JBJ successfully hold first ‘V Live’ broadcast

JBJ successfully hold first ‘V Live’ broadcast

JBJ successfully held their first ‘V Live’ broadcast, titled ‘JBJ FIRST V LIVE’!

On September 15, the rookie idol group interacted with viewers by introducing themselves for the first time, in addition to doing their official greeting for the first time in front of fans! The group name stands for’Just Be Joyful’, and the members shouted the group’s full meaning before bowing. 

The group’s foreign members, Takada Kenta and Kim Yong Guk, also greeted fans in their native languages – Japanese and Chinese! Afterward, the members further introduced themselves individually by showcasing a few of their talents, as well as playing games, and more. 

The broadcast seems to have been cut off mid-way, so you can check out JBJ’s full ‘V Live’ debut in two parts, here and here! Also look forward to JBJ’s official debut on October 18!

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