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Korea's Top Pop Acts Hit The Stage With High Energy Performances For Annual Hallyu Dream Festival

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Korea's Top Pop Acts Hit The Stage With High Energy Performances For Annual Hallyu Dream Festival

(Photo : Twitter ) Many of South Korea"s hottest pop stars performed over the weekend for one of the country"s biggest music festivals.

The 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival was held at Gyeongju Citizens Stadium on September 20 featuring many popular idol groups and thousands of screaming fans.

The festival was made possible and organized by the Korea Entertainment Producer"s Association and a partnership with the Gyeongsangbuk-do Province Gyeongju City.

For those of us who were not fortunate enough to attend in person, check out the great performances from groups like SISTAR, SHINee, VIXX, and Secret, among many others. Check out the stellar stages from the music festival belor.

Performances From The 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival

VIXX; "Love Equation" and "Error"

SHINee; "An Encore" and "View"

BTOB; "It"s Okay" and "Beep Beep"

GOT7; "Just Right" and "Stop Stop It"

SISTAR; "Shake It" and "I Swear"

KARA; "Cupid" and "Mamma Mia"

B1A4; "Sweet Girl" and "Solo Day"

Berry Good; "My First Love"

SECRET; "Love Is Move" and "Madonna"

Six Fall Looks That Can Go From High-Fashion Pictorials To Real-Life

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Six Fall Looks That Can Go From High-Fashion Pictorials To Real-Life

(Photo : Mind Bridge ) September is swiftly approaching, which means cooler weather in Korea. As the dog days of summer dwindle, the onslaught of gorgeous fall pictorials has begun. The September issue of fashion magazines is one of the most significant releases, which provides context for the star-powered covers of magazines like ELLE Korea.While runway fashion is seemingly unattainable for many people, fall pictorials often provide styles that can be worn in real-life.

Here are six fall looks that can seamlessly transition from high-fashion pictorials to real-life.

1. Park Shin Hye and Sung Joon provide a stylish take on the "couples" look.

The latest additions to the Fall/Winter line of Mind Bridge prove that the couples look popularized by Korea and Taiwan does not always mean matching t-shirts. Park Shin Hye pairs an oversized jacket with shorts and white shirt, providing an updated take on the trend of clothes that look like they were borrowed from a boyfriend"s closet.Sung Joon pairs simple cotton shirts with fitted blazers and slacks for style that transitions from the office to after hours, date looks.

2. Kim Woo Bin pairs patterned sneakers with a suited look.

(Photo : Sieg Fahrenheit) Kim Woo Bin continues to demonstrate that he used to be a runway model with his strong presence in suited looks for Sieg Fahrenheit. He breaks up the seriousness of each suit with fanciful, patterned sneakers.

3. Gong Hyo Jin proves that there is a place for bright colors in cool weather wardrobes.

(Photo : Marie Claire Korea ) The fall can be a bummer for stylish women who like to wear bright colors. Gong Hyo Jin mixes a patterned dress with colorful accessories in her pictorial for Marie Claire Korea.

4. Honey Lee is simplistically stylish with practical accessories.

(Photo : 1st Look ) Honey Lee accompanies her simplistic, office-friendly blouse and skirt outfit with a zipped portfolio that can house necessary items.

5. CNBLUE rock complimentary suits that would make for perfect wedding looks.

(Photo : The Class ) The members of CNBLUE are styled in complimentary suits which would be perfect for male participants in a fall or winter wedding.

6. Lee Min Ho proves that there is a place for the open-shirt or shirtless look.

(Photo : ELLE Korea. ) In his pictorial for the September issue of ELLE Korea, Lee Min Ho shows off a shirtless suit look that may not be appropriate for work, but would turn heads at the club.


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramaStars. She is also a contributing writer for KpopStarz, MTV Iggy, Viki and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).

ZE:A"s Hyungsik would date his "High Society" love interest in real life?

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During the press conference for SBS"s "High Society", ZE:A"s Hyungsik revealed his true thoughts on his love interest, played by Lim Ji Yeon, in the drama on July 2.

He said, "Right now, I think a relationship like Chang Soo (Hyungsik) and Ji Yi"s (Lim Ji Yeon) is good. I really like Ji Yi. The character Ji Yi approaches me in an extremely charming way, which made me think how attractive it"d be if there were a woman like this."

