Jay Park Had This Complaint About 'Show Me The Money 6'

Jay Park Had This Complaint About 'Show Me The Money 6'

Jay Park had posted a photo to his Instagram that sparked some concern from netizens and they noticed he appears to be complaining about ‘Show Me The Money 6.’

Jay Park posted on his Instagram on August 6th saying, “I had to go to Everland in the hottest weather, filmed it, and I edited it.” The hit show by Mnet, ‘Show Me The Money 6,’ broadcasted for 4 days and the various events and activities for the teams was edited in part by Jay Park.

Fans felt Jay Park’s post was a direct complaint to Mnet for not handling some of the work needed to be done for the show. Some of his hashtags also seemed to be sending off the same vibe.

The video has already been posted to Naver TV where fans can watch Jay Park, as well as members from Illionaire, AOMG and other hit rappers, spend time enjoying their summer by riding roller coasters in Everland. The fun didn’t end there as they also took on some challenges as well.

What do you think of Jay Park’s complaints and editing skills? Don’t forget to check out the rest of the episodes of ‘Show Me The Money 6.’