Japanese media source alleges popular K-pop star is a cocaine user

Japanese media source alleges popular K-pop star is a cocaine user

Japanese media outlets are alleging a very popular K-pop star is a cocaine user.

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On June 1, Taiwanese media outlet ET Today reported on an article ran by a Japanese magazine. The article alleges a male K-pop idol was spotted using cocaine and further says, “The photo pictures a member of top K-pop idol group B. Though details are not available, the photo was taken at a hotel.”

As you can see in the image below, the article mentions “Member T of group B” in big white letters, and the headline also states, “A block of cocaine was discovered.” The article also alleges member V of group B had previously dated Japanese fan A. According to A, she met group B’s members at a club and hung out with them at hotels. She’s also reported to have taken the photo pictured below. 

Though nothing has been confirmed, it seems netizens are speculating the idol star pictured is Big Bang’s T.O.P, who was recently charged for marijuana use. Netizens left comments, saying, “Group B’s member T. Pretty obvious”, “B group’s T. I guess it wasn’t just marijuana then”, “Maybe YG’s using marijuana as a compromise to cover for the cocaine”, “Cocaine is rock bottom. Marijuana is nothing compared to this”, and more. 

What do you think of the rumors?

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