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Poster for musical ‘Goong’ released ft. cast such as Taemin, Kevin, Dongjun and more

The musical 'Goong' which has been showing in Japan for five years now has released the official poster for this year's cast.

The musical will be performed at ACT Theater in Akasaka from May 10 to 24 this year featuring its new cast line up such as SHINee‘s Taemin, ZE:A's Dongjun and U-Kiss‘ Soohyun, Kiseop, Hoon, and Kevin and more.

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TVXQ kicks off their ’2014 -TREE-TVXQ LIVE TOUR’ in Yokohama today!

TVXQ's Yunho and Changmin commence their '2014 -TREE- TVXQ LIVE TOUR' today, April 22, at Yokohama Arena and will go on for three days consecutively.

This is their first Japanese tour this year to commemorate the release of their 7th Japanese album 'Tree'. After their tour in Yokohama, they are going next to Nagoya and perform at Nippon Gaishi Hall for another three consecutive days starting on April 28.

You could check the schedule below for more details.


TVXQ to Launch ‘TVXQ Live Tour 2014~TREE~’ in Japan Today

TVXQ will be launching its seventh Japanese tour TVXQ Live Tour 2014~TREE~ today.

Beginning the tour in Yokohama Arena on April 22, TVXQ will be bringing over another round of heat throughout the country.

The tour will begin with concerts in Yokohama arena between April 22 and 24 and continue to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Miyagi, Sapporo, Fukui, Niigata, Fukuoka and Hiroshima for a total of 29 concerts in ten cities around Japan.

Notably, TVXQ will be performing at the Tokyo dome on May 20, 21 and 23. This is the first time that a foreign artist will be presenting a solo concert in Tokyo dome for three years in a row. TVXQ will also be the first Korean artist to perform four times at the Tokyo dome.

Meanwhile, TVXQ’s new album TREE was released on March 5 and has ranked number one not only on Oricon’s daily album chart but also on the weekly album chart and monthly album chart for the month of March (reported on April 9)

Kim Jaejoong and Im Siwan Get Familiar with Casinos for “Triangle”

JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong and ZE:A‘s Im Siwan are immersing themselves in the world of gambling, as can be seen on a teaser clip of MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Triangle“.

The video shows Kim Jaejoong and Im Siwan receiving lessons on working at a casino from a professional. With piles of cards and chips in front of them, they are taught ways to deal cards and other industry tips.

Kim Jaejoong, who plays the role of Heo Young Dal, commented, “I have played hwatu [Japanese card game] a lot, but not cards. This kind of topics appear on comic books a lot, so I have bought chips and cards in the past to play with them, but it is my first time to learn like this. I am learning about professional casino rules for the first time, but it is fun

Song Seung Hoon, Jung Il Woo, Ha Ji Won And Other K-Drama Actors Donate To Ferry Disaster Relief Efforts

K-drama actors are doing what they can to help rescue efforts in the recent Sewol ferry disaster and to aid the families of victims.

The disaster happened last week when a ferry bound from Inchon to Jeju Island capsized, but the rescue efforts continue. So far 179 people have been rescued and 30 bodies recovered. More than 200 passengers, most of them teenagers, are still missing.

Actor Song Seung Hoon, star of the film "Human Addiction," donated almost $100,000 to help with the search and rescue efforts. He donated the money through the Salvation Army.

On Twitter, the actor said that he was watching the sad news and praying.

 "I want to express my condolences to the victims and pray the others are safe," he said. It"s not the first time that the actor had donated money to victims of a disaster

K-Pop Surpasses The Hallyu And Becomes A Culture Enjoyed All Over The World

K-Pop and the hallyu has surpassed Korea and has become popular all around the world.

Many K-Pop idol groups that release albums and hold showcases also have these events streamed live in many different countries.

K-Pop has become a culture that people from all over the world can enjoy. Korean idol groups and songs are fun and light and can be listened to by almost anyone.

Many foreign broadcasts have created their own "K-Pop corners" in which they teach Korean and promote K-Pop idol groups.

Many idol groups also have foreign members as well and have contributed to the global popularity of K-Pop.

New rookie group, JJCC, which was created by Jackie Chan, has a mix of members from different parts of the world.

Other groups similar to this include f(x), miss A, EXO, TASTY and more

Celebrities Who Married Normal Folks

One of the most beautiful actresses in Korea, Jun Ji Hyun, has been happily married to her non-celebrity banker husband Choi Joon Hyuk since 2012. The two grew up in the same neighborhood but only started dating after they were introduced to each other through an acquaintance. Joon Hyuk proposed in Japan and the rest was history!

Actor Jung Gyu Woon took a break from "God"s Gift - 14 Days" to marry his non-celebrity girlfriend in Seoul this month. The actor said he knew she was the one he wanted to marry early on in his relationship.

Actor Kim Jae Won married a non-celebrity last year. His wife works in the managent of a leading modeling agency. When asked at a press conference about his new wife, Kim Jae Won said, "I became sure I could live with her very happily whatever circumstances life presented us with

Song Seung-heon donates 100 million won to Sewol

Actor Song Seung-heon donated 100 million won to help out with the search and rescue of the sunken Sewol ferry, according to his agency.

The Salvation Army said Song Seung-heon expressed his desire to donate and those who heard of this, felt greatly supported.

Song Seung-heon posted on his Twitter on the 16th, "I am watching the news and praying but it's so sad. I express my condolences to the victims and pray the others are safe".

Previously, Song Seung-heon donated to the earthquake incident in Japan in 2011.

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BoA Shared How She Got The Part For ‘Make your Move’ And Her Thoughts On Singing And Acting

No doubt that BoA is one of the female Korean artists who is very successful today, after debuting at an early age of 13 and now, as she turns 29, a lot has change for her and her career move into acting. BoA shared that she had no plans to be an actress but opportunity struck as she was cast to star on "Make Your Move". She said, "When I was busy with my singing career, the director came all the way to Japan and handed me a script. He saw my video on YouTube and thought that it would be good if I played the lead role of Aya. I was also suspicious and thought, "Why a movie suddenly?" I share a lot of similarities with the character and her love for dancing, so I accepted it to express a lot of things through the movie. It started out as a dance movie, but it opened my eyes to acting... It"s difficult to act in Korean, so I honestly felt pressured moreso because all of the lines were in English

Director Defends Sexy Show for Women Only

eight well-built actors stripping on the stage. Since it premiered on March 27, the show with the tagline "Women, awaken your desire" has been over 90 percent booked every night.

But it has come in for criticisms from men, who denounced it as cheap titillation.

Park initially declined to give interviews but decided to take this opportunity to candidly talk about her views.

Asked if she is aware that men call it reverse discrimination and argue that if this was exclusively for men, women would have protested like a swarm of killer bees, she said, "How is that even comparable? Has there ever been a single space for adult women in Korea where they could freely enjoy themselves until now? Men go to all these escort clubs that exist under various name tags such as 'room salons', 'bikini bars', and 'gentlemen's clubs', pretending to have 'business meetings'