Hyungsik continued, "I am happy these days to the point that I think how nice it"d be if she existed in real life. I am filming well while being happy through acting."

What do you think of Lim Ji Yeon"s character?

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Uee May Prefer Sung Joon on 'High Society' But Will She Date Z:EA's Kwang Hee In Real Life?

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Uee May Prefer Sung Joon on 'High Society' But Will She Date Z:EA's Kwang Hee In Real Life?

In the drama "High Society" Uee was the focus of an early love triangle with actor Sung Joon and Z:EA member Park Hyung Sik, but on the variety show "Infinity Challenge," she"s being linked with another Z:EA member Kwang Hee.

There"s a lot of shipping going on here but Uee wants to set the record straight. She"s pretty straightforward when it comes to her dating preferences. And she has no intention of dating in secret. She has already been honest about her "High Society" preferences. When she was asked which "High Society" co-star she liked best, she said it was Sung Joon.

When she and Kwang Hee were matched up on a blind date for Infinity Challenge, it was a dream come true for Kwang Hee as he previously called After School"s Uee his ideal type. He said she was the prettiest idol. But that does not mean she feels the same way about him.

At a July 6 press conference for her drama, she was asked if Kwang Hee had shown up on the set. After all the drama does star his fellow Z:EA member and his ideal type. He had not.

"Kwang Hee has not come yet," she said. "I am receiving a ton of questions about Kwang Hee from the people around me."

If getting in touch with her is any indication, he does appear to be interested in pursuing a relationship.

"I get one text a day from him," she said.

But that"s about it and Uee promises to keep fans posted.

"If I end up dating Kwang Hee, I will reveal it through SNS. I will never date him in secret. I will give you notice. I will not hide the fact that I"m dating him. I think we have gotten a bit closer."

Then again, she already said some nice things about her co-star Sung Joon.

Sung Joon"s charm is that he makes his counterpart feel really comfortable. When I make NGs and feel terrible about it, he consoles me, telling me not to worry. He"s someone who makes you fall in love with him while acting."

He"s said some nice things about her. He said she had the nicest body of any co-star he ever worked with. He praised their chemistry.

"There are actors who can be touchy and almost aggressive when they work, but UEE doesn"t act like an actress. She"s more like a hyung. She makes it really comfortable. We"re even talking informally and we act well together."

So, which of these stars do you think Uee ought to date in real life?

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Seoul School of Performing Arts: a K-Pop fangirl"s dream high school

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Seoul School of Performing Arts: a K-Pop fangirl

You know you"re in your dream high school when you"re surrounded by K-Pop idols! Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA) is a high school that attracts many idols due to its focus on the arts. Let"s play a game of make-believe--if SOPA was an ordinary public school and you, a lucky fangirl, were to attend, which role would high school stereotypical role would each idol play?

The football captain Kai

Aside from being a wizard with his dancing feet, Kai gives off the confident air of a cocksure jock. Plus, who wouldn"t have a crush on this cutie as he strides down the hallways like a football champ?

Rookies Red Velvet"s Joy, G-Friend, and SONAMOO"s Euijin would make perfect cheerleaders. With Joy"s constantly cheery disposition, G-FRIEND"s high-kicks, and Euijin"s twerks combined, these fresh girls would make kickass team.

Now that we"ve run through the athletes, who else would make a better mascot than mukbang queen Hyeri? With her killer aegyo and ability to consume all kinds of food in one bite, Hyeri will make the enemy both fall head over heels yet also cower in fear at the thought of being devoured Kirby-style.

Sehun, Sulli, A Pink members Hayoung, Na-Eun, and Namjoo, and Boyfriend members Kwangmin, Youngmin, and Minwoo all have one thing in common. They look like total preps.

While Sehun has a cool demeanor that makes him seem untouchable, Sulli and A Pink are all look like ladies that come from a refined background. Meanwhile, the Boyfriend members are cute as a trio of flowerboys who would definitely find success should they ever start a high school host club.

The band geeks Jonghyun and Juniel

CNBLUE"s Jonghyun and Juniel are both masters of the guitar. A duo that both comes from the band-music oriented agency FNC Entertainment, they would definitely be labeled as adorable "band geeks" for their love and skill for music.

