Dong Joon. After completing the mission for the first day, the Running Man members had dinner together. When they were resting after dinner, the production team surveyed them to ask them about their true feelings for their partners. Song Ji Hyo said on her partner Dong Joon, “He had a really good first impression on me. I want to get to know him more.” Dong Joon also said on Song Ji Hyo, “She is beautiful. I was happy. I am satisfied with her (as my partner)