JBJ suffer from sasaengs even before official debut

JBJ suffer from sasaengs even before official debut

JBJ is facing an issue with sasaengs even before their official debut.

JBJ is a project unit created from the wishes of many fans, and sadly that means, just like Wanna One, that they suffer from sasaengs even before debut. The boys had an undisclosed schedule over the weekend, but anonymous accounts popped up selling information about JBJ’s flight information for both their departure and arrival.

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The selling of the information resulted in various sasaengs, including fansite masters, being at a schedule that was not opened to the public. Many fans balked at the situation and reminded others not to retweet or like photos taken by sasaengs, and that fansite masters at undisclosed schedules were also considered sasaengs.

Do you think the issue of sasaengs will ever be resolved?