The rebels BTS"s Jungkook

BTS"s energetic Jungkook and Lovelyz"s spunky Yoo Ji Ae would grace the halls of a high school as the rebels who act as they please. Despite their cute appearance and sweet mannerisms, these two strong idols are definitely no pushovers and won"t take crap from anybody--whether from other students or from teachers.

Glee Clubs make high school a musical place. Vocally talented, Gongchan and Lee Hi would rule the school with their melodic voices.

Class clown TEEN TOP"s Ricky

A cutie and a total dork, TEEN TOP"s Ricky would be the kind of guy that brightens up the room and makes everyone around him smile at his quirky antics, making him perfect for the role of "class clown."

Last but not least, we have the teacher"s pet--none other than miss A"s Suzy! With her goddess looks, heavenly smile, and angelic personality, Suzy has become the entertainment industry"s favorite. Seems like this girl was destined to be loved, so of course she would receive the same treatment anywhere she goes. 

Bonus: here"s a picture of the teacher"s pet with the school mascot.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with these roles?

'Real Men' Cast Members Fulfill Their Dream With A Year-End Trip

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'Real Men' Cast Members Fulfill Their Dream With A Year-End Trip

Kim Soo Ro, Seo Kyung Suk, and Sam Hammington, three of the original cast members of MBC’s military variety show “Real Men,” went on a year-end trip together.

On an upcoming episode of “Real Men,” Kim Soo Ro, Seo Kyung Suk, and Sam Hammington, who will soon be discharged, go on a year-end trip that has been prepared for them in accordance with their wish list.

To fulfill their first wish, soldiers that were on the show came back for the episode. Even ZE:A‘s Hyungsik made an appearance, much to the joy of the three soldiers.

Around twenty soldiers who had since transitioned into the reserves also came out to commemorate Kim Soo Ro, Seo Kyung Suk, and Sam Hammington’s departure. The group reminisced on and discussed their experiences on the show and even established a so-called “Real Men” veterans association.

The special year-end trip episode will broadcast in January of next year. Kim Soo Ro, Seo Kyung Suk, and Sam Hammington’s last episode as soldiers will be broadcast on December 12.

2PM Transforms Into High School Students On "Real 2PM"

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2PM Transforms Into High School Students On

On the 10th episode of “Real 2PM”, the boys wore school uniform for high school students.

2PM took time to flaunt their fresh look and natural beauty in a photo shoot for their 6th anniversary fan meeting, “Class of 2PM- Go Crazy”, where they wore school uniform for high school students.

During the episode, they also revealed their past photos from before they became the "beastly idols" whom we know and love

As mentioned previously, 2PM will hold their 2-part fan meeting at Sangmyung Art Center on December 7.

Woman Crush Wednesday: IU's Character Kim Pil Suk On "Dream High"

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Woman Crush Wednesday: IU's Character Kim Pil Suk On

This week on Woman Crush Wednesday, we will take no heed at dreamy girls like Geum Jan Di from “Boys Over Flowers”or Go Eun Chan from “Coffee Prince. Instead of that, let’s spend some minutes on IU's character Kim Pil Suk from “Dream High”.

Due to her choice of wardrobe during the Kirin School of Arts audition, Kim Pil Suk is nicknamed Miss Sushi. She’s an overweight girl with an amazing voice, which is problematic for one who wishes for fame. Uncertain of how to reject her application solely based on appearances, Kim Pil Suk luckily claims a spot for herself at Kirin, where even sky high dreams can be reached.

Her accomplishments doesn’t stop there as Kim Pil Suk also claims a spot here on our weekly Woman Crush Wednesday feature. These are the five reasons why (spoilers ahead):

1. Kim Pil Suk is super cute!

From that first encounter where she wore the sushi costume to the way she would faithfully leave candy at Jason‘s locker, Kim Pil Suk is cute from head to toe. She falls over in surprise if Jason gets too close, leaves him cute sticky notes, and constantly carries around a doll like a security blanket. Her chuckles and excited dances are nothing short of endearing and her slightly spastic demeanor is humorous and delightful. But the great thing about her is that, despite her naturally adorable nature, when it comes to music and singing, Kim Pil Suk is completely serious, dedicated, and passionate.

