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Arrest Warrant Issued for Serial Imposter After False News Interview Regarding Ferry Tragedy

Hong Ga Hye, who has been revealed to be a serial imposter, has been issued an arrest warrant following her false news interview regarding the Sewol ferry tragedy.

Hong Ga Hye previously pretended to be former T-ara member Hwayoung‘s cousin, and she also pretended to be a Tokyo resident for a MBC news interview during the 2011 earthquake disaster in Japan.

Most recently on April 18, Hong Ga Hye appeared in MBN news at 6:20 AM KST for a live interview, pretending to be a civilian diver. She said on the news, “Government officials prevented [me] from diving and said to just fill in time and go. Survivors inside the ship have been discovered. Rescue workers told families of the missing that there was no hope.”

It was later discovered through confirmation from the coast guard that what Hong Ga Hye said was false and that she did not have a civilian diver license, and the search for her began

Song Seung Heon hands out financial support for sunken Sewol ship victims

Song Seung Heon gave away 100 million KRW as his donation for the victims of the sunken Sewol ship.
According to his agency's representative, when Song Seung Heon learned about the tragedy, he didn't hesitate to dole out financial support.
The generosity of Song Seung Heon can be dated back during the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami when he also made large donation.
written by: [email protected] SOURCE: Star News

BoA Was Startled By Paparazzi When She Filmed Kiss Scene On Street

With her first Hollywood film Make Your Move about to premiere, BoA shared her thoughts on having starred in her first film.

In a recent interview with Newsen, BoA said, “Even though I showed my acting previously through KBS 2TV’s Looking Forward to Romance, my actually first project is Make Your Move. So my first kiss scene was not with Im Si Wan, but was with Derek Hough.”

She continued, “Before I started filming I received some acting lessons. I took them with Derek Hough. So we ended up practicing the kiss scene once, because the teacher asked us to. Practice definitely made a difference. So I wasn’t too nervous during filming. I was more distracted by many things.”

“You’ll see in the movie that Derek Hough and I have a kiss scene on the street

Sports Illustrated Highlights K-Pop Fashion Trends And The Increasing Popularity Of NBA Merchandise Among Idols

Last month the Sports Illustrated culture blog, Extra Mustard, investigated the NBA"s use of K-Pop to spread its popularity across the globe.

The article, titled "How the NBA is Using K-Pop to Dominate Asian Pop Culture," revealed some shocking insight into the increasingly popular fashion trends in South Korea and how K-Pop idols are helping to fuel basketball"s expansion into Asian markets.

Following the lead of many major companies and brands who have been cashing in on the vast markets in places like China and Japan, the National Basketball Association has moved into South Korea with a new approach, and it appears to be paying off.

In an unprecedented move, the league has partnered up with South Korean retailer MK Trend to sell exclusive merchandise in their 56 nation-wide stores

BoA reveals how she was cast for ‘Make Your Move’ and compares singing and acting

BoA, who made her debut at the young age of 13 and will be turning 29 (Korean age) this year, opened up about her recent transition into an actress.

BoA revealed that she had no plans on being an actress until she was suddenly handed the opportunity to star in "Make Your Move", "When I was busy with my singing career, the director came all the way to Japan and handed me a script. He saw my video on YouTube and thought that it would be good if I pay the lead role of Aya. I was also suspicious and thought, "Why a movie suddenly?" I have a lot of similarities with the character and her love for dancing, so I accepted it to show a lot of things through the movie. It started out as a dance movie, but it opened my eyes to acting... It"s difficult to act in Korean, so I honestly felt pressured moreso because all of the lines were in English

Cross Gene has its official fan club!

Cross Gene updated their official website with a post on how to become a member of their official fan club CROSS GENE ☆ PLANET.
The instructions are in English, Korean and Japanese to cater all of their supporters. To become a member,click here.
After almost two years of being inactive in Korea's music scene, Cross Gene is coming back with song entitled “Amazing Bad Lady” which is scheduled to be released on April 21st.
written by: [email protected] SOURCE: Cross Gene Website

Five Fun Facts About Go Ara

The actress Go Ara will soon be surrounded by some top notch male leads in the upcoming drama "You"re Surrounded."

She will play a rookie police officer that barely made the grade but is so passionate about working for justice that she keeps on fighting. It"s a fitting role as the 24-year-old actress has demonstrated plenty of determination throughout her career.

Her "You"re Surrounded" co-stars include Lee Seung Gi, last seen in "Gu Family Book," Cha Seung Won, who appeared in "The Greatest Love," and Ahn Jae Hyeon, who last appeared in "You Who Came From The Stars."

Here are some more facts you may not know about this up and coming actress.

1. She won a role in the Japanese-Mongolian film "Blue Wolf by beating out 39,157 other actresses

TVXQ Changmin’s ‘Mimi’ Drama To Release In 30 Japanese Theaters This May

TVXQ Changmin, who played the lead role in the drama, "Mimi," will be releasing in 30 theaters around Japan.

On April 18, local Japan media stated that this drama, which aired in Korea this past February and March for a total of 4 episodes, would be edited and revised to release as a movie in Japan.

It will play in Japan on May 9 and 16 in 30 theaters around Japan.

This movie also added on the already popular group, TVXQ, as well.

"Mimi" features a lovely and warm first love story that has captured the hearts of many fans.

Changmin plays the main role of Minwoo and worked with actress Moon Ga Young for this drama.


‘Mimi’ starring TVXQ’s Changmin to be released as movie in Japan’s theaters

MENT's ghost romance drama series starring TVXQ's Changmin and Moon Ga Young is going to be edited as movie and will be screened in 30 theaters in Japan.

On April 18, a Japanese website 'Sanspo' reported that 'Mimi' is going to have a two-part movie version. The first part is going to be shown at 30 TOHO Cinemas starting on May 9 and the 2nd part on May 16.

'Mimi' is about a story of webtoon writer Minwoo (Changmin) who searches his first love Mimi (Moon Ga Young). The plot divides into past and present with Changmin acting both highschoool student and adult.

G-Dragon and Taeyang to release their Paris photobook in 3 countries

On April 16th, a rep of YG Entertainment revealed that G-Dragon and Taeyang are going to release their Paris pictorials, 'G-DRAGON × TAEYANG IN PARIS 2014,' simultaneously in Korea, China, and Japan on June 11th "
The pictorials and a high-quality video will be included in the photobook. they were taken when G-Dragon and Taeyang visited Paris, France for Paris Fashion Week back in January. There they attended many fashion shows of CHANEL, LANVIN, St. Laurent, Tom Ford, Juun.J, and KenZo.
G-Dragon and Taeyang were officially invited to '2014 Paris Fashion Week' as celebrities from Korea, and they drew a lot of attention from the press. They also shared photos taken with top fashion designers on their social networks.
The pictorials will show many charms of G-Dragon and Taeyang, who are growing as fashionistas of the world