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John Park shows his manners to Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

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John Park shows his manners to Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

On May 5ths airing of MBCs Music and Lyrics, the actress Park Jin Hee and John Park prepared for their mini concert together, and it seems like the duos interactions have been warming up considerably.

On this episode, the two got into a car to ride to the workshop together. John Park politely opened the door for Park Jin Hee to which she responded saying, Do you usually hold doors open for girls before they get into a car? John Park then made Park Jin Hees heart flutter by saying, Nope. Only for you nuna.

Park Jin Hee then confessed, I like it when men open car doors for me. To this John Park shyly replied, Im not usually the type to do this...” She then cutely demanded, Cant you just say that youre the kind of man that does this?” In the end, John Park responded, Ill try my best.

In the interview held after this, John Park remarked, [Park Jin Hee] has a cute dongseng-like side to her.

Music and Lyrics: Lee Shi Young knocks out Jay Park in a boxing sparring

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Music and Lyrics: Lee Shi Young knocks out Jay Park in a boxing sparring

Jay Park was recently vanquished by actress Lee Shi Young in a boxing sparring.

On the episode of Music and Lyrics that aired on May 5, Jay Park and Lee Shi Young had a boxing sparring.

Lee, well-known as a boxing aficionado, suggested a game of boxing to Park, and Park accepted her gauntlet.

Earnestly getting prepare, the amateur female boxer warned Park of a serious match, saying, “Brace yourself!” Her opponent dodged around on the ring and made people laugh hard.

Park showed really thought and thoughtful side: he didn’t avoid and even stuck out his tushie for Lee’s attack.

After the serious yet funny combat, Park quipped, “That was a nightmare. Call 911 for me.” Lee thanked her partner for being thoughtful with the boxing combat.

John Park reunites with his first love on ‘Music and Lyrics’

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Singer John Park was reunited with his first love after 16 years on the latest episode of MBCs Music and Lyrics.

John Park and actress Park Jin Hee were given the mission to put on a mini-concert in order to reveal the song they had composed together for AlexHoran.

However, during the concert, Park Jin Hee actually had a surprise event in store for the singer. The actress had invited John Parks first love, Moon Eun Ji, to the concert.

Unable to conceal his nervousness, John Park warmly greeted his first love and began to reminisce their childhood memories. The audience were brought into laughter as his first love remarked, Do you not remember me? You used to bother me so much.

John Park had previously revealed on Music and Lyrics that he had his first love when he was in 2nd grade in elementary school. Her last name was Moon so I used to make fun of her by calling her moonbanggu (means a stationary store in Korean).

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Jay Park brings tears to Lee Si Young’s eyes on ‘Music and Lyrics’

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Jay Park created a fun atmosphere on Music and Lyrics.

The May 5th airing of MBCs Music and Lyrics showed Jay Park and Lee Si Young composing their final song together.

Lee Si Young appeared on this episode wearing cute socks and when Jay saw her, he surprised her by saying, Your socks are really cute. Can I bite you?

In response, Lee Si Young casually poked her foot with the sock on it at a surprised Jay. Jay was embarrassed and said, I didnt mean to bite your feet

Afterwards, Jay got up in the middle of their conversation and said, You worked hard and thank you for being so great. Jay then performed a special surprise stage he prepared for Lee Si Young that brought tears to her eyes.

After the performance, Jay said, I was more nervous while performing in front of you than when I sang in front of thousands of people.

Check out the segment and more below!

Jay Park pranks Lee Si Young for her birthday on ‘Music and Lyrics’

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On the April 28th broadcast of romantic reality show Music and Lyrics, Jay Park pulled off a hidden camera prank and surprise party for Lee Si Youngs birthday.

Jay Park, who pretended to have nothing prepared for the day, commented, I didnt know it was your birthday. You said that you listened to my song a lot yesterday so you can accept that as your present, which understandably made the actress a little disappointed.

They then decided to visit producer Robin to consult him about their collaboration track. It was then that Jay Park brought out his own inner actor, pretending that Robin and he had gotten into an argument.

He stated angrily, I cant do this any longer, walking out of the studio and leaving Lee Si Young frozen from shock. The actress, who was very caught off guard and little worried, followed Jay Park to console him and alleviate his anger.

However, Jay Park surprised her with a beautifully prepared cake instead, and revealed her surprise birthday party. He gifted her 100 pairs of socks, referring to their inside joke from the last episode.

The on-screen couple also visited a zoo, where Jay performed a choreographed dance to one of his tracks as an extra present.

Preview of next episode, Jay Park kisses Lee Si Young on the cheek:

Music and Lyrics: Singer Jay Park throws a surprise party for actress Lee Shi Young

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Music and Lyrics: Singer Jay Park throws a surprise party for actress Lee Shi Young

Singer Jay Park recently threw a surprise party for actress Lee Shi Young.

On the episode of MBC’s Music and Lyrics that aired on April 28, singer Park Jae Bum and actress Lee Si Young were portrayed to show a wonderful team spirit to produce a song for rookie girl group Tiny-G

On the episode, Park suddenly left the place, saying, “I don’t think I can go on.” Feeling something wrong, Lee had a sinking feeling and went after her partner.