2. She has the voice of an angel.

This reason is pretty self explanatory, but Kim Pil Suk possesses absolute pitch. Her voice is absolutely amazing and captivating to the point where you’ll find yourself lost in her songs whenever she sings. You may unintentionally sway to her music, get chills, or backtrack just to hear her sing again. She’ll make you wish you were a Kirin student as well, so you can sit with her and listen to her melodic voice on a daily basis.

3. Kim Pil Suk is downright gutsy… at times.

For someone often soft spoken, Kim Pil Suk has her moments of courage. Going on stage to sing in front of hundreds of people is always a brave act and she pulls it off effortlessly. Having the ability to let Jason know he was in the wrong, giving him a dose of common sense, with complete seriousness and without a trace of adoration in her eyes and tone is another form of courage. Oh, and let’s not forget grabbing Jason by the neck, almost forcibly, as he pulled away from giving her nose a peck to land a big one, we assume, on the lips. Hehe. If that’s not courage, then I’ll need to find myself a dictionary!

4. She has ambitions, hopes, and dreams.

Now, this is mixing things up, but in a drama I watched recently, “Fated to Love You,” the leading male, Lee Gun, said something I really agreed with, something that I thought applies to Kim Pil Suk as I was dissecting all the parts of her that I thought made her crush worthy and all the reasons why I like her. He said, “a woman is most lovable and beautiful when she’s a girl full of dreams.” From the beginning, we were able to see Kim Pil Suk’s dreams and how it has shaped her to change, develop, and grow. We saw how hard she strove to achieve those dreams and how passionate she was about singing. Even when she did not win the contest in the end, she still found an occupation where she could sing and kept that dream alive.

5. Kim Pil Suk is not a mold.

I’m all about promoting good health and keeping a fitness regime, but I’m also a firm believer that we were all born with a natural variety of shapes and sizes. With that said, it was refreshing to see someone like Kim Pil Suk, someone who didn’t stop dreaming simply because her outward appearance would have made her an outcast. For some teachers, they very reluctantly accepted her as a student, but managed to eventually look beyond her figure and see her talent, potential, and heart. For other teachers, they accepted her from the beginning and for that, they earned a special place in my heart.

Kim Pil Suk’s weight loss was expected, especially since she was becoming more exposed to talent agencies and stage performances. While a sad fact, it’s universally known that there is a higher chance for success if you’re thin and beautiful, and for a long moment, I feared that our beloved Kim Pil Suk would become nothing more than a mold – someone who portrayed the exact idea that you must be a certain size in order to become successful and to be loved by others.

Thankfully, Kim Pil Suk remained true to herself and solidified herself as crush worthy when she proved time and time again that she was actually quite comfortable in her skin when she was heavier. She even felt awkward when others insinuated that she wasn’t. Eventually, Kim Pil Suk settled for a weight in-between her heaviest and lightest, while still maintaining her love, friends, and happiness.

All in all, I’d say Kim Pil Suk sets a great example that we should be self-confident, regardless of what we may or may not look like, since it’s the interior – the heart and soul – that truly matters. For these reasons, I deemed Kim Pil Suk Woman Crush Wednesday worthy.

What do you think about Kim Pil Suk? Who would you like to see featured next? Make sure to let us know in the comments below as next week’s Woman Crush Wednesday will be a mystery reveal, where the featured woman will be randomly selected from Soompiers’ nominations found in this article, as well as the articles from the previous two weeks!

Let Kim Pil Suk captivate you with her voice on “Dream High” at SoompiTV!

BTS Ranks High on Oricon Weekly Chart with “No More Dream”

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BTS Ranks High on Oricon Weekly Chart with “No More Dream”

The growing overseas popularity of male group BTS can be currently felt in Japan, where the group has ranked high on music charts with their latest release “No More Dream.”

On June 4, BTS released their first Japanese single “No More Dream” and debuted at number six on the Daily Chart. The group sold 32,356 copies of their single during the first week, and managed to rank eighth on the competitive Oricon Weekly Single Chart.

The single received a lot of love domestically, and the song was thus chosen for BTS’ first Japanese remake. It has also been revealed that Japanese rapper KM Markit participated in writing the Japanese lyrics for the song.

In related news, BTS recently signed an exclusive contract with Japanese entertainment firm Pony Canyon and is set to soon start their official activities.