At that moment, members of Tiny-G and Park appeared before Lee. They wanted to give Lee a surprise party for her birthday, which was a day ago.

The warm hearted stars sang a happy birthday song for Lee and Lee ended up sitting down and shedding tears. Park gave her a box of 100 pairs of socks as a gift.

Members of Tiny-G asked, “Why did you prepare so many socks?” Park joked, “Her feet smell so bad that I want her to change her socks more often,” and made everyone laugh.

Receiving a box of socks, Lee quipped, “I think this will make the most unforgettable gift as it looks like they are enough to wear for five years.”

The duo got even closer while enjoying a date at a zoo.

Jay Park's Aegyo on Music & Lyrics

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Singer Jay Park shows off his “aegyo” to actress Lee Si Young.

The singer was featured on the April 21 episode of “Music and Lyrics” with Lee Si Young. The actress placed a flower in Jay Park’s hair and asked him to show her some aegyo. He did not disappoint and said, “Boys over flowers?” Then posed cutely by placing his hands underneath his chin and smiled. He also showed his other 4 cute aegyo poses. 

In the second episode, Jay Park had a date with Lee Si Young at a strawberry patch. On their way to the second location by car, Lee Si Young fed Jay Park her homemade kim bap. She commented that this was the first time that she had fed anyone. When asked if it tasted good, Jay replied, “It’s really good…maybe it’s because I’m so hungry? But it tastes really good!” 

Jay Park returned the favor by feeding Lee Si Young a strawberry while at the farm. Sprinkling on the aegyo, he quipped, “It tastes awesome, right? Just like honey!”

Lee Si Young commented that if she were to live in the countryside with Jay Park, she would never be bored. Jay Park may have had similar feelings. When driving back from the farm, when Lee Si Young fell fast asleep; he confessed that he wanted to hold her when seeing her sleeping so peacefully and beautifully.

What did you think of the two interacting? Is there something in the air?

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Jay Park and Lee Si Young - Music and Lyrics

Park Jin Hee monitors her own episode with John Park on Music and Lyrics

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Park Jin Hee monitors her own episode with John Park on Music and Lyrics

Recently, actress Park Jin Hee was spotted watching the episode of MBC’s Music and Lyrics in which she appears with John Park.

On April 21, Park tweeted a picture with the comment “I’m monitoring myself in TV. How was it?”

The star is resting her chin in her hands in front of a TV and staring at the camera. The scene inspires laughter as John Park, in the screen, seems to be looking down at her.

Netizens who saw the picture commented: “I’m watching it now, a real-time viewer!” “You two look great together.”

Since April 14, the actress and singer have been appearing as a couple in MBC’s Music and Lyrics.

‘Music & Lyrics’ couple Park Jin Hee & John Park get friendly

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‘Music & Lyrics’ couple Park Jin Hee & John Park get friendly

Singer John Park and actress Park Jin Hee, who teamed up for new reality program Music and Lyrics, seem to have warmed up to one another after an awkward first encounter.

Park Jin Hee recently shared the above photo via her official Twitter page with the message, John Park, Park Jin Hee. We are currently [watching ourselves on television].

The two look more comfortable with each other and appear to have become closer as the beer on the table in the photo suggests they had a friendly drink together.

John Park then shared his own photo of the two together on Twitter, posting, With Jin Hee nuna.

Despite the fact that John Park and Park Jin Hee are ten years apart, followers commented, They kind of look good together, and Cant tell Park Jin Hee is 10 years older.

In related news, Park Jin Hee and John Park are working on a new song to be included in Clazziquais Alex and Horans new album.

SourceImage : Park Jin Hees Twitter, John Parks Twitter

John Park & Park Jin Hee awkwardly collaborate on ‘Music and Lyrics’

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John Park & Park Jin Hee awkwardly collaborate on ‘Music and Lyrics’

John Park and actress Park Jin Hees first awkward meeting was broadcast on the April 14th episode of MBCs Music and Lyrics.

Though the singer and actress seem to have warmed up to each other after the first filming, the atmosphere is reported to have been incredibly awkward when they first met one another. John Park and Park Jin Hee were assigned to create a collaborative song for solo artists and Clazziquai members Alex and Horan.

Horan stated, I feel like Im observing a blind date. Please take the feeling that you have for each other as man and woman to create a song, revealing that she felt a certain chemistry between the Music and Lyrics partners. She asked Park Jin Hee, Have you written lyrics before? The actress seemed at a loss for words when John Park intervened, Not really worrying about the lyrics.

The two later commented on their thoughts about each other. John Park stated, I really like Jin Hee. But shes older than I thought she would be. Shes ten years older. I was shocked She has a piercing gaze. Im not the type who avoids eye contact, and [her] eye contact was really strong.

Park Jin Hee said, I think hes making it too obvious he likes me. When someones so obvious, its hard to react. Its good to be straight-forward A PD told me to listen to John Parks song, and the song was really good. Maybe its fate that we met today.